England is the mother of democracy. We should learn a thing or two from the way their MPs conduct themselves in the House.
Even during extremely heated debate , they do not rush into the well , or disrupt the proceedings in any way. And here?
The BJP CONTINUOUSLY SHOUTED AND DID NOT ALLOW THE House to run during Congress rule . Now the latter are paying in the same coin.
In the process , a lot of linen is being washed in the public. Congress has made a brochure of corruption charges against the Modi Government and similar papers are shown about the Congressmen. Both are one in not allowing Parliament to function.
Important bills are pending. Sushma Swaraj is more valuable than Parliament. Modi is maintaining silence , like Manmohan Singh



The western media depicted Hitler as a monster.Naturally, this resulted in a lack of interest in Germany and glorification of England.
During freedom movement, Gandhi and Nehru eulogized the English culture and never visited Germany.
Real anti-imperialist fighters like Subash Bose chose Germany, when they were in exile.
Englishmen are cunning and crooked; Germans are honest, hard working and technically superb.
My son-in-law, employed in a German firm, used to visit Germany often, in connection with his work. Last week he went there and was privileged to fly in his boss’s private aircraft, sitting in the cock pit, by the side of the pilot!
An Englishman will never do it.
There they are so punctual that even if the Boss does not turn up, Board meeting will start, without waiting for him.
All workers, irrespective of status, travel in the same vehicle, eat the same food and work hard. Punctuality is a mania.
The English are class conscious. They introduced the same culture in India, dividing civil servants into four classes. Transport, canteen etc. are all different. In factories also, the same class differences are observed.
The Japanese are also imitating the German model.
Will Anna team take this up?


Reports coming from England and the United States, indicate that a crisis is imminent.
Economic advisers of capitalist countries of the West, recommended financial packages to continue production in automobile industries; this was agreed and there was a temporary halt to the downward slide in economy, which gave rise to optimism.
As the money was not sufficient, as more and more countries of Europe, clamoured for more money, it became necessary to cut wages. Then the working class of France and now, students of universities in England, came out into the streets, something unknown in the recent past, to protest against government policies.
American observers have pointed out that more than fifty thousand workers are losing their job every month. Production can somehow be continued, but not indefinitely, without sales. Obama is not having the courage of Roosewelt who created jobs, by developing infrastructure
These are symptoms of the coming days.

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Democracy presupposes bipartisan model, with a small number of independents or small parties which have only a vocal role, with no teeth to bite with.
Recent elections in England and Australia have demolished this system. Next month, elections are due in Bihar. Only a miracle can produce clear majority.
In India, the President can invite any one (even a non-member of the legislature) to form a government and he gets six months to prove his majority. This provision in our Constitution has been misused by the ruling party, to hoist its nominee as Chief Minister or Prime Minister of India.
I suggest that these posts be chosen by election by secret ballot.

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M.K.Gandhi is described as Mahatma. He is the father of the Nation.

Our nation is India. Was there no India before him? Why is his birth day a National Holiday?

His eldest son wanted to go to England for higher studies. He refused to help him. The unlucky boy became a nuisance and in the end, died like a beggar. The hospital authorities never knew he was Gandhi’s son. ALL THIS HAPPENED BECAUSE HE DID NOT HEAR GANDI’S ADVICE. HOW CAN A FATHER BE SO CRUEL TO HIS OWN SON?

As a father he failed miserably and even God will not pardon him.

Whoever called Gandhi the father of the Nation, is a foolish hypocrite.

He forced his wife to clean the toilet. In those days, people used to sit on a raised platform and expel the faeces, through a hole, into a vessel which is cleaned by scheduled caste untouchables (Harijans). Gandhi wanted to do it by each family to save the Harijans from this dirty work. It is a good idea. But why did he not do it himself? Why force his unwilling wife?

He was sexually very active and produced several children. After his wife’s death, he used to sleep naked, with a young girl on each side. Why? Why did he force Acharya Kriplani to abstain from sex with his duly married wife?

