Today is once again the first day of the New Year.





Today it is!

On first of December, it was full moon; today again it is full moon!

If a second full moon comes in the same month, it is called the blue moon, because it is rare.

When the new year rings in here, a partial eclipse of the moon will be in progress.



 Sathy was reborn as the daughter of Himalaya. (In Samskrutham, parvathy means daughter of parvatham, parvatham is mountain).  She started tapasya at the tender age of three, for her reunion with Shiva.

 As Shiva was in a very sad and aggressive mood, ever since his beloved Sathy’s self immolation (see my blog), he never came out of the trance and was totally unaware of the young girl’s wish. When he understood it, Parvathy, now sixteen years, with coiled hair and emaciated body, eating fruits to keep her alive, was still in her tapasya. So he came to her, disguised as a Brahman, and enquired about her wish, for which she was doing such hard meditation and prayers.

 He tried to dissuade her, but ultimately yielded to her desire to marry him. According to one story, this day, day of their meeting, is celebrated every night, as Ladies’ night, today in the Malayalam month of Dhanu. All night, in the bright moon light, they play about in the ponds, swimming and throwing water on each other, or enjoying the improvised swing, hung from the branches of trees.

 Each one chews 101 betel leaves, one after another, smeared with lime and mixed with areca nut pieces, after chewing which their lips become red. This betel chewing is common among ladies in olden days, after dinner.

 They do fasting, taking only tender coconut water and plantain. Needless to say, men are totally prohibited in this night activities.

 This is observed only in God’s own country, Keralam.


I wonder why Christian God forbade Eve from eating the fruit.

Hindu Gods like to enjoy sex. Lord Indra has many dancing girls in Paradise. Still, he come down to earth to have sex with Ahalya, assuming the form of her husband!

The old temples are full of sculptures and frescoes of half naked or totally nude female figures with full breasts, in a seductive post. Khajuraho temples are famous examples.

 All healthy people need it and it helps in mental well being also.

Single people tend to become morose and unfriendly.

In the West they like legs; here we love breasts!


Hindus are either Shaivites or Vaishnavites. Of course, now we worship all, including Budha and Guru Nanak.

 It would appear that Devi worship was prevalent throughout India, from a much earlier period, involving aniamal and baby sacrifice, which made Budha preach Ahimsa or nonviolence as a creed. The famous Kali temple of Calcutta is witness to the blood of millions of animals like goats. People used to offer their first baby as sacrifice, to propitiate  the deity.

 At the Kali temple at Kodungallore, thousands of cocks were being sacrificed by wringing their neck, on Ashwaty nakshatram in the month of Kumbh (Feb.15 to March 14) This practice is now stopped.

 In Tamilnadu, Mariamma is the Devi. Every village has a Mariamman covil (temple).

Those who believe in Devi cult, believe that she is the source of all Shakty or Power. All other Gods are her creation.

 Scientifically too, mother can give birth, even without man, as in cloning. I think India is the only country to have Goddess as the supreme power.


Recent research involving a number of identical twins has shown that, after decades, they become very dissimilar.

According to text book, a sperm with X or Y chromosomes and the ovum with X chromosomes, combine to form a single cell, the oozote. This divides to form two identical cells, which some how get detached from each other, resulting in two identical twins. If the initial cell division results in a single entity without becoming separate, only one baby will be formed after a series of divisions.

The researchers found that in several cases, one of the identical twins developed cancer, while the other one was perfectly normal.

Even otherwise, there are minor differences which the mother can easily find out, even as they are babies. Their character is also dissimilar.

This means that when a cell divides, the resultant cells are not exact replica of one another. What is the explanation?

As I have pointed out in my blog on cytoplasm, at one stage, when the chromosomes become invisible, before the dividing membrane is formed, it is the cytoplasm that takes control of the operations. This mechanism must be fully understood.

In the normall course, all the cells formed initially are identical (is it really so?). Afterwards, a division of these cells appears: one third bcoming bones, one third developing as muscles and the remaining cells forming the nervous system. Who decides which cells develop into which group?

I hope some attempt is being made to solve this riddle.


 There are several temples in and around the town.

 Vatakunnathan Shiva temple, in the centre of the town dominates the whole landscape, with a gentle sope towards all directions. Inside its massive walls, you feel as if in a different world. There is Sankaranarayana idol (unique, as Shaiva and Vaishnava cult co- exist in Keralam), in addition to Shivalingam.

 To the east, is Paramekavu Devi temple and at the north, is Krishna temple. These two temples compete with one another, to make the Pooram festival a grand success, made much of by the Tourism Department.

Some 14 kms. along the Triprayar (Ram temple) road, is the grand Peruvanam temple (see my blog), with the Thiruvullakav Sastha temple, Subrahmanya temple at Thayamkulangara, Bhagavathy temple at Cherpu, Oorakath Ammathiruvady (the only temple of Mahalakshmy in this area), all within walking distance. While in Keralam, I used to cover all these in my morning walk.

 Autorickshaws are available for short distances, if you do not have a car.

 By noon, you can return to the town and see an excellent view from Velangan kunnu near Amala hospital.

The Kodungallur Kali temple is locally famous, as is the Triprayar Ram temple; but these are on different routes.

Temples of Ram at Triprayar, Bharat at Irinjalakuda, Lakshman at Mozhikunnu, and Shathrughna, all can be visited in one day. Tour operators are providing arrangements during the holy month of Karkidakam (July) second half.