I was new to Jaipur city, when I was posted there as Manager of the Canara Bank. I hired a room in the city. It was my habit , to roam about and have break fast before reaching the Bank

My favorite shop was Ammu’s stall . I did not know she is a keralite , but she judged me correctly and enquired in chaste Malayalam:”Chetta, what will you have ?”

I looked at her in amazement. She is not a beauty, but her young age added to her charm. I thought in my mind:”I want you”, but said aloud:”Anything you like”. My gaze followed her ample buttocks and fell in love with her! From then on I was her secret lover . On Sundays ,when the shop remained closed , we began touring the city . “How long , you are here?”

“My father was in the army. On retirement, he began running this shop. When he died, mother went home , but I remained here . I love this ciy.”

“True ! I too like it. It is clean and spacious. The roads are straight and wide.”

“It was built by a Malayalee divan of the Raja. The old city is at Amber(The locals pronounce it Amer). We went there by bus, quite far away from Jaipur.

Happy days have wings. We did not realize it is six years , since we first met! But she never mentioned about marriage, may be , because of inferiority complex. “Ammu , don’t you like to marry? You are , how many years old?”

“I am getting request from locals , but I do not trust them.”

A letter came from home . They have fixed my marriage; come and see the girl, it said. A photo was enclosed . I showed it to Ammu. She exclaimed:”How cute! I want to see her immediately”. Her innocence touched my heart. Should I not marry this girl? Anyway , I applied for leave.

On the first night , I was thinking about Ammu. Her thighs and breasts refused to leave me , even when I began undressing the new bride. This one is marvelous , I thougt.

After one month I returned to Jaipur. Soon I met Ammu”Are you unhappy that I married?” “Oh, no. I am no match to her. What is her name?” “Remy” “Bring her to my shop”.

The two women became friends. There was no jealousy.

I continued to patronize Ammu. In sex, she is more active and imaginative . While in her embrace, It is real heaven! Why did I marry ? I could have easily rejected that proposal. Curse me…

“My brother is still unemployed . Could you arrange some work for him?” “Let him come here .” Thus Rohit began staying with us. I told Ammu about him. Several Malayalee businessmen used to come there , as it is the only place where Kerala style food is available . I began approaching Ammu almost daily, rarely caring about my wife. She did not even notice it.

Rohit got a salesman’ job in the market.

Then tragedy struck.

My wife’s body was found hanging from the ceiling fan. It was Roit who noticed it , when he returned home; I was with Ammu. I was informed by mobile phone. We both rushed home . A crowd had collected there . Police took me to the station to file FIR. Almost daily , I had to attend the station. They asked me about my relationship with Ammu, imputing motives for the crime. Ammu helped me with the influence of her businessmen. At last , the police closed the case as suicide.




The easiest way is chain snatching . Not only in the towns , even in the remote Sastha temple at Chathakudam , a man coming on bike, pulled the necklace of a woman and escaped, in broad day light. The police could not nab him.

Robbery of banks and jewelry shops is happening daily, especially in Trichur. They make an opening in the wall and remove all valuables. The number of jewelry shops is maximum n Keralam. Here in Delhi , one has to search for it! Money coming from the Gulf, has to be spent. Unemployment is the major cause of increasing criminals.

‘Quotation’ killers are buy , because murder is a political weapon. The killers can earn easily , rarely are they caught ; do policemen get a share?

Concealed crime like corruption, is at its peak. Smuggling of gold and narcotics is daily news. The road is not safe, even for those who walk; drunk drivers and those on motor bikes care nothing for us.

I will not recommend Keralam, to those retiring from service. Tamilnadu may be a better place. In Keralam , all things are coming from there!



In high security jail in Madras , the inmates overpowered the Police and locked them in . After prolonged negotiations , an agreement was reached and those locked up released The culprits were also let off.

In Himachal Pradesh , the Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh was arrested by the Police , a day before the marriage of his son. Could they not wait till the marriage was over?

It could have been planned by his detractors.


Two cases are worth recording.
One is in Palakad district of Kerala State. Three teenage girls studying in school were missing. They are very good at studies and the parents reported the matter to the Police. The latter did not act in time. A week later their bodies were found in a railway track. One was not clinically dead and the Doctors are trying to revive her.
The Police Inspector has confessed that timely action could have saved them. Investigations have revealed that they were in Bangalore. Some foul play is suspected.
The second case is even more shocking . This happened in Delhi. The girl was being followed by two miscreants . It was reported to the Police , way back in 2013. Now , they have killed her by stabbing in broad daylight . There are thirty five injuries in her body.
In Delhi , the Police functions under the Lt. Governor. The AAP Chief Minister has demonstrated in front of the Governor’s Office.
When will the Law and Order be improved in India?


