In Keralam, people depend on Veterinary Doctors and others working under them, for assistance in looking after cows.

At present, there is great shortage of personnel causing difficulties, though there are dispensaries for animals almost in all villages. Where there is unemployment, it is difficult to understand this situation.

This is true of almost all departments. The Public Service Commission is unable and unfit to function as an effective instrument, in filling up vacancies. The departments do not cooperate in informing present and future vacancies.

There must always be candidates ready for immediate appointment.

There are several private medical colleges; are there any for veterinary doctors?



“I like the way your poem uses religious imagery to convey its meaning…very effective.” Comments a viewer.

It will be plagiarism, if I do not mention about the source of my two line poem. That is why I gave the Malayalam lines in bracket, I do not know the author.

Our language is very rich in what may be called poet philosophers.

N. Kumaran Asan is the topmost, among them, I think.

I do not know who wrote the lines which I have translated. The word “neethi” is much more than the word “truth”. It includes justice, humane nature etc. As I never attempted poetry, I was very much doubtful, whether I would be successful in translating it.

Martin’s opinion is very valuable.

Thank you, Martin.


The recent explosion near the American coast, in the gulf of Mexico, has raised several questions, not only about the environmental hazards, but also about the very idea of exploration in the deep sea.

My theory is that the crust of the earth is a huge pressure cooker, the steam under very high pressure circulating the whole area below the ocean bed, through thousands of channels. It comes out in the form of hot springs (some are 416 degree C) or volcano or causes earthquakes, when the pressure becomes too high

When you try to make a hole in the bed, you are creating an artificial volcano. The strata between the oil well and the steam zone may be either thick or thin. So long as it is sufficient to prevent a link up between hot steam and the oil well, we are safe. As there are any number of steam channels, there is every likelihood of the steam forcing into the oil well, causing an explosion. This is probably what happened.

On the land we can at least try something or at least burn away the oil. Nothing is possible under a depth of 10.6 KM.

So banning oil exploration below the sea bed is a must.

The presence of oil indicates that forests were there, billions of years ago. How can trees grow in the deep sea? Of course, any form of life like fish, sea animals etc. (both animal and vegetables) can get converted into oil, but only under high pressure. So the question remains: how did it get under the sea bed?


Hindu mythology is rich in content and variety. For everything, there is a parallel.

It is said that suras and asuras decided to churn the sea, to obtain nectar (amrit, eating which one gets eternal life), like house wives churning milk for butter.

Well, God is continuously stirring the sea with the help of ocean currents, hot and cold, sweeping the whole length and breadth of the oceans. Each current is thousands of times bigger than the continental rivers, both in volume and sweep. This way, the saltiness and the temperature of water in the seas, the world over, is maintained fairly constant.

Then the volcanoes and hot springs disturb the sea, when billions of tons of water are thrown into it. The ocean bottom is thus whipped up, throwing sand up from the bottom of the water. How else, do sands come in the sea shores? If water is not pushed down continuously from the bottom of the ocean, to the interior of the earth, as described in my book GLOBAL WARMING IS A MYTH,mean sea level will rise every day.

During volcanic eruptions (there are thousands of volcanoes in the sea), magma is thrown up from the interior of the earth.

In short, unlike the continents, the three dimensional contour of the seas get transformed into different shapes, almost every day! This may be the explanation for the debris of vegetable and animal life forms getting underground, where it is subjected to the high temperature and pressure required for formation of coal and gas.


The oil companies doing exploration and mining of oil, should pay compensation to the nations of the world. All such activities should be banned. Do not play with fire.


Passing the hat around is the Western way of begging. It is unknown in India.

Some people approach, saying they have no money to go back home. Some old men ask for money for refreshments or tea.

One day a middle aged woman, accompanied by a young girl, not bad looking, knocked at the door. They wanted assistance for the girl’s marriage!

Normally we give one rupee for beggars. Some demand five. But financial assistance for marriage may be in thousands or at least one hundred. I looked at them in disbelief!

The girl was plain, but had an innocent look.

We need maid servants; Are you ready to work?- I asked.

They refused and went away.

After some days, another woman and her daughter appeared. This time, money was required for surgery of the young girl.

Is it beggary or are they trying to sell their body?


Chidambaram, Union Home Minister said the derailment in West Bengal was caused by explosions set off by Maoists. Mamata also echoed the same.

Now she says the Maoists have no role in the tragedy. Two trains passed through the track earlier; this is impossible, if the track was blown off. She maintains that it is a political conspiracy, to influence voting in the civic polls and should be investigated by the CBI.



What is the goal? We do not know. There is no referee.

There is no coach. It takes a life time to know how to play; but then it is too late.

If I am given a chance to live all over again, surely I won’t make those mistakes again.

If some unknown person comes to you smiling, just ignore him. He wants to take advantage of your innocence.

If people come to sell things, drive them away.

Do not marry.

Do not waste 12 years in school and colleges. Go to a library, instead.

Avoid politics. They are all crooks.

Forget all those ten commandments. Never tell the truth. No one does.

Beg borrow or steal. That is what all are doing.

Never talk to a religious person. He is a parasite.

Take it from an old man: never cheat, nevr hurt the feelings of others, respect women.


That shy plant, which is aptly called “touch me not” is not alone, in protesting against our advances.

We all like to touch and fondle things we like. Pets are meant only to serve our emotional need for caressing. Some parents take it for granted that children like it. Indeed some may like it, but not all.

It is best if we leave all plants and trees alone.

Leaves and flowers are very dear to them. They are their organs. Of course, we have to live and we need food. But why turn and twist the branches of trees not of any use to us, like the touch me not?

Laksharchana is fashionable these days. People go on collecting tulsi leaves and several types of flowers for this purpose alone.

Do Gods like it?