My father sent me to the bank , to fetch gold ornaments from the locker and fifty thousand in cash , for my sister’s marriage. It was Monday and there was a long line in que. At last my turn came and I kept all things in my bag and got out.

Some miscreant was watching me in the bank itself and he snatched the bag from my hand . I ran desperately to catch him . I got an iron rod , left behind by construction workers , and hit his head hard. Blood was rushing out and he fell down . Before people could understand what was happening , I ran with the bag and knocked at the door of my friend Nalini. I hurriedly described what happened and gave her the bag:”Dear, call my father and give him this bag. Tell him I have taken ten thousand from the bag.” I kissed her good bye and got out of the house.

Where shall I go? Bombay? I do not know Hindi. In fact , I have never been out of Keralam and was somewhat afraid of strange places. I grew up as mummy’s boy ; somehow completed my studies in the school . So I called my uncle and explained the circumstances . “Do not worry , boy. Come to me and we shall think of some way.” He lives in a village near Aluva and I decided to go there. When things get cleared , I can come back.

Uncle and aunt were very glad. “You have become big and handsome. How are things there? What about your sister’s marriage?” I explained the developments and how I am involved in a murder case. My cousin sister was very much shocked. I said no one had seen me . A local newspaper has given a report without mentioning my name . It seems the fellow is not dead. He is in the ICU , unable to talk. He has seen my face and can easily identify me.

“I have an idea. At Mukkam there is no grocery shop. You work in Peter’s shop here and learn the trade. Then we can set up a shop at Mukkam.” The next day I joined the shop. The work is easy . Goods come in a van and we unload it . There will be rush in the evening , at other times it is easy. Peter himself sits at the cash counter. Before the shop is closed at 8.30 PM , I help in tallying the account . In his absence , I am the cashier.

I found that most people have a pass book and we have to write the amount in it each time. Even rich people prefer monthly payments . Ladies enjoy talking to me and my own self esteem increased. After one year , I set up my own shop.

I used to talk on phone with Nalini “You can come back safely. The police has closed the case . The fellow is all right now , they say. “ “ I have set up my own grocery shop and am making good profit, as it is the only shop here.”

“Your father asked me recently whether I am willing to marry you. I think he has spoken to Daddy. Are you not eager to see me? Or are you in love with a girl there?” “Will you be jealous?”

“Oh no! It is a man’s privilege. He can pick and choose. We are helpless. “

“Mukkam is a tribal area Women come without blouse . Something like a bath towel covers the breasts

You have not shown yours.” “You naughty brute . Can’t you enjoy our face?“

“I am hungry . You must give me soothing to eat.”

Thus the days passed . I made good money and was confident of making a living without help .

One fine morning , her father came to see my business. He discussed with my uncle. , who talked to my father .When I married , I was thirty five.

“Whom should we thank?” I asked.

“God”” “Or the person who tried to rob me?”

“God appeared in the guise of a robber !”



Thanks for various comments about the above.
The charaters in the stories in puranas are human in nature. They have all the virtues, weaknesses and inclinations of human beings. They are fictitious and products of man’s imagination. Enjoy the stories!
God is intangible and can only be conceived in our mind. So, it is not blasfemy to concoct stories about men and women of the puranas. I have written about Krishna too, though I am a devout Hindu.
My knowledge of puranas is limited to Bhagavatham in Malayalam

BHAKTY OR DEVOTION =’text/javascript’ src=

We all want to love.
As human beings are fickle, we look to Him, to convey our problems, anxieties, fears and hopes.
It is immaterial whether we go to a temple, church or a mosque. Wherever we hare used to going from childhood, suits us.
In modern times, in spite of technological advances, we all feel insecure. Some how, the symbol of God instills in us a sense of security.
I have observed women crying in front of the deity and prostrate on the floor, as though He is hearing and seeing them.
When churches were reestablished after the end of Communist rule in Russia, there was a rush for prayers there!
Every year, the number of pilgrims is increasing.
My only grouse is that they are exploited to enrich the institutions.

BRAHMACHARY =’text/javascript’ src=

The word bachelor does not fully express the meaning of the term Brahmachary in Samskritham. Remaining single, because of the conviction that life is a curse, and, begetting children, who will necessarily be subjected to the miseries and conflicts of life, should be averted, is a philosophical approach of a Brahmachary.

