I happened to see it casually , while waiting for my train at Nizamudin Station. Once I travelled in it. It is cheap and connects several places in a circular path. There is no crowd . Vegetable venders and milk men use it. They are unable to travel in bus. Some places , difficult to approach , lie in its route

Is there any way to increase the number of trains?




I found that there is no seat in Kerala Express , but took a chance and purchased a ticket from Delhi to Bhopal. When the train started , I went to the conductor in AC compartment and told him to give a ticket up to Bhopal. He gave it, as there were some seats vacant . I went from one compartment to another and found a lady alone , reading a book . “Excuse me Madam , may I sit in this seat ?” She glanced at me and nodded her head. I thanked her and took a seat. “Don’t you have any luggage?”

“Only this bag; I will go up to Jhansi and get down there . My friend will come there .”

“What is there at Jhansi? Want to see the fort?”

“No ; I have seen it several times . This time my destination is Khajuraho.” “In that case … “ “Tell me , do not hesitate.” “I have a wish to see Khajuraho , if there is some guide to show me the place.”

“Most gladly ; my friend is a local man. He will arrange transport.”

“You have not told me anything about yourself “ “Well, I am a student seeking admission in a college. Father is a business man and is eager to make me something useful ; I have interest in English literature . Would you like to see my story?” I gave her my draft . She read it and looked at me with admiration . “There are mistakes but you have written well . I am lecturer in Bhopal University and can get you admission?” I stood up and said:”Namasthe , Guruji!” Thus we became friends. When the train stopped at Jhansi , we got down and the tickets were shown to the TTE for endorsing break journey. In the meantime , my friend came up and Madam was introduced to him. We all got into his jeep. “This night we will stay here in a cottage ; tomorrow we go to Khajuraho. In the cottage , which was like a flat , we took bath and came out , to look around. The Moon had risen up and flooded the dry river with light. “Oh! It is heavenly “ exclaimed my lady. I too was in heavens , with such a lovely female almost touching me . We went to the restaurant to have something to eat. There a local girl was dancing and entertaining the guests . Often her wide skirt rose up as she swirled around , exposing her underwear. When finished , she came around and Sunil , my friend gave her one hundred rupee note . She bowed and smiled seductively.

Sunil said:”I will go home ; we must start early in the morning . Get ready.” We returned to the cottage and lay down on the same double bed. She was eager to talk but I suggested sleeping early . We both were tired. In the dead of night , I woke and found the lady holding me closely , with her leg on my thigh… I gently removed it and released my body. She was still in deep sleep. My mind wavered ; I wished to awaken her and complete the act , but better counsel prevailed . In the morning she asked:”Did I behave badly in the night?” “Oh , nothing ; you were in deep sleep” . She smiled.

We got ready . Sunil came with the jeep and the journey began . My lady was observing the scenery .

We saw two temples . The nude sexually intoxicating sculptures on the walls of the temples were similar in all the temples and boring. My lady saw it with great excitement . The figures are at a height and could be see better trough binoculars.

She pressed my arm and began to breathe heavily , her full breasts pressing my arm. I kept cool.

We stayed in Government tourist home . I told her:”This place was a forest. It was Nehru , who visited the place and located the temple frescos. Now this is the greatest attraction for foreign tourists.” It was after dinner ad we were lying arm in arm. She removed my shirt and began caressing my hairy chest by passing her fingers through the hair. When she could not wait longer , she undressed me ; my man was standing up, ready to fight…

Now we decided to go to Bhopal . Did we love each other? Or was it sexual attraction only? We were happy ; why bother about anything else?

Our honey moon was disrupted by a phone call from Papa:”Gagan, have you handed over the paper to our representative in Kochi?” “Papa, I have joined the college in Bhopal University . My subject is Commerce. Immediately I shall leave for Kochi?”

“Come back as soon as possible ; I cannot remain alone here.”

I too was disturbed, but duty first.

