We knew each other from childhood. As we gre up , we began thinking about marriage . We also knew that our families will not agree . I said:”Dear , I shall learn driving and drive tourist cars l I can easily earn enough for our living. “

As we wanted to avoid our parents , we sifted to a town. The work was easy . But earnings were not enough . My intention is to buy a car. Luckily I came into contact with a Bank Manager , who came in my car, to attend duty. He liked me and arranged a loan to buy a car, which was mortgaged to the Bank.

One day I was returning home , when I saw my mother-in-law walking along the road. I stopped the car and called her:”Ma, get into the car.” After she was seated, she complained :”Son, why didn’t you come to see us. We have no one else. Rema is our only daughter.” Seeing her, my wife was very happy. Both embraced and began talking .Then Ma whispered :”Son, she is pregnant”

I looked at her:”Why did you not tell me? We must go to a doctor now itself” “I was not sure” , she mumbled. The Doctor confirmed it. Ma went back with happy tidings.

That night I looked at her as if I am seeing her for the first time. Yes, she is beautiful . Her face is oval and her teeth even and well formed. Her dark blue eyes are superb. Her hair reached up to her buttocks.

I removed her cloths tenderly , one by one . Then I kissed her breasts . When she was excited , I inserted ….

The boy in the bungalow opposite told me :”We need a driver . If you accept it , you can stay in our out house”

I told my wife; she also agreed. Thus life became easy.

One day I saw her coming from the bungalow. I had just gone out to buy cigarettes. I did not ask her anything. This encouraged them . He tipped her lavishly . I reasoned :”Bodily enjoyment is no crime. Very few women are chaste. I know from experience . I have enjoyed several married women. So what right have I , to deny this enjoyment to my wife?”

I left her for delivery , in her house . She was in her seventh month. I did not miss her ; somehow her infidelity broke something sacred in our relationship.

One day an Arab visited the bungalow . He wanted to take me to Dubai and offered lucrative salary ; I agreed .

I didn’t tell even my wife.

Several years passed . I built a new house in the village . My daughter was ten years old , when tragedy struck.

I was driving at maximum speed , because the Arab wanted to reach Abu Dhabi immediately . I hit the car on the divider and lost consciousness. When I regained sense, I found myself in the Hospital My left leg had to be amputed.

I returned home to Keralam




I WAS IN TOWNSHIP ON TOP OF THE HILL . In the western sky , I saw a red planet shining. Afterwards I realized that it was mars. Being nearest to the earth , it is brighter than the giant Jupiter.

Now scientists have confirmed the presence of water channels , making it possible for human beings to survive there. With the earth contaminated with nuclear radiation, we have to find a better location.

The mars settlement must have only one language and no religion!

Warning! We may be resisted by local people like the red Indians. We must not attack them!



The anti-India agitation has made life miserable in Nepal . The youth have blocked the road to India. Even salt has to come to this country. As fuel is not coming , Chinese airlines have stopped flights .

Why this hysteria against India? Cable operators have stopped showing Indian films.

Is there anything wrong with us? Is it merely hatred of the BIG BROTHER?

The anti-India agitation has made life miserable in Nepal . The youth have blocked the road to India. Even salt has to come to this country. As fuel is not coming , Chinese airlines have stopped flights .

Why this hysteria against India? Cable operators have stopped showing Indian films.

Is there anything wrong with us? Is it merely hatred of the BIG BROTHER?



Reserve bank has cut interest rates, to counter the effects of falling rupee . The Governor wants industry to shoulder the burden of reviving growth . If global depression is a reality no one will invest here . It is fr the Government to spend money in construction of roads and bridges . Money can be found by curtailing defence expenditure.



After a few days , one more bank robbery in Kasargod, the northernmost district of Keralam. The culprits of the first incident have not be caught till now. They have the advantage that they can easily escape to the forests in the neighboring State . This time , they made a tunnel , right up to the locker room . The whole operation was carried out in the night

How can the government prevent a repetition of this technique?



