I like February. It has only twenty eight days; so we get salary three days earlier than January.

I got my first promotion in February. Why not we have twelve months of twenty eight days and one extra month in the year as a bonus ?

Think of it.




It is reported that sleeping cells of Maoist activists, have been identified by the police, after their attack  on National Highway Office at Kalamassery. They raided the hostel, attached to Maharajas’s college, Ernakulam, but could not find any one.

According to the Police, the Maoists are planning a regional meeting in Kochi on 7th of February. All police stations have been alerted.

DIARY (31-1-2015)

DIARY (31-1-2015)

Today, I inaugurated the new toilet.

As it is detached from the main building, the view is new. Fittings are better than that of the old house. Any way, it is pleasant because it is new.

In the morning, I went to see my friend C.V.Krishnan. I had to walk some distance, to reach the bus stop. There was a woman who too was waiting for the bus. A number of buses passed by, without stopping, though we held our hand up, indicating for a stop. People told me, it is their general practice to run without stopping, unless more people are there, to board the bus. I had to walk for about half an hour, in the Sun, before I got an auto.  To whom, should I complain? The stop was, between Cherpu west and Electicity Office stop.



It is interesting to imagine, how our ancestors lived in caves, perhaps millions of years ago.

Caves are natural formations in the rock system of mountains, formed by the action of the weather and rain water, dissolving minerals, which get carried away to the sea. Ellora caves are the best example. A number of people may live there, protected from the Sun and rain. They were naked. They did not know any language; they could make sounds like animals or clap or whistle. The lived by hunting. They may surround an  animal , like the cow or deer and kill them, by hitting hard on the head or back. Stones were the only tools known and hence the name stone age. After killing it, and skinning, the raw flesh was bitten off and chewed well for minutes, before swallowing it. Children were fed mother’s milk, till they developed teeth. Our canine teeth may be longer at that time. The process of hunting, killing and eating may take the whole day.

Have you thought of the long hair we have? Well, at that time, it was protection against rain and Sun, like a turban. Now, it is only an attraction for women. Lord Shiva is an example of the cave man. He rode a bull; well, the caveman too must have used this type of vehicle.

At that time, woman was the head of the family, like the queen bee. All women  will go on producing children ; rate of death among children, may also be high. The discovery of fire, in cooking flesh made a big change. Fire can be made, by hard stone hitting another stone, producing sparks. This method is used in making fire, in yagam by Namboodiris. Here too, the wife of the person doing yagam has a venerable status. The skinning of the animal is done by stones. Flesh is eaten by Namboodiris, who will be excommunicated, if meat is eaten in a hotel!

Use of clay was made, after a long time, in making balls used as bricks in making houses, marking the end of caveman. In the caves, making  cartoons of men an animals began, as also, painting these, with the colours, obtained from leaves and flowers.



One day, I was late in returning home, at Manavazhy. After circumventing the Elamkunnu hill, I came in front of the cupola. It was dark and I slipped, falling flat. When I came home, I found that my knee was smeared with blood. I went to the bath room and washed with water and then soap. I did not tell my wife. It was healed in a couple of days.

One day, there was no water in the tank and our electric supply failed. The line man came and examined, when he found that the meter is damaged. Afterwards I went o the Office at Cherpu. They said I have to deposit the money for a new meter. All formalities were completed and we got a new meter after ten days. During these days, we had to draw water from the well, near the kitchen. For taking bath, we went to the pond of Damu’s house.



Jayanthy Natarajan was the Union Minister for Environment for a long time, before the elections.

It is a very sensitive department, as a number of Industries have to get clearance, for setting up their plants from the Minister. It was rumored that she held up or gave clearance, for extracting money. Modi, who was the Prime Ministerial candidate, called it the ‘Jayanthy Tax’.

Now, it has been revealed by a dependable officer, under her, that she used to keep the files in Madras and call the concerned person there, before clearing the file. This is a very serious matter, affecting the security of the Central Government, as files are not to be taken out of the secretariat.

I am sure the PM will take action, after proper enquiry.



I was in Delhi. Seeing an ad by a mobile phone company, I too applied for sales man’s post. There were a number of young men like me and we were given training in use of these new instrument, unknown till then. To contact people in walled societies, guarded by watchmen, I had to wear coat and tie and look impressive. I first went to Mayur Vihar Ph. 2

Generally, young girls took more interest in this new instrument. A young Lady was very enthusiastic. She learned how to use it and told me to wait. She gave me several land phone numbers and told me to contact her friends, who are sure to buy mobile phones. “How can I test this?” I told her to go to her bed room and call me in my mobile. I waited. “Can you hear me?” she asked. “yes “ “Please have tea with me.” After some time, she came with tea. “Where do you stay?”

“It is nearby, in the slums.”

“I cannot believe it. You are so handsome; do not look like a poor boy.”

“We were not poor. Father had a tea shop at home, in Andhra. Grandfather got entangled in debt and we had to do something for a living. My uncle is here. It was he who suggested this tea shop.”

“Oh, I am sorry to hear this. I like to have your friendship. Will you come in the evening ,when you are free?”

I sold a number of phones that day, then I called her. “Madam, I am Vinod. Are you free?””Yes. Come immediately”. She received me with a smile, which I remember to this day. She is dark, but her figure is slim and lithe.

After tea, she called me to her bedroom. My heart trembled. Without preliminaries, she pushed me into her bed and threw away her cloths. I too did the same. Her opening is small and that added to my enjoyment. We lay there, talking about sex generally:”When we are hungry, we go to a prostitute; but women are helpless.” She kissed me all over my body and asked me to do once more. In the end, she said:”I am lucky, I got you. You must come every day.”

One day, she came to our tea shop. I introduced her as my friend. She liked the vada and took half a dozen. In the end she said:”If this shop is near the temple, you can earn more.”

“But we must hire a room:”Father said.

“Do not worry, I shall give you money; you may return afterwards.”

So within a month, the shop was shifted. My sister, who was working as sales girl, now worked in the shop, as there were orders for home delivery.

One day Madam asked:”Why don’t you marry?” I explained that my uncle’s daughter loved me, but uncle refused, because we are poor. “My husband is coming from the gulf. I am not very happy, because we will not be able to enjoy.

“Is it not a month only? We can manage it in any garden. When he comes, you talk about my business. If some more money is spent, the shop can be in a terrace house. You may raise this point to your husband.”

So It was done. With a good house and my promotion in my office, the decks were cleared, for talking to my uncle, about giving his daughter to me. Madam and her husband came in their car and talked highly, about my business and character. It had an effect. Uncle called his daughter and asked:”Are you willing to marry him?” She was hearing our talk. She came out and smiled.”I am willing,” she said.

In the garden, Madam asked:”After marriage, will you forget me?”

“Never. You are my lucky star.” She kissed me warmly.