My brother Rajasekharan died four years ago in a road accident.

His widow was suffering from terminal illness for the last several months. She was admitted in the Medical college Hospital at Athani. After thorough examination, she was found to be suffering from high BP,fits and partial paralysis; she  was fed milk through her nose. As her condition became worse, she was given oxygen.

At last, she was discharged and died within 24 hours, for want of oxygen.

Leela’s end came on Shivarathry day on twenty- seventh of March 

She had crossed eighty, a day earlier.



The earliest Malayalam poets are Thunchath Ezhuthachan, Kunchan Nambiar and Cherussery (namboodiri).
Thunchan wrote Ramayana in simple Malayalam, which any one can understand. It is very popular and ladies read it during the month of Karkidakam, the last month of the year, corresponding to Sawan. The month is inauspicious for any purpose like marriage, house warming etc.
Thunchan was a drunkard. It is said that he could not write unless under the inspiration of toddy, the local ale, popular in Keralam, even now.
His similies are wonderful.

Kunchan Nambiar is the greatest satirists in the world! He never used Samskrutham words He has written a number of small poetic booklets, based on mythology and used the occasion to ridicule all castes. He is the father of the monodrama Ottanthullal
Cherusseri is known for his story of Krishna and is popular in the Malabar region. Women recite it in the evening, after sun set when every Hindu family lights a diya, an earthen bowl filled with oil and wick.
Lirical quality of his poem is beautiful. He has written only one book KRISHNAGATHA


The word Stalin means steel in Russian language. Joseph Vissarinovich who became the dictator in Russia, was nicknamed Stalin, because of the ruthless nature of the strong man, who believed in liquidating his enemies within the Party.

In Keralam, Pinarayi Vijayan is the Stalin. His policy has virtually split the Communist Party into two factions, one led by his rival Achuthanandan, who has been banned by the Party, from appearing in public meetings of the Part. In an election year this is bound to do incalculable damage to the Party.

The group led by the Congress is defamed by corruption charges. Fifty one percent of the electorate have shown detachment from both the UDF led by the Congress and the LDF led by the Communists.

The fledgling Aam Admi Party may be the beneficiery !!


Like an expert chess player, after completing 49 days in Office, Delhi Chief Minister  Kejriwal tendered his resignation, alleging that Ambani is angry with him and manipulated the Assembly to deny introduction  the Bill for Lakpal.

Being a State subject,  it did not require the permission of the Lt. Governor.

Now, the Union Government is in a fix- if resignation is accepted, Kejriwal will come back, with thumping majority !!