Our only daughter had to be taken to our family Doctor for a check up , because she had occasional memory loss . She may suddenly forget what she was doing . Sometimes she could not answer the teacher what was being taught .She was in her tenth class and her teacher called us to explain this.

The Doctor examined her and advised consultation with specialists. After a series of tests , scanning etc. they came to the conclusion that it was a rare case of cancer. My wife began to cry. Of course , our daughter was not present when he disclosed this. “Madam , do not think that there is any immediate danger to her life. It is just the beginning . There has been many developments in this field. Be brave .”

We decided to withdraw the girl from school. My wife began to coach her at home , as I was too busy in my work in a multinational company.

We decided to keep this a secret and began the search for a boy for her. Brother-in-law had many contacts at home in Keralam . (We were in Delhi) My wife went home and soon the mission succeeded . The boy was a bit more aged, but had a big estate and was wealthy.

They saw the girl and my daughter too liked him.

I took leave for two weeks and the marriage took place without much fanfare. My wife remained there with my daughter as we had no house in Keralam.

Exactly after one year I became a grandfather! This was a great relief for us . The new born was named Subhash. He had no defects and all were happy. My daughter continued to take medicines secretly .

Now my wife decided to come back.

After about seven months , I received this letter.

“Dear Papa ,

My husband asked me what medicine I am taking . When I said it was for my mental health, his father became angry. ‘Why was this fact hidden from us?’, he asked. My husband too began ill treating me . It is intolerable here. Please take me home.

Your loving daughter Renu.”

So she was brought back. Then came a divorce notice . In the circumstances , we agreed and Renu became a grass widow. My grief was short lived. The boy became a source of joy. Our Doctor said the boy will not be affected by its mother’s illness in any way. My wife became a devotee of Lord Ayyappa . there is a temple in Noida. She used to take Renu and her son there daily . On Sundays I too would accompany them . Many Keralites come there . One young man became very much attached to the mother and son. He was unemployed . I arranged a job for him in my company.

My wife said:”This boy is educated and well behaved. Shall we propose alliance with him?”

“What is the hurry?”

But he himself told us:“We are in love .”

“Do you know about her illness?”

“It is not her fault. I shall keep her happy . Her life is in Lord’s hands.

We thanked Ayyappa !




Normally people adopt a son . This system is as old as Mahabharath.

You may wonder why I adopted a sister.

The fact is we are two brothers and I yearned for a sister. A sister’s love is unselfish. She expects nothing from the brother.

I asked my mother:”Ma, why did you not give me a sister?”

She heaved a sigh!

“Doctors had to remove my uterus…”

I embraced her and consoled her .

That was when I was a boy.

After my studies in bio environment , I was posted at Karwar, a port town on the bank of te Arabian sea. I was staying in a lodge and used to go for a morning walk .I was surprised to see a number of men jogging in the high way.

One day , a car sped by me and stuck the parapet in the bridge over river Kali. The impact was so great that half of the car broke the wall and stood precariously. I went and told the inmates:”Do not move; I shall call the fire engine.”

The man in the front seat withdrew  his head. From the rear seat, a woman and her children,began wailing. Meanwhile the fire engine came and lifted the car, which had to be repaired . The man called for a mechanic . It seems he is familiar here . I offered them lift .:”For the time being, come and stay in my lodge. Where is your native place?”


“I have heard about it .

‘”Offer prayers at the Ganesh temple and you get whatever you want.”

In the lodge we exchanged details about our back ground . They are business people . Export and import is done , of raw granite blocks to Japan and import of polished granite for building works. As they left, they thanked me once more and promised to meet again .The lady’s face was imprinted in my heart. I shall tie the coloured thread on her hand on Rakshabandhan day , I told myself

One Sunday, we made a trip to see Jog falls

As my lady’s husband could not come , his driver was at the wheels. The two children occupied the window seats and we both sat arm in arm . It was a strange sensation, as if a radiation was passing from my heart to hers. Is it love ?

