The one at Pushkar is famous. I am told that there is another Brahma temple in Orissa.

The Brahma temple at Thavanoor (opposite Thirunnavaya) is known only to the local villagers. It is a private temple owned by Thavanoor mana. My sister Devasena was given in marriage to that mana; otherwise, I would have never known about it.

All three Gods (of creation, protection and destruction) are within one square mile. Vishnu on Thirunnavaya bank of the river Bharathapuzha, and Shiva and Brahma on Thavanoor side.

 One has to walk from Shiva temple to the Brahma temple, through the slush.

When you reach a fence, you have to manage  to get into the enclosure, to see a small circular sanctum (sreekovil). The image of Brahma is big, made of granite. For name’s sake there is pooja. It is disappointing that our “father” is thus neglected.

Devaswam Board should take over this temple to preserve it.



In  ancient India, Rajputs ruled. As they were primarily warriors, they had Brahman sages to advise them, in the process of governance.

Today our ministers know nothing; they were somehow elected to be peoples’ represntatives. This is a serious lacuna in our system.

Think Tanks or groups of ministers are unable to think, because only a thinking man can do this function. Further, every decision has to be tempered by the rider: how will it affect my electoral chances? That is why we see one decision to be revised immediately!

Retired Judges, with impeccable character and antecedents are worth considering for advicer’s role.


Antony is one of those rare, rapidly dwindling species of honest ministers !

The first defence minister, V.K.Krishna Menon, was free from the virus of corruption, as all those who made up the first team of ministers after independence were. The man who made maximum money from deals in purchase of arms, simply “forgot” to file income tax returns for years together. It was generally believed that George Fernandes is honest, till recently.

Antony has the minimum bank balance. He has resigned several times, when his principles came int conflict with the reality of politics. He must have come under considerable pressure from the top brass, because, when it comes to VIPs, we bcome soft hearted.

I am happy Antony lived up to his reputation.

I heartily congratulate him.


In medieval India, taxes were very high. The only source of tax was the farmers. At one time, one third of the produce was extracted as tax. Farmers who could not afford it, left their fields fallow.

The money collected was used to meet the expenses of the Palace. In other words, people worked hard and the rulers enjoyed the fruits of their labour.

Today, in this so called democracy, the ruling establishment extracts taxes for their lavish living. Look at the way Members of Parliament and their servers go about in airoplanes any number of times and common people manage to travel in overcrowded trains.

In return, we get a chance to vote.

That is all.


Slavery is as old as history, when tools made it possible to exploit the labour of others.

Are we free today? The illusion of freedom is created because we cannot see the invisible chains that bind us to the work place.

I feel that the word freedom itself is an illusion, like the word love. We say a free bird. But ask the poor bird; it may like to remain in its nest, if it can get food.

In desperation, the slaves used to revolt. They are killed and their body hung from the branches of trees on the way side, as a warning to others. In due course, it is forgotten and the slaves revolt again.

The forms of revolt do change. Freedom movement, revolution, suicide and even my writing is a revolt against slavery.

The terrorist is no exception.


Now they are meeting in London, to chalk out ways to fight terror.

Bush the senior tried to crush Ayatolla Khomeni, because he wanted oil from that country. Then his son bombed to ashes the whole of Baghdad; now they are transporting oil to America.

What is the secret agenda of London meeting? Only time will tell. They kmow very well that the Afghan quagmire will eat up all those who jump into it.


Wilmer and Orwell, who invented the flying machine, propelled by a motor, were common men; one a tailor and his brother local printer.

As qualified engineers were trying hard to develop such a contraption, all over the world, they were very shy and did their trials in a remote hill, to avoid beeing observed.

They made what was essentially a kite. Wilmer held on to it and used his feet to manipulate the wings. Orwell pulled it and left it when wing pressure was enough to lift it. Thus the elder brother leaned airodynamics, essential to manage any flyind object. This is something the engineers failed to do. Herein lay his genius.

Afterwards, they fitted motors to work the fans fitted in the front, twin fans turning in opposite directions, as otherwise,  the kite will fly in circles only !

One day, a train driver saw it and stopped the train. All passengers saw a man holding on to a kite and flying over long distances. Thus the whole thing became famous, even in England and France. Shortly afterwards, Wilmer circled over the Statue of L iberty. However, his ambition to sell the patent to the Military establishment failed.

What will you do, if it carries bombs or guns: asked a man watching it.

We will shoot it down: replied the captain of the ship !

Wilmer did not live long; Orwell died on 30-1-1948, the day Gandhi was shot.