Within the family he was an autocrat.He never respected the wishes of his wife and children, who liked to live like other people. He wanted to give the Indians an impression that he is a sage (sanyasi, fakir) because Indians revered such people. He was a pretender. Why didn’t he live in a Harijan colony? Why did he accept the hospitality of Birla, a capitalist who ruthlessly exploited the labour? If a bureaucrat had done so, he would be penalized.

When the  Nation was butchered by Nehru-Mountbatten agreement, by cutting it into three in 1947, Gandhi connived. He could and should have prevented it. He had declared that partition of India would be over his dead body. Why didn’t he fast unto death, as he had done on several other occasions?

Because, he wanted to make Nehru the Prime Minister. He eliminated all possible rivals like Subhash Bose and Maulana Azad by skilful manipulations, using his position as virtual dictator of the Congress party. He never allowed the party to become a democratic institution like Labour Party of England, though in everything else Nehru blindly imitated the English

He did not love his own children, but loved Nehru more than anything else. Can a fakir love a person like this, blindly, forgetting that he killed the Nation?

Godse was a fool and a coward, to kill an old man. Gandhi should have been be exposed, not eliminated by the bullet

The power of the media is terrifying. The whole world believe in the image of this man, not ready to examine his true nature, unprejudiced by the media.
Socrates is my Guru. Do not accept anything without questioning.


The new Prime Minister of UK has shown remarkable courage in condemning Israel, along with the rest of the world, against their brazen attack on innocent ship in the high seas.

He has shown that he does not want to follow the shameless record of Tony Blair.

I wish him success!


To talk of permanency, on the basis of the experience of a few centuries is immature. But how capitalism is going to end, is a matter of conjecture.

I read a book in which the author, who is well versed in Marxism, opined that people have a habit of living with crises. Do people of earthquake prone areas migrate to safer places? In the same way, people live with economic crises too, according to this author.

If the developed world manage to survive this global crisis, well, we may accept his theory. Greece is already burning with street class war.


All of us agree that a worker and an engineer may not get the same salary. An entrepreneur is not satisfied with salary. He wants to make profit. The contradiction pointed out by Marx, between the greed for unlimited profit, keeping down wages to the minimum survival level, and the need to enhance purchasing capacity, which can be done only by increasing wages, has been solved in the developed world by timely negotiations between capitalists and workers. The loss of profit was recouped by exploitation of the workers in undeveloped world. If capitalists agree to be content with reasonable profit, the share of profits given to workers in the name of bonus can be increased, allowing workers to buy more.

But that is a big IF. The greed for more money became so high that they forgot all good manners and went on pick pocketing, not sparing even fellow capitalists. Here is the rub; can a leopard change its spots?


Marx wrote that every revolution is preceded by a change in the tools of production. He called man a tool making animal. The new economic forces mature in the womb of the old society, he added.

All these things happened during industrial revolution and the violent bloody changes in France, and 13 American colonies and the bloodless Cromvellian revolution in England conformed to these analyses, but the Paris Commune of 1871 did not. There was no change in the tools of production. The new society, established by the communards, did not develop within the womb of the old society. It was rather an abortion caused by the new ideology. The collapse of the first communist state saddened both Marx and Angels.

Lenin tried artificial insemination and succeeded to a great extent, in bringing out a new communist state. But he practically abandoned communism and replaced individual capitalism with state capitalism. Marx was a genius; a scientist in the chaos which came to be known as economics. After almost seven decades, full fledged capitalism came in Russia.

Mao only brought industrial revolution in feudal China.


The ideal social set up, where production and distribution will be regulated by super computers, may not come by wishful thinking. The revolution in communications has brought about the requisite change in tools of production. The only stumbling block is the military. In the United States, the President is a tool in the hands of oil cartels and industrialists. The military supports the president. If they do not like a President, he is killed.

In Pakistan, Burma, Turkey etc. the military calls the tune. In some South American countries, Leftist Governments are coming up, changing the equation between die hard capitalists and progressive forces.

It is too early to write off Marx’s predictions about communist revolution coming about in the most advanced countries first. The whole of Africa, most of Asia and South America are still under feudalism. First capitalism may develop before any futuristic predictions can be made about communist revolution.