HIGH HANDED ACTION OF THE Lt. GOVERNOR The Law Minister of the AAP cabinet was arrested by the Governor without consulting the Chief Minister. The arrest was made in a hurry. The Minister was involved in a Court case for forging his degree of Law. He had refute the allegation and the case was going on. The arrest was vindictive according to AAP sources. The Governor is a BJP man and did this, at the prompting of that party, allege AAP. Things have reached such a stage that Governance has become impossible. It is better to dismiss the Government. Modi is vindictive.


SNAPS FROM MY 1IFE-friendship

SNAPS FROM MY 1IFE-friendship
I met an interesting personality. Let us call her D
She was talking fluently in English in her mobile and I sat beside her on the Railway platform bench, sure that she will buy my English Autobiography.
D:”We both were studying in the Law College. He was much senior and we loved each other. He used to come on a scooter, I clearly remember. Somehow my parents who were not aware of it, decided my marriage to a business man “
“Was he knowing your affair?”
“Yes . I told him and he just laughed , saying all teenagers have love mania. My dilemma is that we all have been invited to attend the same marriage here.”
“Why? It means you still retain your love?
“No. I know that the past is past. Still I shall be happy if I am not going there.”
My patience was running out. “I said: excuse me , I have a book here . See if you like to buy it.”
She turned to me and grabbed the book. She told her friend:” I shall call in a few minutes”
She was very pleased to get the book. Then we talked about each other. She is living in Singapore . She wanted to keep up our ‘friendship’ and promised to contact me soon.


These days this is the topic of disdussions in the  TV channels. She was stripped, some say indignantly. My american friends oint out that this is done to see whether narcotics are carried inside.

Laws of the land prevail. Our mistake is that we are too liberal. Ladies carried gold in their dress and authorities faild to detect it

Why did we allow Italian murderers, who shot dead our fishermen, to get away to Italy?



The arrest of a functionary of the Marxist party has irked Pinarayi so much that he has threatened the Government with dire consequences. Should the police take permission of the Party before arresting a member?
Does he believe in democracy? His lamguage smacks of Fascism.
The people of Kerala are sufficiently enlightened and will ignore him. Law must take its own course


Late Nayanar, who was a popular Chief minister of Kerala State, once remarked in a jovial mood, that ladies are responsible for rape! Why do they dress provocatively?

Now, one should make a distinction between ladies and women. The latter are simple females who have to work, either in the factories or fields or offices. They dress simply, taking minimum time for make up, because they are very busy, both in their work place and at home. How many of them have registered cases against rape?

Ladies are just the opposite. Twenty four hours they are free. They do not know how to while away their long hours of leisure, and so spend most of their time in shopping, because they have fat purses (now ATM cards in several banks), and social gatherings and parties. They may get up very late, take hours for their make up and “dress to kill”. I think Nayanar is right to some extent. if he meant “ladies”

There is a story that such ladies met Pratap Singh Kairon (who was the Chief Minister of Punjab), simply dressed and sitting in front of his house on a charpoy, a bedstead made of bamboo frames and ropes, very popular in the north, to complain about price rice. Kairon simply looked closely at the ladies (Punjabi ladies are the most fashionable in the whole of India) and asked: how much do you spend on your make up? The ladies were thus silenced.

Another important point is freedom for sex. In Calcutta and Bombay, there are brothels. In these cities, rape is rare.

Men are always hungry for sex. It is just biology. God made us like this.

Rape may be a temptation too. Initially a woman may appear agreeable. If caught, she will raise a hue and cry.

If the word means forcing sex on unwilling female, all husbands would be guilty. Have you not seen the hen running away from the cock, which has only one thing in the mind?

I am not advocating free rape. I feel that too much time is spent in the media on this topic. The law should understand human nature.

Rape cases must not be reported in the media, but settled mutually by negotiation in confidence, in the presence of the magistrate or judge.

Allegations of molestation split the Kerala Congress, causing a major storm in Congress circles and Kerala politics !


Let a hundred criminals escape; no innocent man may be punished. This was the motto of the judicial system of England, evolved at least a millennium ago.

In the age of terrorism, if we want to adhere to it, it is like hunting a lion, riding a pony, with grass arrows!

The Supreme Court knows it, but it has to function within the system, which we borrowed, lock stock and barrel, from our erstwhile masters. The Americans just threw it away and devised their own methods, because they hated everything British, at that time, including the spelling of words!

Even if the judge sees the murder of a person and can recognize the culprit, he cannot sentence him for that offense. There must be witness.

A Chief Minister is a confirmed murderer. But he has not been convicted.

No one dares to give evidence against some powerful goondas; how can they be convicted? There are any number of films showing the nexus between wicked elements and the police.

A witness may give false evidence; there is no law to imprison him!

The law favours the culprit if he is rich and powerful. Sister Abhaya case is now notorious. There were four CBI enquiries. All know who has done it. The law suit may linger on for decades.

So do not be upset by the Supreme Court verdict. What is required is the overhaul of the system. (see my blog-Judicial revvolution).


Prof: J Mundassery was the Education Minister in the first Communist Ministry in Keralam. He wanted to help the teaching staff who were mercilessly exploited by the Managers of private schools and colleges. So he made a law for payment to the staff directly by the government.

The managers were too clever. They extracted lump sum money before giving appointment order to the staff. So the government was burdened with mounting expenditure, as a major part of the expenditure was salary of school staff, government as well as aided private schools.

Till now, the department of education is a headache for the government. Now, the Swashraya colleges who take large amounts from students as capitation fee is defying all efforts to control them. They admit students with less marks, by bargaining for more money. There is no interference from the government in other states. So students are attracted to such states. Reservation for students on caste basis is proving cumbersome.

In addition to all these problems, even question papers are a headache. Sometimes, they fail to reach the examination centres in time. Often the papers are leaked out from the printing press itself.Then there is mark list scandal.

There is an unwritten rule that students should not fail up to the tenth standard. Even in tenth, a good percentage is to be passed. So the standard of education is going down every year. Those who pass the common examination in the tenth year can neither read nor write correct Malayalam. English is a far cry.

Now, a teacher has been arrested because a question in the paper set by him, is not liked by a religious group !