All great religious figures like Samkaracharya, Vivekananda, Jesus Christ, were Brahmacharies. Budha who was married and with a child, abandoned everything and wandered in the forests, thinking about life and misery.

Why did God create Man?

Why did He send Eve to be a companion to Adam?

Did the parents of Hitler or Bin Laden ever regret parenting them?

We normal mortals obey the biological instincts and beget children and increase population of this world, already bursting with babies. Is it necessary?

A devotee once asked Vivekananda: what will happen if all the world adopted your model and abstained from sex?

He replied that practically no one will accept his advice!

LET US CHEER THE MINERS OF CHILE!!!=’text/javascript’ src=

On the fifth of August, 33 miners were trapped in a rock collapse, half a mile inside the mine, in Chile.
On 23 Aug. they were located and food was sent to them regularly afterwards. All helped in the efforts to drill a tunnel into the spot.
Today they have been rescued and embraced by the family, waiting all these days!
I have been writing about insane humanity.
Oh God ! Forgive for losing my sense of proportion and forgetting the great men who are the true sons of God.

BEWARE OF DRUG EATING BACTERIA! – NDM-1 =’text/javascript’ src=

It is well known that bacteria develops resistance to drugs. The fight between God -made microbes and Man- made chemicals is heavily weighted in His favour. Can we hope to be more clever than Him?

The new controversy is because they named it NDM-1. (NEW DELHI M-1);it is capable of eating up drugs!
Our Government is furious and we maintain that this research is doctored, funded by Pharmaceutical Companies
Science is handmaiden of Multinational Companies. The cacophony against coconut oil is an instance. This oil is as good as mother’s milk.
I am of the firm opinion that all antibiotics must be banned. In Ayurveda system, our body is made to fight bacteria.

ALL ICONS HAVE FEET OF CLAY – GANDHI- ext/javascript’ src=

M.K.Gandhi is described as Mahatma. He is the father of the Nation.

Our nation is India. Was there no India before him? Why is his birth day a National Holiday?

His eldest son wanted to go to England for higher studies. He refused to help him. The unlucky boy became a nuisance and in the end, died like a beggar. The hospital authorities never knew he was Gandhi’s son. ALL THIS HAPPENED BECAUSE HE DID NOT HEAR GANDI’S ADVICE. HOW CAN A FATHER BE SO CRUEL TO HIS OWN SON?

As a father he failed miserably and even God will not pardon him.

Whoever called Gandhi the father of the Nation, is a foolish hypocrite.

He forced his wife to clean the toilet. In those days, people used to sit on a raised platform and expel the faeces, through a hole, into a vessel which is cleaned by scheduled caste untouchables (Harijans). Gandhi wanted to do it by each family to save the Harijans from this dirty work. It is a good idea. But why did he not do it himself? Why force his unwilling wife?

He was sexually very active and produced several children. After his wife’s death, he used to sleep naked, with a young girl on each side. Why? Why did he force Acharya Kriplani to abstain from sex with his duly married wife?

Within the family he was an autocrat.He never respected the wishes of his wife and children, who liked to live like other people. He wanted to give the Indians an impression that he is a sage (sanyasi, fakir) because Indians revered such people. He was a pretender. Why didn’t he live in a Harijan colony? Why did he accept the hospitality of Birla, a capitalist who ruthlessly exploited the labour? If a bureaucrat had done so, he would be penalized.

When the  Nation was butchered by Nehru-Mountbatten agreement, by cutting it into three in 1947, Gandhi connived. He could and should have prevented it. He had declared that partition of India would be over his dead body. Why didn’t he fast unto death, as he had done on several other occasions?

Because, he wanted to make Nehru the Prime Minister. He eliminated all possible rivals like Subhash Bose and Maulana Azad by skilful manipulations, using his position as virtual dictator of the Congress party. He never allowed the party to become a democratic institution like Labour Party of England, though in everything else Nehru blindly imitated the English

He did not love his own children, but loved Nehru more than anything else. Can a fakir love a person like this, blindly, forgetting that he killed the Nation?

Godse was a fool and a coward, to kill an old man. Gandhi should have been be exposed, not eliminated by the bullet

The power of the media is terrifying. The whole world believe in the image of this man, not ready to examine his true nature, unprejudiced by the media.
Socrates is my Guru. Do not accept anything without questioning.