My wife has been complaining about her stomach trouble, for the past one year. The doctors in Mother Hospital , Trichur failed to correctly diagnose the cause of the illness .
At the suggestion of my daughter-in-law , she was referred to Ashwini Hospital near Trichur North bus stand , where , after extensive tests , it was found that her stomach is being eaten away by ulcer . Tomorrow , is the surgery. My daughter Leena has come from Delhi and is with her mother. Let us all pray for her health!


DIARY (7-6-15)

A dry spell of several days was broken last night , when it rained for almost the whole night.
In monsoon period, the days are divided into ‘jnattuvelas. Literally, it means work in the rice field. One period is of two weeks. The rains will be heavy in makeeram jnattuvela onwards. The panchangam indicates the jnattuvelas. It predicts the rain fall of the next year too.
A lady had called me seeking an appointment. I told her to come at ten in the morning. Exactly at ten, she came in an auto. She is an elderly woman and as soon as she was seated, she told her mission:”I read part of your autobiography in Malayalam in the Public library at Trichur and liked it very much. But other parts were not available there.”
I brought volume one and three:”Only one copy is available ; read it and return to me. Where do you live?”
“At the eastern gopuram of Sastha temple at Thiruvelakavu. I am doing research about this temple. I have written notes about it but am not satisfied. Can you help me?”
I thought for some time and it dawned in my mind that we must contact Pattath Mana. The Namboothiris of that house had done pooja till the Temple Committee took over the management of the temple. I suggested going there:”There must be panayola granthams at Pattath Mana; let us go there.” So we hired an auto and went there. The old man knew me and I introduced the lady and told about her mission.
“There are granthas bundled up in the attic. Come next Sunday and I shall keep it ready.”
Lady:”Do you know about the origin of the name Thiruvellakavu?”
“It is Thiruvalakavu; The Sastha remains at the right side of Shiva at Peruvanam. The God was installed at Thiruvallakavu.”
The lady was satisfied and we went back to Poochunipadam.



 SNAPS FROM MY LIFE-missed again My niece Jaya lives at Tirur near Trichur. Her husband retired from Bank of India voluntarily. Today again I went to Tirur, but failed to locate the house. I went from house to house, near the bus top and sold several books . In one house, the lady recognized me and bought one book. Then she asked timidly:” I like your books; may I give a gift?” I thought it will hurt her feelings if I refuse. So I said yes; she gave me a hundred rupee note. I thanked her . She smiled happily.


Yesterday, we went to the famous Sreekrishna temple at Guruvayoor. My wife Radha, daughter-in-law Sreeja and her fifteen month old daughter Vaikha were with me. We started from Chathakudam, at seven in the morning and got down at Olloor railway station. The train for Guruvayoor was at 7.15. There was a long Que, as the computer was out of order and they were trying to make it functional. They told us to board the train, when it comes. The low platform made it difficult for women. We got in and found room to sit comfortably. After Trichur there was almost no stop, till Guruvayoor, where we landed at eight.
We walked slowly for some fifteen minutes before we reached the temple premises, deposited the foot wear and got a receipt which I handed over to Radha. We went in through the gate at the right side, towards the flag mast. I met the Manager and requested for special permission, as we were Senior citizens. I got it and we were inside, facing the deity. Each one got enough time to view the deity. All were happy As Radha may need more time to pray at different spots inside, I went out, promising to meet at the dining hall for Prasad oottu. I had my food there.
Then I could never locate them afterwards, though I remained at the place where we deposited chappals. I had just fifteen rupees in my pocket. The purse was with my wife. None had mobile phones.
At twelve noon, I walked barefoot . It was too hot, as though I was walking over burning cinder. So I started running. At long last, I was inside the station building. At 1.20 the train moved and reached Olloor in time, where I got the bus for Poochunnipadam, to reach there, just in time for the bus for chatthakudam.
After paying the fare of five rupees, I had only one rupee left, which I dropped into the temple bhandar, thankful that He made my journey successful!


The ubiquitous cycle rickshaw is poor people’s vehicle, throughout the North. It is cheap and readily available. I used to talk to them.

The monthly hire charges are heavy. In three years, the owner gets its capital cost. If Government gives them loan, at nominal interest rate, the rickshawala can become financially much better off, than at present.
Now they live in slums. Among the poor, they are “rich.” They have daily income. Their children go to Government schools.
In my childhood, I have seen people pulling the rickshaw, like a horse! There at Trichur, the ground being uneven, cycle rickshaw is untenable. They will agree for a small sum of money; but demand much more, when destination is reached. They earn extra money at night, as they are the pimps. Now, in Keralam, auto-rickshaw has replaced the rickshaw.

I saw a news item, that a new innovated cycle rickshaw has been introduced in London, to carry tourists, to see around the City. In these times, when petrol is dear, it will be a good idea!


My uncle was very fond of his daughter, married to a station master, working at Hubli railway station.
It was the season of jack fruits in Keralam. People do not steal it, even when it grows by the road side. So my uncle thought of presenting a ripe fruit, which is really tasty. It was quite big, but uncle managed to take it all the way from Trichur to a junction near Hubli. There he was tired and had to wait for two hours, for the connecting train.
He fell asleep, though it was day time.
When he finally woke up, the jack fruit was there, but his purse had disappeared
He narrated the story to the station master who knew his son-in-law. He was given a fresh ticket.
When he reached his house, his daughter was happy to see her father. But the sight of the big fruit disheartened her. She knew how messy it is, to cut it and peel off the skin. It was always her mother who did it; she liked to eat it, no doubt!

URGENT NEED- PUBLIC URINALS AT TRICHUR a href=’http://www.blogsurfer.us/

All three bus stands at Shoranur stand in the north, Municipal stand in the centre and Shakthan stand in the south, are over crowded all the time.
I have yet to see a public urinal at these points.
I do urinate where I see some bush.
Why are the Authorities so callous about the prime necessities of living? We can do without food and drinks for hours. But can we avoid urination?
In the North, Sulabh Shauchalay is doing excellent work.
Will some one listen?