At that time, I was at the small beautiful town of Trichur. I was born and brought up in Trivandrum, but came to Trichur to work in a press, where I was editing a small newspaper. For saving money we took a hall, where my friends, mostly our workers in the press and some college students, shared my lodge.
We had a stove and things necessary for making tea and toast; but went to Pathans for meals. In those days it was a small eating place’
So we were surprised when Dileepan brought a young girl to our place, saying she was ready to work as a cook for us.
She was quite plain, but her ready smile enlightened the whole room like lightning. And her teeth were the best I have ever seen!
Where will she stay, I enquired.
Here itself, why this question? -Dileepan countered..
After some discussion, it was agreed .We never talked about her wages.
Her very presence changed the atmosphere. All were ready to help her. Some offered to grate the coconut, some began grinding rice for dosa etc. She was quite jolly but never answered any question about her family background. Dileepan went away before we could elicit any information from him, as he was not a lodger there.
Life became enjoyable with fresh and hot dosa every morning and good tasty meals. The girl cleaned the house and even washed my cloths, probably because I was the elderly man, though I was only thirty. Others were teenagers or workers in their early youth.
One Sunday we decided to go for a picnic to Peechi dam site. I wanted to write a piece about the dam for my newspaper and carried my bag of note book and pen. Others were busy sight seeing and then enjoying drinks and eatables.
As I stood at the highest point to enjoy the scenery, the girl came and stood by my side. She did not say a single word, but her beaming face and happy look told eloquently that she cared for me I explained to her:
This dam supplies water for the whole Trichur.
About five hundred years ago, the town was a big forest. The Vadakunnatha temple of Shiva was the only place where people lived. The near by Math, where Rig veda is taught, came later. In the pitch dark, people were afraid to go alone from the temple to the Math. Even now the area is called Thekin kadu maidan, indicating the word teak forest. It was Shakthan Thampuran who cleared the whole forest around the town and built the bazaar. The herald of the temple objected; he was beheaded then and there. He built a palace also for his stay during his visit.
She attentively listened everything, but never asked anything! I tried to make her speak about herself and her family background, but failed.
Afterwards we became closer to each other. She would simply stand by, while I was busy writing. Occasionally I would start my monologue which some how I relished, because I was talking to her!
This happy period for all, ended when our press had to be closed, because of competition from those who employed better advanced technology.
All inmates left our room but I told her to stay on. By this time I had published several short stories and one novel which made quite a mark in literary circles. I thought I could survive of my own.
It was then that my father advised me to go to Bombay to join a newspaper in English. The owner was a friend of my father.
Do you like to come to Bombay with me?- I asked.
She agreed.
In Bombay we lived as husband and wife. She was not frigid, but somehow reluctant to undress. I had to use force, and naked, she looked ravishingly exciting, with her budding breasts and shapely legs.
I kissed all over her body, parting her thighs and licking the genitals, until she melted profusely, and, I was not satisfied until I had explored her central hole, which was very tight, with the hymen intact When finished, she kissed me for a long time, chewing my lips , which became swollen afterwards.
A bonny baby was born exactly 270 days after that day.
They say Gods are envious. When our daughter was seven years old, a police man came to my office and showed me a photograph. It was her photo. Do you know her? He asked.
Why, it is my wife I cried in alarm
It is about her anti-national activities that I have come to investigate- he said.
He did not allow me to use the telephone. I pleaded innocence and gave him tea and refreshments. Meanwhile, I surreptitiously placed my mobile phone in the drawer of my table and gave her a message via SMS, NEVER TO COME NEAR OUR HOUSE.
Right or wrong, I am bound to protect her.


Three major disasters have affected the subcontinent of India – floods in Leh and Pakistan, and, several train accidents, resulting in loss of life, and recebtly, oil spill near Bombay.
A large sum of money is spent on training staff in disaster management, but those people are not of any use, when calamity strikes. It is the local people who give help.
I feel that, like all other departments in Government, like army, sports and cultural activities, Police, etc, we can save money by abandoning it.
The functions are better managed by citizens, including retired people.who can be contacted on mobile phone.
This is what actually happens.


It has been reported today 15-6-10, that two hardened criminals escaped from maximum security prison in Kannur in Keralam.

Apparently no one suspected it, because every thing was intact. The camera installed there to watch the inmates, did not function.

Five jail officials have been suspended and enquiry has been ordered.

Obviously, there was collusion between the culprits and the jailers.

Throughout the country, there is a close alliance between criminals and the police. A share of the money earned by criminals is given to the police, which gets transferred to the highest authority. This is a well known secret. There are many films exposing the criminal-police-politician nexus.

Nothing can improve in this type of demoracy. Politicians are to blame. If they are honest, others will be forced to be careful.

Instead, they enjoy the benefits of corruption. They want to earn as much as possible, within the five years they are in power.