In this respect only , we will surpass China
Does anyone bother about it? Only in Keralam , we have checked this growth , because our girls are educated and will not allow sex without precautions . The key to population control is women’s education.
In North India , women are uneducated. The plan allocation is made according to population ; this affects Keralam adversely.




Prime Minister Modi has taken a bold step in visiting China. They have already signed agreements worth sixty five crore rupees investment by china in Indian Railways, infrastructure etc.

It is also decided that disputes between the two countries will not be allowed to come in the way of friendship between the neighbours . This is a bold step, which the old Congress Government will never have dared to venture. It is a sign of brave Statesmanship.

Times have changed ;the new world is concerned about commerce. There is no possibility of war and conquest now. China is the greatest economic power in the world. With India, we account for majority of world population and hence greatest purchasing power. We have what is called “Public Sector “ investments , which is a cushion against economic depression , still threatening the world.

I congratulate Modi.


Prachanda has shown remarkable maturity, in leading a terrorist organization, fighting a guerrilla war against Monarchy, for the past several years.
Nepal being a Himalayan state, strategically placed between China and India, the latter looks with suspicion, at what is going on there.
The US too has placed CIA agents permanently there.
There are parties favoring India, trying to sabotage any agreement among a number of these political outfits.
Now the daunting problems of unemployment and economic reconstruction have to be solved.
I wish all success to Prachanda!


To watch the discussions of Defence experts, about Chinese build up in Tibet, is really sickening, because they are unable to escape from the mind set of nineteenth century, when all countries were threatened with invasion by neighbours. Globalisation has changed it all. Now China has lready captured Indian Market, without shedding a single drop of blood!
We can never compete with them in any respect and wisdom demands that we try friendship and diplomacy, instead of strengthening defences, by buying arms and wasting public money.
But the Defence establishment is still under the influence of the British Raj.
Only a Statesman of the caliber of JAWAHARLAL NEHRU can save us from the present predicament!

WAR AGAINST THE ARAB PEOPLE –<script type='text/javascript' src=

The neocolonialists have started the war on Arab people
The United States and France are the flag bearers. They hope to divert the attention of the workers, who are waging struggle against salary cuts across Europe.
Bin LADEN IS SMILING. What has happened to the war on terror?
The Imperialists are eying the oil in Libya. But their calculations may go wrong, because they are isolated, with China, Russia, and even Germany abstaining from voting in the Security Council.
Another imponderable power is Iran, the seat of ancient civilization connecting the East and the West, along the silk route. They are a united people capable of action, defying the United States. They threw away the puppet regime of Shaw and held the US embassy staff captive for a long time. They have missiles capable of hitting Europe.
The Libyan war may prove a misadventure, like the take over of the Suez Canal in 1956.

GUN BOAT DIPLOMACY AGAIN? a href=’http://www.blogsurfer.us/

Long ago, during the age of sailing ships, the Europeans used to extract concessions from the Chinese Government, by threatening and bombarding the coastal towns.
Now, we are reading about the American ships coming close to Libya, to intervene if necessary, because they have interest in oil.
They want to repeat what they did to Saddam Hussain.
Let Libyans kill Libyans. In the end, a regime friendly to the United States, will be installed. That is their aim.
Will they succeed?


An atomic icebreaker sailed from Russia’s northern shores to China, via the Arctic Ocean.
Until now, they had to go via the Mediterranean sea, Arabian sea and Indian Ocean. It was a huge oil tanker. Any oil spill can play havoc with the otherwise pure environment of those frozen seas.
In achieving progress, environment is the casualty.