At Kochi , they showed me the photo of a nice girl and told me to speak to Papa. “Papa, now I am studying . Why force me to marry?” “I did not mention marriage . Just see her , that is all”

When I returned to Bhopal , I told her about it and showed her the photo. She said:”The girl is cute, I like her. Of course , we cannot reject it. One day you will marry her. I am reconciled to the idea. Let us enjoy till then.” She pushed me into the bed.



Railway friendship is purely casual and short lived. When I saw some European ladies , I fust enquired where they are going.

When they found someone who spoke English, they smiled enthusiastically.

“We are from Russia ; we have heard of India . Occasionally we come here and go back with curiosities like the wooden elephant . Now we are bound for Kochi , “ said the tall lady who seemed to be their leader. They were four young girls ; only one could speak fluent English. We were in Kerala express. They were happy because there is someone who knew the place. We were in Andhra region. After we wished good night , we all went to sleep. Next day I told them:”I am to get down at Trichur ; if you like to see my home , come with me. I stay in the country side .” They all chorused yes and we got down at the station . The break journey was got recorded by the station staff and we came out and hired a taxi.

I sat in the front seat and directed the driver to my house. The ladies began speaking loudly, as we were passing the land around Kanimangalam . It was all in Russian but it was their admiration , I guessed. When we reached home , my wife came out . Seeing the women She murmured some curse , but smilingly acknowledged their namasthe with folded hands . I showed them the guest room , where they could keep their luggage and refresh themselves. I then went to the kitchen to help my wife in preparing break fast.

“I have heard of such women whom we cannot trust. They may be prostitutes or pick pockets . Who knows? We must inform the police.”

“Oh! Dear, do not panic. I can see from their face that these are not such type.”

By this time they came to the kitchen and we served them dosa stuffed with a mixture of onions and potatoes cooked together.

“Oh Rama , we have never tasted such break fast . Thank you very much.”

My wife who can understand some English , was pleased.

Then I took them to see my estate . I showed them the big pond.

“If you know swimming you can take bath here . Of course , the water is not deep. No outsider comes here. You may go about naked.”

They all laughed and I withdrew.

After wards I led them to see the upstairs room , which is a big hall .Our house is very old with tiled roof. They saw it with curiosity. When they saw the adjoining room , where huge earthen jars and bronze vessels for cooking food , their wonder knew no bounds. “Why do you need all these?”

“When there is a feast, we have to prepare food for all guests. We bake a huge tripod with bricks and put wood pieces in it and fire it. The huge cauldron is placed over it and filled with water and rice.”

“You eat rice always?” “People here do not like nothing else. I was in the army and like chapathis made of wheat.”

“We would like to participate in a feast.”

“My son’s marriage is due in January next; we shall invite you.”

“Sure , we will come.”

Then we went to Cherpu and bought a wooden elephant, three feet tall , costing forty thousand . She was very pleased. I forget her name , Tanya it is . I noted down the address.

I accompanied them to Kochi and after seeing the Marine drive there , they became excited. “You know we live inland . The sea is seen only in TV.” We enjoyed boating .

Our journey onwards to the south was by bus via Alleppy where we stayed in a house boat. Then Kanyakumari where three oceans meet. Tanya kept a diary , noting all things and finally returned to my house. When the time came for their departure , Tanya became pensive:”I like to buy land here.”

“If you are serious , I shall make enquiries. The plot on our left is for sale.” She promised to inform , after consulting her husband. She paid all expenses and gave me fifty thousand as ‘guide’s fee.

I tried to refuse but she insisted:”Without you , they would have cheated us.” Indu also came to the airport to see them off…

True to her word , Tina came to attend my son’s marriage. He had worked in Russia for some time and knew their language enough to understand it. He could speak a few words.

Tani came with her husband , because he was interested in buying the land . She went about all over the place , accompanied by my son. Seeing them speaking in Russian , the guests were surprised. She wanted to taste the sweet pudding , while in the kitchen outside. The cook obliged her.