On the way, we had breakfast at Kamath Hotel. There are a chain of such eating joints . Food is superb . Children asked for ice cream. I preferred milk pudding. Water bottles were stocked and the driver sped at high speed as the road was good. We passed a number of rivers . At some point I stopped the car and we came out to see the scenery.

At Jog falls, the slope is so steep that we had to lie down and move like snails. We held the children tightly. But the joy of watching the torrential falls, is something worth the trouble.

We travelled along dry rock and reached the opposite bank . From the top, there are steps to the bottom. Here we can stand between the rocky back ground and the falling sheet of water. We all took bath in the pool of water formed at the bottom.

Lady:”Have you not seen it before?”

“No. I had heard about it. It is a wonderful day . Being close to your body fills me with erotic sensation. Do you share this heavenly feeling?”

She took my hand and pressed it against her full breasts. Inside my underwear, there was a fullness.

“Dear, should we not celebrate it?” She kissed me hard.

While climbing the steps , she held on to my shoulders . At the top, we drank tender coconut trees.

That night we hired rooms in a hotel. I slept with the driver.

At midnight , when the children were fast asleep , she knocked at my door. She intoned me to follow her silently.

She locked the room from inside and removed my cloths and saw me from top to bottom. Soon she became nude and pulled me into her bed…

At five in the morning , she released me!

From there, we went to Idigunji Ganesh temple . She told the poojari to offer special prayers for us .She gave ample ‘dakshina’

We had food in the temple, where it is offered free.

When we reached home her husband offered me :” I have been thinking of appointing a Manager to assist me . Would you be ready?” The lady seconded it and I became General Manager of the business.

Almost daily she would make a visit to the office, where we spent some time in privacy.

News of my mother’s illness came . Immediately I got ready. “You take me also . I have not been to Ujjain”

We went by train. There we saw my mother in a critical condition:”I may not live long. I want to see you married.”

We first went to Mahakaleswar. Seeing the grand old temple , she was very much impressed . Then we saw Kali temple where the great poet became Kalidas. The Shani temple on the bank of the river was not omitted.

We discussed mother’s wish. The possibility of arranging a mock wedding was also discussed, to satisfy Ma.

“I think it is a good idea ,”she said. “By conducting the ceremony in a temple , we satisfy the Gods too.”

“We will be free from the charge of adultery. More than one husband is allowed in the ‘puranas’ “

So that solemn ceremony was conducted and Ma became happy.



I am an eligible bachelor. The normal practice is for the girl’s parents to contact me for fixing marriage. So far none took interest , though I am eager to marry.

We are half a dozen men and our eldest a female , who is married to a farmer. Men folk are reluctant to get married I do not know why. I am an engineer in the Taluk Office and earn extra money too . Some of the ladies working there are interested in my case, but back out , when they visit our joint family. They would have thought of the burden on the house wife of such a big family .

One day some gentlemen in pants came to visit us. They asked for my details , as it was a working day. So they promised to come on Sunday . So I am excited , as it is Sunday.

After seeing the house and our rice fields they asked me poit blank:” Our girl is not interested in staying in this family . If you agree to shift to the town , we can consider. Our eldest, Bhasker, did not say anything . and they went back , giving me their phone number. I was disappointed.

I was in my office. One of the men who had come to see us approached me and requested me to come out. He took me to a restaurant , where a young lady was also waiting . She seemed very young , slender and plain, rather dark coloured. We sat round a table and he ordered coffee.

“I know you will not like to discuss it , when your brothers are present. I am her father . Her name is Priya . She graduated in science and now she is working as teacher in a school , here itself. “ “I do not mind staying in the family. I had seen you in the office and liked you ,” she said.

I remained mum . The girl is all right , though I am much senior in years. I promised to inform them and exchanged mobile numbers .

