We all think that Rajasthan is all a huge desert…Far from it .During a recent tour of south Rajasthan ,covering Mt. Abu at the south end and Jodhpur in the middle ,including Udaipur ,Chittaurgarh ,Ajmer ,Marwar and Pali ,we were impressed by the green fields growing bajra,sursaum etc and textile centre at Bhilwara ,cloths dying units at Pali and, of course ,cement factories at Chittaur ,not to mention marble works at Makrana near Jaipur .All people are busy unlike in KERALAM .
The Indiragandhi canal near Pakistan border has transformed the area into sugarcane and cotton fields .There is no power cut.Roads are excellent .Buses are comfortable ,both Govt.and private .
Malayalees are few .I wonder why ! There is plenty of scope for selling dosa and vada ,a dosa costingRs.35 in Udaipur !



The whole people of pakistan are protesting against the highhandedness of US in openly going ahead with air attacks inside their territory. It hurts their swabhiman .We do not yet know where it will  lead .
A turbulent neighbour is what we fear .If pro-Taliban forces in the army takes over , a war may become inevitable ,which may draw us ,resulting in unimaginable loss.
The war in 1965 was nothing compared to what will happen now with sophisticated weapons on both sides. 

The world is moving towards peace ,though slowly .

The world is moving towards peace ,though slowly .
Sreelanka has defeated LTTE .We may hope things will be quiet in the beatiful island which was part of India till 1936 .
After years of Maoist terror ,Nepal is breathing easy ….Obama is serious in ending the middle east conflict .Iraq is about to return to normalcy in a year or so.
The only frightening point is India subcontinent .If the fight against Taliban intensifies ,India may be drawn into military confrontation with Pakistan .Innocent soldiers of both countries will perish with no gain for anyone.
We should prevent a war .