Then she came to us , where her husband was talking to me in English . We discussed the land deal. When I mentioned the price as fifty lakhs , he thought it cheap. He wanted more land , as many of his friends were eager to settle in Keralam. Tani had written her tour notes and circulated it among friends.

In short , I was instrumental in securing land deals in crores and I got a handsome amount as commission.

When Tani left this time , we had become thick friends. She whispered in my ears , when none was near us:”You are too cute Raman; I want to do it here and now…”



If our train is late , we cannot leave the station. So there is the waiting room. Same is the case at bus stops too.

At the ration shop or the post office , we stand in the line , waiting for our turn

AIn Bombay , there will be a very long line for each bus.; there will be a number of such lines . Aome people carry books which they read , to while away the time. Once you are inside the train or bus , you wait for the destination. Once our train was disabled because the driver found that the oil was mixed with water. We all waited till another engine arrived.

One can go on narrating such experiences.

There is another type of waiting. An expectant mother has to wait for nine long months . The worst type is for waiting for a job. Children wait for examination results , candidates wait for interview call .

Poor patients suffering from terminal diseases and culprits sentenced for hanging wait for death,

All life is a waiting game


It happened at about 11.45 midnight , when most of the passengers were asleep.
At Hardva in MP , the railway track near the river , which was in spate , caved in , the sleepers were dislocated by the flowing water and engine and several bogies of a train came under water. Almost immediately afterwards , another train came from the opposite direction also suffered the same fate. In this case the engine escaped intact. As it was dark , the passengers could not even know what had happened . 28 people lost their life and several were injured.
Accident special train soon came and took the live passengers to Itarsi.
Full facts will be known only after enquiry by Commissioner for Railway Safety



If the engine of a speedy train is switched off , the train will not come to a halt. It will continue to run; this is called momentum. Newton’s first law of inertia.

When photons (light particles) are pushed off the Sun, with tremendous force, they will continue to run indefinitely .

Philosophically, this is untenable because nothing is permanent. Change is the law. Remember that there are myriads of suns. Photons emitted by them are bound t meet in space and coalesce, forming bigger and bigger mini-suns (all suns are stars) which get attracted together , to form black holes. In due course, the pressure inside, will cause bursting of the black bodies, throwing photons into space. The cycle will continue.

This is my theory.


Yesterday, we went to the famous Sreekrishna temple at Guruvayoor. My wife Radha, daughter-in-law Sreeja and her fifteen month old daughter Vaikha were with me. We started from Chathakudam, at seven in the morning and got down at Olloor railway station. The train for Guruvayoor was at 7.15. There was a long Que, as the computer was out of order and they were trying to make it functional. They told us to board the train, when it comes. The low platform made it difficult for women. We got in and found room to sit comfortably. After Trichur there was almost no stop, till Guruvayoor, where we landed at eight.
We walked slowly for some fifteen minutes before we reached the temple premises, deposited the foot wear and got a receipt which I handed over to Radha. We went in through the gate at the right side, towards the flag mast. I met the Manager and requested for special permission, as we were Senior citizens. I got it and we were inside, facing the deity. Each one got enough time to view the deity. All were happy As Radha may need more time to pray at different spots inside, I went out, promising to meet at the dining hall for Prasad oottu. I had my food there.
Then I could never locate them afterwards, though I remained at the place where we deposited chappals. I had just fifteen rupees in my pocket. The purse was with my wife. None had mobile phones.
At twelve noon, I walked barefoot . It was too hot, as though I was walking over burning cinder. So I started running. At long last, I was inside the station building. At 1.20 the train moved and reached Olloor in time, where I got the bus for Poochunnipadam, to reach there, just in time for the bus for chatthakudam.
After paying the fare of five rupees, I had only one rupee left, which I dropped into the temple bhandar, thankful that He made my journey successful!