Wish you all a very happy NEW YEAR !!!
Life in the Chathakudam East end is so slow slow, that we are not aware of the new year. Every day is a repetition of the old day. The arrival of a new baby or the death of an old person who is any way unwanted at home and outside, can cause a ripple in the otherwise placid water called the village.
No one bothers about anything.
It is good. We do not celebrate new year, by spending money on fire works or late night parties.
But for the media, we just forget it.


WHERE THE SUN NEVER SETS =’text/javascript’ src=

When my niece Suvarna designed this blog for me, I did not know how to post an item. I wondered how any one will notice it!
Slowly I started writing. On September 11- 2009, when I returned to Delhi, the number of hits was 999
Then Suvarna told me to note the Clustr map. There were a few red spots.
Now the whole world is covered with red. Like the British Empire, where the sun never set, I can say the same about my electronic empire.
The number of hits has crossed 250,000


Today our bus was held up due to traffic jam for about ten minutes, which was equivalent to half an hour in normal circumstances, because we are all in a hurry as soon as we are in any moving vehicle.
The reason for the traffic mess was road repairs. The vehicles have to navigate through a narrow strip, without any one to control traffic. Similar experience I had at Edappal, near Kuttipuram, where a culvert is under construction.
Inconvenience to passengers can be avoided if such repairs are carried out between 10 PM and 5 AM.
Only vehicles moving in one direction, may be allowed for three minutes at a time. Then the vehicles can run speedily, instead of inching forward, as it is now.
People do work in night shift in factories.
I hope the authorities will consider my suggestion.

SPACE SCIENCE IS NO JOKE =’text/javascript’ src=

The satellite had to be burnt within seconds of its launch on 25-12-2010
This shows that our scientists are merely kidding with experiments done by Western men, fifty years ago. We must abandon all hopes of landing on the moon. The money can be saved.

MERRY CHRISTMAS =’text/javascript’ src=

I wish all my viewers a boisterous, merry Christmas with plenty of cakes and wines.
I envy the Christians. No other religion allows so much freedom to eat and drink on religious occasions. Hindus observe fasting and prayers which is very boring. I like Christians.
Atal Bihari Vajpai, former Prime Minister, was born on 25 December. No one remembers him on this day, because all are fully drunk. I wish him many happy returns of the day!


Politics was in his gene. Had he been in Uttar Pradesh or Bihar, he could have easily become the Prime Minister.
Born in the marar (drummer) caste, with only basic education in Malayalam, he was a Chanakyan: ruthless, master in manipulations, able administrator, very loving towards his fans and crudely opportunistic, who became a fast friend of Indira Gandhi and ruled Keralam when Achutha Menon was the Chief Minister. IAS officers shivered before him, who could hardly speak a few English words! During this period, an engineering student Rajan “disappeared” from police custody.
A devotee of Lord Guruvayurappan, he made it a point to drive very fast to the temple, every fist of the Malayalam month and met with serious accident once, from which only the Lord recovered him! Whether in or out of Office, he was given VIP treatment and allowed free entry and time to pray, when thousands of devotees waited in que outside, in the scorching sun, for just a glimpse of the deity.
He began his career as a union worker in Seetharam Mills, Trichur and soon gained the nick name karinkali (black sheep) Karunakaran. From a poor man, he became a very rich “Leader “, when he died at 93.

THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO VISIT KERALAM =’text/javascript’ src=’

There is a slight nip in the air at night, otherwise it is pleasantly cool.
People are very polite and obliging to tourists, whether they are foreigners or Indians. Food is cheap. Now, all sorts of dishes are available, including Chinese.
The whole country is green and from the sky it looks like a long stretch of forests. You can easily make a trip to Lakshadweep islands (literal meaning is 100000 islands! )There are no dogs there, most islands are small and uninhabited. Being so near, I have dreamed of going there, but touring is not included in our family budget! And we are supposed to be above poverty line. I have never been inside a ship.
The northern half of Keralam is mountainous. At Ezhimala (mala is hill), near Kannur, the mountain kisses the sea and is worth including in your itinerary. Ooty is the highest township and was the summer destination of Europeans.
The southern half has a chain of lakes and Munnar (three rivers) paradise in the mountains.
Keralam is full of temples and churches and mosques. At Kochi there is a synagogue, though there there are no Jews. The town can boast of an air port, train terminal and a harbour known as the Queen of the Arabian sea.
You are most welcome to be my guest.