My father was an army man and came home once in a year. My mother looked after the small arecanut plantation which brought quite some money. I had a play mate Celina, who was our neigbour.
When I was six, I was put in a primary school, a few minutes walk from home. Poor Celina had no father and her mother used to work in the fields. I used to teach her what I learned in the school.

Those were happy days. Alas! It did not last long Father who was posted in Kashmir, was killed and mother became a widow at the age of thirty five.
Her brother suggested that we come and stay in his house. So we sold our house hold and shifted to Cherpu, where I was enrolled in CNN High School
It was a total change in my life, as I did not know anyone in the new School. I noticed a gentle boy, very cute and bright in his studies. Though both boys and girls studied in the same class, they moved in different circles and I hd no way of talking to this boy named Sankaran. He seldom looked at me, though I was not bad in looks. Of course, I was not good in studies. Now I had to learn English also. My love for S was an incentive for me to work harder. I improved and teacher also noticed this change. Uncle was very happy.
A change took place . The girls section was separated in a new CNN Girls School and I felt sad because now I cannot have even a glimpse of S. I used to go to the boys section during lunch break and S used to smile at my sight. Rarely we would talk . I learned that S is a Brahmin boy ( I am Nair ) and hopes of marriage with him became very dim.
There was a picnic to Malampuzha Dam . During this tour we had opportunity to talk . After that, I wrote a simple letter and secretly gave it to S. He never replied.
I went on writing longer letters, describing my childhood etc. He quietly accepted and smiled. As we went to different colleges, even this correspondence stopped .
In the college many boys came and got acquainted with me . I was not interested as I still adored S. I wondered where he is. I resisted my uncle’s efforts for marriage; I got a job as sales girl. After about seven years, I saw S passing by our shop and I called him. He was very pleased to see me.
I asked:”Are you married?”
“What about you? I am still a bachelor.”
“I was under pressure to marry. Somehow I cannot accept another man. I loved you with all my heart.”
“I am sorry to say I am now unfit to marry. I am taking medicines for mental illness.” The shop keeper was watching. “Meet me after the shop is closed. I want to know more.”
In the evening we met in the Town garden. I heard his story :” I am sure you will be alright after we marry. I will talk to me uncle. We will not say anything about your illness. I will speak to the shop owner. You can work as delivery boy. You will sit in the van and hand over the things to customers. Are you ready?”
He thought for some time and agreed. So it was a new beginning for both of us.
In a few months, we were married.
Now we have a cute girl!



Bharatheeya Mazdoor Sangh is the workers’ organisation under the patronage of the RSS. They have described Modi as the lackey of big business. There cannot be any doubt that Modi is serving the Industrialists, ignoring the due rights of workers.


Normally this small country called Yemen, is not in the news.
But now it is reported that hundreds of nurses working there, are huddled together there, following attack by IS terrorists. India is trying to send a ship. Sushma Swaraj, Union Minister, has contacted that Government to send the nurses to India.
The whole Arab world has declared war on IS


I had been to Amala Hospital to sell books. As soon as I pressed the buzzer, a young fair lady opened the door. I showed her the book. She was very happy and asked me to come in. She treated me as an old friend and invited me :” Uncle, please come in. Would you have tea or cool rinks?”
I said cool drinks and she brought dilute curd. I enjoyed it and took two tumblerful.
Of course, she bought two books-Malayalam and English short stories. She told me she is a dentist

HOME (28-3-2015)

HOME (28-3-2015)
My daughter Leena is coming to take her mother, who is recovering from chicken pox , to Delhi for some period of rest.
During the last few months, she is under pressure , to looking after the two kids. She deserves some rest.
Psychologically, I am bound to my home here. My presence is needed here to oversee the kids.


India is joining the few nations of the world like the USA ,Russia and China by sending the new satellite which is a GPS INSTRUMENT, CAPABLE OF LOCATION ANY OBJECT, WITHIN 1500 kilometres of our border. A sinking ship , troop movement etc. Can be observed by this satellite.
This is a great , laudable achievement of ISRO


It is a big blow to the dreams of liberal Indians : the AAP is breaking up.
Kejriwal is even thinking of forming his own Party , with the help of elected MLAs. Shanty Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav held a press conference to explain their differences with Kejriwal. This was followed by another one by supporters of Kejriwal.
Is it all the handiwork of enemies of AAP?