I HEARD OF IT FOR THE FIRST TIME. Where is it? It is wedged between Spain and France, with the sea on south side

It is a region of Spain. Rarely any news comes from Spain. Suddenly it came in spotlight, because the people of this region , who are agitating for separation from Spain, voted for separatists. Like Scotland, they have been demanding independence .

Catelonia has its own language and a history , dating back to a few millennium. Itys contribution to the economy is proportionately higher. Population is 7.5 million.

The future is uncertain. Can they succeed?



We both were studying in the same college, though he was senior to me . His countenance and bearing , his speeches n meetings and ability to convince even his opponents , earned him great reputation among students and teachers alike. We girls simply adored him. Alas! None of us was able to come close to him. My friend Nita was extremely beautiful and had many friends among boys, but she to failed to attract him. She used to say:”This Chandran is a snob. I don’t like him”

‘Sour grapes’, I said to myself but kept mum. She is very rich and spent lavishly in restaurants and we did not like to offend her.

One day , we were going in her car . I noticed Chandran walking along the foot path ; he had only a book in his hand. “Neeta, stop the car” , I cried, and as soon as it stopped , jumped out and ran up to him. I do not know why I did so. Hearing the sound of my foot steps, he turned his face with a question mark in his eyes.

“Sorry to disturb you ; may I come with you?” “Where?” “Anywhere, I like to talk to you or rather get acquainted with you. I am studying commerce in yu college. My name is Sharmila .”

“Sharmila , I like your name. Is there anything I can do for you?” “Just your friendship, Sir,”I blurted out in my confusion. He gave his hand and I shook it warmly. We went on talking for some time . When we reached the library , he said bye. “When shall we meet?” “Next week here, at the same time”, he said. I got excited and waited impatiently till next Friday. The car came up and all got out , to know what had happened. All clamored for celebrating my success and we went to the restaurant . They asked:”Is he morose?”

“Oh! No, on the other hand , I found him jovial , even courteous. We will meet next week in the library at noon” “Then you must introduce us .”

I waited eagerly and went to the library punctually . I was reading newspapers , when he came and touched my shoulders . I jumped up and followed him . We talked for some time , sitting in the shade of a tree.

“Sir, which is your native place?”

“Do not call me ‘sir’; I am not your teacher . Call me Chandu. Some three generations back , we were in Keralam. There is an old house and compound, in a remote village there . I have not seen it.”

“What about your family?”

“My parents and a sister studying in the school. “

“My friends are waiting to see you .”

I took him to the restaurant . They all stood up and cheered us. We sat among them and Neetu asked “What would you have?”

I :“As you like “ To Chandu:”She is our leader . Neetu, he is Chadran; call him Chandu. He is a Keralite who has forgotten his hertage” She ordered soup and conversation became lively. When we rose after an hour , we had all become thick friends. We gathered around a tree in the lunch time in the college . Boys would comment ‘Chandu and his fans’ The days flew away and the elections to the Union were announced Chandu said:”Neeta will be our candidate” We all agreed

She has money which she spent lavishly, in distributing bit notices wall posters of her photos etc. She stood independently , without any political backing. Her beauty and Chandu’s lively speeches attracted the crowd.

When the results came , Neeta won by a big margin. She kissed on Chandu’s cheek, in front of the crowd.

I was a little disappointed , but I could have never hoped for his love.

On the completion of examinations, we gave a farewell party to Chandu. It was great event lasting the whole night with dances and singing . I called Chandu and told privately:”I know you love Neetu; but remember me too , when you decide your marriage. I love you.” He looked in my face and said:”I do not love her. I may not marry now . I want to study law.”


After years , I received an SMS message :”my sister’s marriage is on Christmas day. Do come . Inform all our friends” I passed it o to Neetu and others. All others came but Neetu abstained. Her friend said that her marriage was spoiled because of a CBI raid on her house; her father was arrested. We all felt sorry.

I repeated to Chandu:”You remember my request regarding your marriage ? Now, will you consider me ?”

He nodded his head:”Sharmila , from the day one , you occupied my mind. Neeta was never there “ He embraced me and kissed me