At home I discussed with all , including my sister . They were shown the photo. My sister was very enthusiastic. “Nice girl; she does not appear to be haughty.” So it was decided and I conveyed to Priya. She began to come to my office daily . All knew about our affair. I deliberately delayed marriage for six months

“ I have a chit fund which will mature by then; I want to mke it a big thing , inviting all my friends.”

“I have no patience. I want sex.”

So we sought secluded places , after sun set . I found her to be very hot and innovative . Somehow the waiting period was over and we were married. For honey moon , we chose Kodaikanal.

It was summer vacation. So Priya was free. I had enough leave at my credit . After enjoying the stay at Kodaikanal , we returned home . She enjoyed the stay at my home , more than the honey moon. She liked to cook food and see agricultural activities , because she had never seen it . During this period , she informed me that I am going to be a father. Seeing our success, my brothers also began to get married . Within one year our home became a big family . People praised Priya as the torch bearer.

All jubilation came to an end , when she was admitted for delivery. The Doctor said he cannot save both. With great reluctance , I allowed the baby to be sacrificed . I told the Doctor , not to inform the mother.

When it was over Priya cried aloud .

I told her we must consult Ayurvedic Physicians about improving her system . She was given herbal tonics and yoga exercises. We went and prayed at all temples. We decided to abstain from sex.

After one year , we decided to have one more trial. She became pregnant almost immediately. This time the Doctor was able to save a girl child and its mother…


During this season , bacteria multiply quickly and spread in the soil , water and air. All sorts of diseases trouble us , making this the worst in the year , except for Doctors (!)
In Keralam ,we boil the water with a piece of dry ginger, Chucku in Malayalam, which kill germs and make the water safe. This is called ‘chuckuvellam’ (literally ginger water) . I have found from experience that, if you add a small quantity of ‘yavam’, it will help in clearing the throat of mucous mucus . This medicinal property of ‘yavam’ was advised by my uncle , who was admitted in Jubilee Mission Hospital , Trichur . Doctors were drawing mucous accumulation in the chest by syringe. They were surprised when they found great improvement. They did not know that he was drinking only yavam water.
YAVAM (Malayalam) grows among wheat and is known as Jo in Hindi .


The Doctor had anticipated the possibility of cancer damaging the stomach and so , he had planned a by-pass for food to travel direct to the intestine .
The operation began at noon yesterday; even at four, there was no news from the operation room . I began to feel anxious. At last , at seven , the Doctor came out and announced the successful completion of the surgery. She is in ICU. She is under sedation and may regain her power of recognition.
We have CHS facility in Mother Hospital and she was admitted in the Hospital several times . The Doctors there could not detect cancer in my wife.


There is great urgency for stools , but when I sit , it does not come out.
The ayurvedic doctor told me to take a preparation made of wild amorhophallus (chena in Malayalam)
Have a look at the following chart determining the nutritional value of Amorphophallus Paeoniifolius –
Energy 330 kJ/100 g (approx)
Water 72-79 %
Protein: 1.7-5.1 %
Fat: 0.2-0.4 %
Carbohydrate: 18-24 %
Fiber: 0.8 %
Calcium: 50-56 mg/100 g
Iron: 0.6-1.4 mg/100 g
Phosphorus: 20-53 mg/100 g
Vitamin A: 434 IU/100 g
It grows wild and this katuchena helps in relieving my problem.
It is easily grown at home and very nutritious
Chena can be taken by diabetic patients also


Today’s Mathrubhoomi carried a report about women prisoners in Viyur jail, Trichur.
Those who become pregnant, have no special doctors to attend them. At the time of delivery , other inmates help them. Bleeding is stopped , using rags of old cloths. If complications arise , some die.
There is a Vanitha Commission. They should take up this issue. Some of the prisoners may be under trials. In any case , all should get medical attention. In my view , they may be sent out on special parole, as soon as they become pregnant. All women prisoners may be allowed this facility of ‘open jail’. The laws may be amended.