Mao never believed in killing innocent people.
He was a philosopher and poet, who loved human beings.
When he wrote that power grows from the barrel of the gun, he meant that capitalists will not surrender their power, without battle. Therefore he advocated armed struggle.
There is a difference between fighting an enemy and blasting a train.
Our Naxalites must realise this simple truth.


Now it is not pure utopia.
I am quite confident; I will be the dictator, but I shall allow all people to air their views, without any bar.
The finance will be arranged by selling shares, costing a mere rupees ten each.
There will be a short story, an installment from unpublished novel of real literary value, world news, normally neglected by the print media, an item from my blog, humour etc.

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For a long time, we have been hearing about cricket match fixing; but the benefit of doubt was given to the players, because there was no hard evidence.
Now a British newspaper has shown details of money exchange and instructions issued by the bookie through a sting operation.
Inevitably, the villain has an Indian connection.
Not so long ago, cricket was a gentleman’s game. Of our icon Tendulkar, it is said, that he would simply walk away, if he is caught, without waiting for the umpire’s thumb to go up!


An atomic icebreaker sailed from Russia’s northern shores to China, via the Arctic Ocean.
Until now, they had to go via the Mediterranean sea, Arabian sea and Indian Ocean. It was a huge oil tanker. Any oil spill can play havoc with the otherwise pure environment of those frozen seas.
In achieving progress, environment is the casualty.


The whole thing should have been ready, to hand over to the games authorities by 31-8-10, at the latest.
The excuse is unexpected heavy rains; as if it was an act of god that caused our failure.
I feel ashamed to be called an Indian.


If you throw blood, milk and water on a smooth floor, you will notice that water flows the fastest. This is because its viscosity is minimum.

Now you imagine a system of blood circulation in our body, exactly replicating it, with artificial glass tubes, and pump water from the “heart”; you may find it impossible to send the liquid to the minute “capillaries”.
Water will not travel for long distances, if the pipe line is narrow, say, one mm.
How does the circulatory system in our body, send blood to the remotest areas, seventy times in a minute?
I have been thinking about it for the past one week.

URGENT NEED FOR TRAFFIC LIGHTS- ext/javascript’ src=

The road round the Shiva Temple at Trichur, is similar to the Connaught Circle in New Delhi, impossible to cross, because of unending flow of vehicles Yet, there are no traffic lights.
There are two subways, but people are reluctant to use them; even otherwise, the primary objective of traffic lights, is to regulate vehicular traffic.
This omission is in the whole Kerala State.
Will the authorities take note?