Mammals are likely to be extinguished in a comparatively short period. Once dinausers roamed the earth; now there are only fossils, though they do not belong to mammals.
We try to preserve the tigers, because the forest where they live is destroyed by us. As all forms of life compete with each other, for the limited space on earth, only the fittest survive. This is the law of nature.
Inanimate things and also books get aged and in due course, become unusable. All heritages become a liability; some like the Taj Mahal and the Chines Wall are used as tourist attraction and made to fetch money. But TIME cares for nothing. Are we human beings destined to live forever?
Some documents have been kept inside strong capsules and buried inside the earth.
Are we not foolish?
Statues are made to preserve memory; but people do not remember even the name of the person whose statue they are seeing!



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I am unable to appreciate the media hype about Anna Hazare’s fast.
Of course, we do not want the old Gandhian to die; but corruption is endemic in the system and Lokayukta is not going to end it.
Gulsarilal Nanda began an attack on corruption long ago, but nothing came out of it. At that time,Indira Gandhi rightly pointed out this fact.
Why do we waste time on this topic?


While in Delhi, I had occasion to have first hand information about people concerned with higher education.
Academic staff of the age group around thirty are generally found to be interested in new ideas.
They are handicapped by lack of funds. Their counterpartyts in in research institutions just do not bother about new ideas. They are happy with salary and perks which include foreign tours.
My friend and classmate Dr. C.V.Krishnanhas built a very elaborate laboratory with lecture and community hall, rooms for stay etc. at the eastern gate (gopuram) of the Bhagavathy temple at Cherpu, which can profitably fill this vacuum.
I suggest a few experiments to verify my theory about earth quakes, which I call the pressure cooker model.
Aim of the experiment
In order to study the effect of internal pressure, caused by the water inside the earth, converted into steam by geothermal energy, we may construct a pit of the size 3 by 3 by 3 metres, lined with brick or concrete, to prevent seepage of steam into the earth. One metre below the ground, an iron grill must cover the whole pit. Water in buckets may be placed at the bottom, heated by electric rod . There must be an instrument to gauge the pressure inside the pit, with facility to read it in the laboratory..
The portion above the grill must be filled with sand, stones etc. to simulate the crust of the earth, the thickness of which should be increased continuously, after each explosion , caused by continuous build up of the quantity of steam.
Each explosion must be recorded and video photos taken for the benefit of those who are unable to be present.
Geographic society
Today geography is receiving scant attention. In order to focuss attention on the study of this very important branch of science, it is inevitable to bring together all lovers of this subject under a society, which can have a permanent exhibition, library and program to conduct expeditions, to update our knowledge of rivers, mountains etc.
Intellectual forum
While most of the academic people lead a retired life, some may be interested in further studies and research. These people will have an opportunity to meet like minded people, still employed in active service. General public too can come and discuss things with the learned people.
Social work
1) Awareness of hidden diseases like diabetes and hypertension must be populared, for which lectures may be arranged.
2) Kitchen waste can be easily converted into biogas. As the cost of LPG is going up every now and then , this should be popularized.
3) Eye donation is made only in a few cases. Regular campaigns can be conducted for increasing the availability of eyes, by focussing on this subject.
It is the quality of research that matters, not the money spent.

CONGRATULATIONS, DHONI !!! -<script type='text/javascript' src='

Dhoni finished it with a sixer! I was thrilled to watch it.
Long ago, Kapil Dev did win the World Cup in London.
These days, when we read a lot of unsavory news about our country, it is something worth retaining in our mind for years! Cricket is very popular. I wish, we repeat it in Hockey.