Neenu and I are bosom friends.

We were teachers in a Government Shool. We joined duties the same week and liked each other at first our first meeting. She is fair and slom and MA in English.

I could not go to college and became taught in primary cless. I am dark in colour and somewhat bulky; Neenu used to say that I have an elusive charm. “Your eyes are wonderful and always calm soothing; were I a man, I would have married you!”

Durig holidays, she used to come to my home along with her daughters. They were welcomed by all. Eldere brother would pluck fresh tender coconuts and give them all the sweet juice and the soft krenal. During mango season they will eat to their hearts,content. Even tamarind is liked by them When she returns, a bagful of vegetables too are given. In fact we were happy.
In tne school, we all shared our dishes and ate togethr. We were the envy of other teachers and years fled away until I was thirtyfive…..
Neenu took leave and I went to her house to enquire about her. She was pale and emaciated. She started weeping as soon as she saw me. I held her hand and listened to her:
” Dear, I am suffering from leukemia. May not live long. You must be the Mother of my kids. Promise to marry my husband soon after my death”
I could not utter a word, so overwhelmed I was. Tears swelled in my eyes and I pressed her hands.
Her husband had come and witnessed the scene. We went out.
“Do not be hasty. Think well, before you take a decision. She comes from a poor family. I seldome went there. I have a good job in the excise department.”
I touched her feet and agreed for our marriage.
After a few months, a car came to fetch me from the school. It was his brother who looked like his brother, but was very talkative.
“I am a Military Officer. I came only yesterday and my sister-in-law passed away before my eyes… ”
I took long leave and remained there to look after the family. During this period, he became very friendl to me, and took me in his car to my home. There I explained my decision to marry.
During the interim period, he was always with me. The day before marriage, when all else had gone to Neenu’s famil, he forcibly laid me in the bed and hurriedly inserted his organ and emitted the warm fluid in a matter of seconds!
The next night my husband gently removed my cloths and kissed me all over the body, until I became fully aroused. He retained semen for several minutes. I thoroughly enjoyed it and lay on his body for a long time.
Aftet ten months, I gave birth to a boy. Whose baby was it?



Elections in the highly conscious Keralam, is a time to give a blow to whoever is ruling.
I cannot find any difference, whether it is the Left or the Right that wins.
I never voted, till the other day, when our neighbour took us in his car to the polling booth, which was deserted and the staff there received us politely. Indifferently, I marked the ballot paper and dropped it in the box.
Today, people are celebrating victory!

SUNDAY IS THE BEST TIME FOR TRAVEL =’text/javascript’ src=

All business establishments and Government Offices remain closed and so there is no rush in trains and buses.
Yesterday when I went to see my aged friend at Tripunithura, I enjoyed the journey, which I hate otherwise, because, without a car, journey at my age is really tiresome.
On my return by Lokamanya Netravaty Expree, which is non-stop from Ernakulam to Trichur, I was surprised to see it stop at Divine city near Chalakkudy, which is a much touted prayer centre for Christians.
Hardly a few people got down there. The stop is uncalled for because local trains stop there and the place is well connected by bus service.
A super fast train should not stop there.

THE PLOT OF LAND WHERE WE LIVE=’text/javascript’ src=

India is in the villages, not in the towns.
All have their own land, where they produce food grains and vegetables, cow and chicken etc. In other words, their sustenance is ensured by the land. It is their Mother.
When they are evicted from the land, whether for the Express High Way or for making car, or for mining ores, they become refugees in their own land. The money they get, will be spent for their daily bread; and then, when they have no money left with them, they beg, borrow or become Naxalites.
Cannot the educated people understand this?


NDTV has given all details of how Anderson, CEO of Union Carbide, escaped, even though there was an unbailable arrest warrant against him signed by a Magistrate. He was under house arrest, following the gas leak.

Instructions came from Prime Minister’s Office for arranging an aircraft owned by the Government of Madhya Pradesh, for him. He was accompanied by the Collector and the Superintendent of Police.

From the air port in Delhi he was driven for the next flight to the United States in a car, provided by the airport authorities.

Then he flew to the US.

As the PM was Rajiv Gandhi, who was sworn in only one month earlier, it was all done by officers loyal to the US.

Is the Govrnment Of India free even now? Look at the hurry in passing the nuclear liability bill!


The whole world is His laboratory.

He is doing various experiments continuously. If we keep our eyes and ears open, we can understand many things which seem enigmatic.

Yesterday, while returning from Trichur, I was left alone in the car, when others in the family left for shopping, and so naturally  started talking with the driver.

He had worked in Oman, the green country south of Saudi Arabia, separated from it by mountains.

“Throughout Oman, there is a long underground tunnel through which fresh water flows continuously. In summer it is cool water. In winter, the water is so hot that steam comes out of it.

At several spots, especially at mosques, they have made pipe connections to use the water. In winter, we sit near the spring to enjoy the warmth of steam.

No one knows where the water is coming from or where it disappears.”

In fact all waterholes in the desert, called oases are fed by underground tunnels.

The rock system below the soil is full of tunnels, wide or narrow, through which water or steam circulates. This is the theme of my article SARASWATI – A study of subterranean water channels.


The craze of Keralites for buying lottery tickets is amazing.

I have seen young girls waiting on the road side, for the car selling lottery tickets, to buy the tickets, due to be opened that day. The Government is running the show: printing tickets and distributing through agents. Every now and then there is a draw.

Once I bought a ticket and got Rs. ten! So, instead of giving me money, the agent gave another ticket which brought nothing.

There was a report of a woman who spent Rs. 100 every month for a number of years and ultimately won Rs. ten lakh!

The agents get 20% commission and many people live by this trade.

Sikkim lottery results are shown in some TV channels live. You can see the numbers moving and finally stopping. If you have bet on a particular winning number, the agent will immediately give you the money. It is pure betting.