WAR AGAINST MAOISTS text/javascript’ src=

It is sickening to read about precious lives being sacrificed in the name of war against Maoists.

I have been saying time and again, that our army is incapable of fighting the guerillas.

Even the greatest power on earth, the United States of America, after spending trillions of dollars and more than forty thousand American lives, decided to call off the war, when the then Defence Secretary took the initiative in stopping the war.

Will Chidambaram andAntony learn from history? First, study the Maoist strategy. Guerilla war is totally different from conventional war.

Arrange a cease fire. You can negotiate unconditionally, even with the devil.


INDIA AND DEPRESSION IN THE WEST text/javascript’ src=

If you think the economic depression is over, you are mistaken. Many European Nations like Greece are still in the woods. Struggle of the workers against wage cuts are spreading across Europe. The US is not resorting to this harsh measure, because they have money to manage their affairs. This will not last forever. It is like a person who goes on borrowing for his monthly expenses. One day he will become a beggar.

Idia survives on black money. But the Government’s attitude to price rise of food grains, pulses, vegetables etc. may land it in trouble. If it alienates the common man, the Congress Party will suffer ignominious failure in general elections to Parliament. Its strong base in Andhra Pradesh is already eroded by the Telangana agitation.

If the party fails in the elections due next year, we will have political depression, worse than economic recession.

EAST AND WEST, NORTH AND SOUTH<a href='http://www.blogsurfer.us/

There is always a contrast not only between the West and the East, but also between the North and the South.

The Northern hemisphere is rich; the South poor. North America wanted to abolish slavery, the South opposed it.

In India, Northerners hate the Madrasis and we heartily reciprocate the sentiment.  When it is cold winter for us, it is hot in South America and Australia.

Gujarat in the West is extremely conservative, very industrious and people united.

In the East, people are politically revolutionary, quarrelsome and very advanced in literature, culture and philosophy. Gujarat could not produce a Tagore or a J.C Bose.We do not have a single Advani in Bengal. Americans are capitalists; Communism is in Asia onlly.

All great religions like Budhism, Christianity and Mohammedanism were born in the East. Karl Marx was born in the Wet. up in the West.



The Indian National Congress was founded by a British spy, Allen O Hume, for channelising the freedom movement along safe lines, confined to friendly debates among rich people.

Mohanlal Gandhi changed it into a mass movement involving the Harijans and poor Muslims too..

When India became free, Gandhi wanted to disband the Congress Party which was an umbrella organization, with warring factions pulling to the Left and the Right, formed solely for fighting for freedom.

But the leaders of the party wanted to rule, on the basis of the good will generated during the freedom struggle. Nehru and Indira Gandhi tried to steer clear of the pulls of the United States and the USSR during the cold war years, with a slight tilt towards the Russia. Kissinger even called her “that bitch.”

All this time, CIA made inroads into Bureaucracy. When Manmohan Singh became the Finance Minister, with the sole object of introducing Globalization, when Narasimha Rao was the Prime Minister, the anti- communist lobby, nurtured by the CIA became active. The economic reforms meant to transform the mixed economy into purely private economy, was resisted by the Left forces, on whose support the ministry depended for survival. At that time, the privatization drive had to be halted.

Now the Congress does not care for any body. They have used their brute majority to push oil prices, even as the common man is groaning, with essential items getting costlier by the day.

The revelations about the role of CIA and Rajiv Gandhi, in getting Anderson out of India, with help from the Central Government, has put the Congress party in jeopardy.

This may prove to be the Dunkirk for the Party.

PRICE RISE OF PETROL, COOKING GAS ETC.’text/javascript’ src’

Government has increased the cost of petrol, cooking gas etc. and caused undue burden on the lower middle and poor people who are groaning, because of the high price of food and other necessities of daily life.

The government feels safe and so they agreed to the demand of oil companies. But beyond a point, people may retaliate.

NUMBER 26=’text/javascript’ src=’

We remember it, as our marriage anniversary is on 26 June.

Indira Gandhi declared emergency on 26 June.

Republic day is on 26 January.

Divide by 2. Sudhir’s birth day is on 13 January.

Shortly we are going to get one additional member in our family, making total 13

Multiply by 2. One year has 52 weeks.

Add 1. There are 27 star groups in the sky; Aswathy, Bharni, Karthika, Rohini etc.


Don’t get jary about it. It is all a question of supply and demand. There is a growing market for suicide, especially in Keralam and Goa. The café can charge good money, for arranging a farewell party and warm send off to those who seek death.

On the last day, they may be allowed to do as they please, eat what they like and go to sleep enjoying the music they like.

In case, they decide to give up the idea of suicide, after seeing the attitude and advice of those manning the café, then too people give money. I have read about people who failed to end their life. The first thing they tell the doctor, after coming to senses, is: please save me.

There will be several counselors, from different walks of life, who can advise the suicide seekers and they may succeed in preventing it. The relatives may be informed and they may come and their interaction may prevent suicide. .

It is a win- win situation!