They are in a hurry. The Cabinet is already working, even bofore the Swearing In Ceremony, prposed to be done in Ramleela maidan!

The draft bill for Lokayukth is ready. Within 15 days they want to cut electicity charges by half and provide drinking water to all. The Ministers are working overtime. Most of them are well qualified and like to live like common people. Let us watch and see.

If they are able to impress the people, the party may replace the Congress,throughout the country.
















Wish you all a happy  Chrismas !

Let there be peace in the World.


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Chief Whip of the UDF in Kerala State is hated by all because he talks too much. He says that all Ministers in the State are involved in corruption. He shared the dais with BJP leader Modi in a function in Trivandrum in connection with the statue of Sardar Patel; all congressmen were angry, but he refused to apologise. Somehow, the Chief Minister keeps mum.
Desabhimani, CPM mouthpiece published a story involving the son of Home Minister Radhakrishnan, alleging huge fraud by land mafia, to convert black money generated in the State to white money. For this purpose, fictitious companies were floated in Dubai and Ahmadabad, in which the Minister’s son is a director. In a discussion in TV channel, George agreed wih all that the CPM spokesman said. He said the Chief Minister too is involved.
I admire his guts!


If you want that your beloved should not talk or even look at others, it will harm yourself.
We all love freedom. Should not you allow it to your partner? Jealousy is the worst malady, affecting healthy marriage.
I remember a lady doctor, extremely beautiful, who was asked to resign her job, by her husband, a railway engineer.
In one novel, the husband, a parson posted with an army unit during war, imagines his wife enjoying with the neighbor. Poor guy!
Possessive love may be between father/mother and son/daughter, or even for your car!
We may not relish if our friends live in our house, lying vacant, or give it on hire.
It is easy to say it; but like ego, it is part of human nature.
Love and marriage must help each other, encourage one another. Learn it slowly.


Neenu and I are bosom friends.

We were teachers in a Government Shool. We joined duties the same week and liked each other at first our first meeting. She is fair and slom and MA in English.

I could not go to college and became taught in primary cless. I am dark in colour and somewhat bulky; Neenu used to say that I have an elusive charm. “Your eyes are wonderful and always calm soothing; were I a man, I would have married you!”

Durig holidays, she used to come to my home along with her daughters. They were welcomed by all. Eldere brother would pluck fresh tender coconuts and give them all the sweet juice and the soft krenal. During mango season they will eat to their hearts,content. Even tamarind is liked by them When she returns, a bagful of vegetables too are given. In fact we were happy.
In tne school, we all shared our dishes and ate togethr. We were the envy of other teachers and years fled away until I was thirtyfive…..
Neenu took leave and I went to her house to enquire about her. She was pale and emaciated. She started weeping as soon as she saw me. I held her hand and listened to her:
” Dear, I am suffering from leukemia. May not live long. You must be the Mother of my kids. Promise to marry my husband soon after my death”
I could not utter a word, so overwhelmed I was. Tears swelled in my eyes and I pressed her hands.
Her husband had come and witnessed the scene. We went out.
“Do not be hasty. Think well, before you take a decision. She comes from a poor family. I seldome went there. I have a good job in the excise department.”
I touched her feet and agreed for our marriage.
After a few months, a car came to fetch me from the school. It was his brother who looked like his brother, but was very talkative.
“I am a Military Officer. I came only yesterday and my sister-in-law passed away before my eyes… ”
I took long leave and remained there to look after the family. During this period, he became very friendl to me, and took me in his car to my home. There I explained my decision to marry.
During the interim period, he was always with me. The day before marriage, when all else had gone to Neenu’s famil, he forcibly laid me in the bed and hurriedly inserted his organ and emitted the warm fluid in a matter of seconds!
The next night my husband gently removed my cloths and kissed me all over the body, until I became fully aroused. He retained semen for several minutes. I thoroughly enjoyed it and lay on his body for a long time.
Aftet ten months, I gave birth to a boy. Whose baby was it?


These days this is the topic of disdussions in the  TV channels. She was stripped, some say indignantly. My american friends oint out that this is done to see whether narcotics are carried inside.

Laws of the land prevail. Our mistake is that we are too liberal. Ladies carried gold in their dress and authorities faild to detect it

Why did we allow Italian murderers, who shot dead our fishermen, to get away to Italy?