Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2-10-1869. His birthday is celebrated . Lal Bahadur Sastry was also born on October 2. But no one refers to his name on this day. He was morally upright.

When he became Prime Minister , he asked his son to resin from his job in LIC , because he may be given promotion, because of his father!

As a child he was very poor. He had no money to pay to the boatman, to go to school , on the opposite bank of the river Ganga; so he swam across the river.

Both are dead and gone ; Hindus observe shradh after death, on the day of death. We must observe this on January thirtieth and not jayanthy on October two.




When you are not doing anything , it is desirable to lie down , on hard back cot without pillows. It is more useful to close your eyes because seeing consumes a good amount of energy. This will ensure total inactivity and may even induce sleep.

This position is shavasana , a yogic position. Try this immediately on coming home , after a day of tiresome work.

Animals have four legs which will ensure even distribution of weight and relieve pressure on lower parts. If you are having headache , it will be helpful.

When we stand and work , it will have bad effects like hernia.



My earlier life in Delhi was regulated by daily visit to Guruvayoor temple . In those days , I used to walk all the way from Ph two to Ph. One , where the temple is located. Vow I am pretty old and have to depend on ricksahaw . Now , I am told that they charge Rs. Fifty . I almost abandoned the idea and chose to go to the Ganesh temple at Ph two where Damodarah has to go for my soybean and other items needed for the kitchen. Leena’s children Ananya and Anaushka also came in the car. Leena had gone out in the morning for some purchases . When contacted , she said she is too reach in a few minutes by Metro. The latter is in Ph. one , near Guruvayoor temple . So I told them we all can visit the temple.

The girls were in shorts , which is not allowed. So they were given dhoti at the temple office , which was worn over the shorts. This was returned , when we finished and came out. This is a good system they have discovered , as many girls are now wearing shorts. Children wanted packets of appam , so these too we bought .

In the temple I gave ticket for arhana and received Prasad. We also picked several pieces of coconut near Ganeshji .

In our return , we came to Ph two and bought milk , oil etc. The smell of fried samosa invited attention and we bought many. It was so hot that I cannot hold it . I enjoyed it .

At home , the new flat TV of enormous size is a big attraction. It was purchased by my grandson Nikhil recently. It is something beyond the reach of us middle class people.


Today is International Yoga Day.
I think this I Modi’s invention. Somehow , yoga is associated with Hindutwa. No doubt , yoga helps in maintaining physical and mental health. But one has to practice it daily. Already there are yoga gurus in the villages. Give incentives to the gurus and their disciples . That will be more effective.


My brother Rajasekharan died four years ago in a road accident.

His widow was suffering from terminal illness for the last several months. She was admitted in the Medical college Hospital at Athani. After thorough examination, she was found to be suffering from high BP,fits and partial paralysis; she  was fed milk through her nose. As her condition became worse, she was given oxygen.

At last, she was discharged and died within 24 hours, for want of oxygen.

Leela’s end came on Shivarathry day on twenty- seventh of March 

She had crossed eighty, a day earlier.


I thought it is a joke.
The MPs are getting bribe in crores of rupees. They must take only a token salary of one rupee.
For misbehaving and wasting valuable time of Parliament, each should get five lashes a day!


The craze of Keralites for buying lottery tickets is amazing.

I have seen young girls waiting on the road side, for the car selling lottery tickets, to buy the tickets, due to be opened that day. The Government is running the show: printing tickets and distributing through agents. Every now and then there is a draw.

Once I bought a ticket and got Rs. ten! So, instead of giving me money, the agent gave another ticket which brought nothing.

There was a report of a woman who spent Rs. 100 every month for a number of years and ultimately won Rs. ten lakh!

The agents get 20% commission and many people live by this trade.

Sikkim lottery results are shown in some TV channels live. You can see the numbers moving and finally stopping. If you have bet on a particular winning number, the agent will immediately give you the money. It is pure betting.