The whole of keralam is gripped with anger and revulsion against the cruelest murder of a communist worker,who dared to challenge the official line of the Communist Party{Marxist}.
For along time,two factions in the party have been fighting each other ,like bali and sugreev. this has resulted in defeat of the party in assembly elections and bye elections,which could have been avoided,had the party fought unitedly,workers of each faction been united as children of the same Mother party
T.p.Chandashekharan was murdered after due deliberations by the party leadership.Pinarayi Vijayan is the villain and is now the feared dictator of the party.political murders are common in keralam.this is the first time ,killing is justified by the party leadership.This is something to be resisted by all right thinking intelligensia,not only in keralam,but also,in all parts of the country .



Babies too have tensions, of which we are not aware. Rock them in the cradle and they go to sleep immediately.
Once we went to see the “mud fort” near Delhi. In front of the fort, is a huge banyan tree. A big swing is suspended from its branch, which allows one to sleep comfortably. My friend, who is always tensed, found the joy of swinging and forgot all his worries.
In earlier times, we used to provide swinging cots for sleeping. Now in flats, this luxury is a dream. In old houses in Keralam, there used to be swinging cots which can accommodate a couple. I love to sleep on it; there must be a mechanical device to move them to and fro!


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The charaters in the stories in puranas are human in nature. They have all the virtues, weaknesses and inclinations of human beings. They are fictitious and products of man’s imagination. Enjoy the stories!
God is intangible and can only be conceived in our mind. So, it is not blasfemy to concoct stories about men and women of the puranas. I have written about Krishna too, though I am a devout Hindu.
My knowledge of puranas is limited to Bhagavatham in Malayalam


Yesterday, we went to the famous Sreekrishna temple at Guruvayoor. My wife Radha, daughter-in-law Sreeja and her fifteen month old daughter Vaikha were with me. We started from Chathakudam, at seven in the morning and got down at Olloor railway station. The train for Guruvayoor was at 7.15. There was a long Que, as the computer was out of order and they were trying to make it functional. They told us to board the train, when it comes. The low platform made it difficult for women. We got in and found room to sit comfortably. After Trichur there was almost no stop, till Guruvayoor, where we landed at eight.
We walked slowly for some fifteen minutes before we reached the temple premises, deposited the foot wear and got a receipt which I handed over to Radha. We went in through the gate at the right side, towards the flag mast. I met the Manager and requested for special permission, as we were Senior citizens. I got it and we were inside, facing the deity. Each one got enough time to view the deity. All were happy As Radha may need more time to pray at different spots inside, I went out, promising to meet at the dining hall for Prasad oottu. I had my food there.
Then I could never locate them afterwards, though I remained at the place where we deposited chappals. I had just fifteen rupees in my pocket. The purse was with my wife. None had mobile phones.
At twelve noon, I walked barefoot . It was too hot, as though I was walking over burning cinder. So I started running. At long last, I was inside the station building. At 1.20 the train moved and reached Olloor in time, where I got the bus for Poochunnipadam, to reach there, just in time for the bus for chatthakudam.
After paying the fare of five rupees, I had only one rupee left, which I dropped into the temple bhandar, thankful that He made my journey successful!