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Barley is a plant. The grain of barley is used to make medicine.

Barley is used for lowering blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol, and for promoting weight loss. It is also used for digestive complaints including diarrhea, stomach pain, and inflammatory bowel conditions.

Some people use barley for increasing strength and endurance. Other uses include cancer prevention and treatment of a lung problem called bronchitis.

Barley is applied to the skin for treating boils.

In foods, barley is used as a source of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and fatty oils.

In manufacturing, barley is used as a food grain, natural sweetener, and as an ingredient for brewing beer and making alcoholic beverages.

How does it work?

The fiber in barley might lower cholesterol and blood pressure in people with high cholesterol. Barley may also reduce blood sugar and insulin levels. Barley seems to slow stomach emptying. This could help keep blood sugar stable and create a sensation of being full, which might help to control appetite.”

Another unknown use for the  grains of this plant is that , by boiling in water and drinking it , we can get relief from the throat getting blocked by mucus , especially in winter. I used to insist that chldren must drink this water only.




In ‘who will become crorepati?’, two seventh standard girls , Krishna and Thrishna won Rs. 1,60,000, to become the youhgest children to become ‘lakshaprabhu’ in Sureash Gopi’s show.

They had a shaky start. In the very first question about Cyndrela , they had to seek the help of audience, because they had not heard that story. In another question from Ramayana, they floundered ; Shoorpanakha was the correct answer.. Here too they sought help. For the question to earn ten thousand, they sought phone friend. Somehow, they gained that base line.

After that, without any help they earned one lakh and sixty thousand. I felt happy about the twins. Their desire was to help their father to set up a vegetable shop. This amount is enough and more.


Anigra Rowling, a Berliner gave birth to four children, three boys and one girl. She underwent artificial insemination.
She is a school teacher. When her ten year old girl child persistently pestered her for another sister, she did it, according to reports.
Let us pray for long life to all the children!


You can make a calendar at home.
Fix a vertical thin rod on a flat piece of plank and keep it on your terrace, so that the shadow of the rod can be traced on the board.
Every day, the shadow must be traced with a pen.
When the shadow reaches the extreme south, it is 21 June, the next day is 22 June and so on.
On 21 December it goes to the extreme south. From that point, it will trace back its journey.
Got it?
Only snag is, that you cannot know the year!

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These days I go in Schools and Colleges, to sell my books and also shares of my newspaper, yet to be published. I need at least 500 readers, so that the cost of prining etc. can be met from the sales proceeds.
Last two days, I tried my luck among ordinary workmen and farm hands, who do not read any newspaper, being beyond their budget.
When I explained my scheme, they gladly bought share of a paltry sum of Rs. 10. Their children are going to school and they want them to be knowledgeable. Thus there is a big market of the downtrodden people and I am happy to serve a useful purpose! Politicians do not care to contact these people, except at the time of elections, whose votes they are desperately trying to attract.
I found these people intelligent, honest and warm hearted!

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As children, we used to remain under water, to know how long we can remain, holding our breath; something like a competition!
I would be the first to pop up, as I cannot suffer it, even for some seconds.
The Moplas (Muslims) of Malapuram district in Malabar, can dive under the water, for as long as half an hour!
On the thirtieth of January each year, we stand up and remain silent in the offices at 11AM, the time Mahatma Gandhi was shot dead, to mark our respects for the person, who died a martyr. I would lose patience, after a few seconds, and look at the watch again and again, two minutes seeming like half an hour!
With your beloved in your arms, half an hour flies like two seconds.
At the traffic lights showing red, we feel like flying in the air, like those heroes in films.


There is a hill near Shoranur Railway station in central Keralam, called Rayinellur.

Today, on the first of Thulam, thousands of devotees climb up the hill to have a darshan of Devi, believed to have been worshiped by the famous lunatic of Naranath, a son of Vararuchi, the wandering Brahman, whose tribal wife gave birth to twelve sons, each one of whom was brought up by people of different castes, because the woman was forbidden to look after her children, and, each one became famous in his vocation.

The lunatic used to roll up a huge stone, all the way up the steep hill and then push it down. He would watch the stone come down crashing along the bush and shout with glee: HA HA HA.

He may be mocking the futility of life. Every one is pushing up the hill, not knowing what else to do.

During this time, it rains and it is very fifficult to go up the steep hill. I slipped once or twice. The large number of devotees, many quite aged as myself, did not bother about it When we reach the top, we can enjoy the scenery, it being tall and the only hill in the area. The greenery is monotonous (to me), as everywhere in this land, one can see only trees. Some times I yearn for the large expanse of land in Rajasthan, with hardly any shrub!

The descend along the gentle slope is is easy; but the narrow path allows only movement in single file, occasionally blocked by those ascending the hill.

Today my heart is at Rayinellur.