What is the goal? We do not know. There is no referee.

There is no coach. It takes a life time to know how to play; but then it is too late.

If I am given a chance to live all over again, surely I won’t make those mistakes again.

If some unknown person comes to you smiling, just ignore him. He wants to take advantage of your innocence.

If people come to sell things, drive them away.

Do not marry.

Do not waste 12 years in school and colleges. Go to a library, instead.

Avoid politics. They are all crooks.

Forget all those ten commandments. Never tell the truth. No one does.

Beg borrow or steal. That is what all are doing.

Never talk to a religious person. He is a parasite.

Take it from an old man: never cheat, nevr hurt the feelings of others, respect women.



Prof: J Mundassery was the Education Minister in the first Communist Ministry in Keralam. He wanted to help the teaching staff who were mercilessly exploited by the Managers of private schools and colleges. So he made a law for payment to the staff directly by the government.

The managers were too clever. They extracted lump sum money before giving appointment order to the staff. So the government was burdened with mounting expenditure, as a major part of the expenditure was salary of school staff, government as well as aided private schools.

Till now, the department of education is a headache for the government. Now, the Swashraya colleges who take large amounts from students as capitation fee is defying all efforts to control them. They admit students with less marks, by bargaining for more money. There is no interference from the government in other states. So students are attracted to such states. Reservation for students on caste basis is proving cumbersome.

In addition to all these problems, even question papers are a headache. Sometimes, they fail to reach the examination centres in time. Often the papers are leaked out from the printing press itself.Then there is mark list scandal.

There is an unwritten rule that students should not fail up to the tenth standard. Even in tenth, a good percentage is to be passed. So the standard of education is going down every year. Those who pass the common examination in the tenth year can neither read nor write correct Malayalam. English is a far cry.

Now, a teacher has been arrested because a question in the paper set by him, is not liked by a religious group !


 Students will say that the lines across the map of the globe called latitudes, and those cutting these lines vertically called longitudes, help in locating a place in the globe.

 It took a long time and a lot of work in drawing these lines.

 First, the latitude lines were marked, by observing the position of the sun in the sky. On March 21st, the sun is over our head, at the middle of the earth called the equator. The next day it shifts slightly, to the north.  The next day again, wait for the sun to come over the head at noon and this point is furthe north, by the same distance.

Latitudes are mentioned in degrees. Each degree is divided into 60 seconds. The shift in the position of the sun each day is 15 seconds. We have to travel north, so that the sun will come at the top of the sky. On the 21st of June, if we continuously move north, the sun can be seen at the top.

 If the sun throws no shadow at all, on a stick planted vertically, we can say it is on top. The next day the sun starts moving in the reverse direction, southwards. So we can verify the correctness of our measurements, once more. If a number of schools and colleges tie up, we can say whether the lines shown in the maps are correct or not.

As the sun does not go beyond the lat. 23.5, the latitudes beyond this point can be calculated by measuring the angle of digression with referenc to the vertical line.

By measuring the angle of deflection, we can calculate the latitude of a place. The measuring instrument is called the sextant. I do not know how to manipulate it. I am sure school students these days, may not have heard the name.

 The determination of the longitude was a real problem. For this we require clocks synchronized with one another. I am talking about those days, when even pendulum clocks were a rarety. There was a big ship wreck, because the captain did not have an idea how far away they were from London. A Royal Commission was appointed to find out a way to determine the longitude of a point. The Chairman of the Commission was Sir Isaac Newton. He failed.

One clock maker in Italy found the way out. He invented the gymbals. When suspended in this cage, the pendulum will always hang down, even when the ship is rocked in a storm. So they carried two clocks, one according to Greenwich mean time, and another according to local time. The difference in minutes, when divided by four minutes (time taken by the sun to travel from one longitude to the next), gives the number of the longitude.

 Of course, we should know whether it is west or east of zero line.


I have in mind a MAN, at least 50 metres by five metres by five metres, made of transparent material.

 Inside will be the skeleton and all parts and organs like heart, lungs, intestine etc. The blood circulatory system can be with pipes. Every item, including pieces of bones must be named.

As there will be no muscles, one can go through the body and understand every part of the body.

Different institutions like universities and colleges can make different parts and then assembled where it is to be exhibited.

The MAN can be exhibited in different locations.


Those who believe in global warming are sometimes fanatics. They do not want to hear me, when I approach them with my book.

One lady was almost angry.” The whole world knows that it is a fact. Are they mad to spend so much money and meet at Copenhagen to discuss this urgent matter? Go away, do not waste my time. ”

But most teahers in colleges and schools are really curious to know what I have to say. They readily buy my book.

Can any one refute the authority of Rev. Thomas Milner?