I never go out , without covering my mouth with a large kerchief. The idea is to protect my lips , which are moist , from invisible, and ,sometimes cloudy dusts. Each particle carries bacteria , which go inside , when we take tea or cool drinks.

One friend opened his mouth to spit out ; exactly at that point , the bus splashed dirty water , which got inside the mouth. He was infected by jaundice and had t take leave for a month.

On another occasion , I was sitting I the middle of the seat in the bus. Te fellow sitting in our front , spat dirty liquid from the mouth , which fell on te face of the passenger sitting by my side. Had he covered his mouth , like me , he could have escaped ; only the kerchief has to be washed.

But people do not like my way. A fellow walking by my side commented:”It is not so dusty here.”

On another occasion , I was standing on the foot board of the bus , ready to jump out, as the bus stops only for a few seconds

“Do not hurry , you may fall.” Another man:”Even if he falls , his teeth will be collected by the kerchief “




If our train is late , we cannot leave the station. So there is the waiting room. Same is the case at bus stops too.

At the ration shop or the post office , we stand in the line , waiting for our turn

AIn Bombay , there will be a very long line for each bus.; there will be a number of such lines . Aome people carry books which they read , to while away the time. Once you are inside the train or bus , you wait for the destination. Once our train was disabled because the driver found that the oil was mixed with water. We all waited till another engine arrived.

One can go on narrating such experiences.

There is another type of waiting. An expectant mother has to wait for nine long months . The worst type is for waiting for a job. Children wait for examination results , candidates wait for interview call .

Poor patients suffering from terminal diseases and culprits sentenced for hanging wait for death,

All life is a waiting game

SNAPS FROM MY LIFE-cheek cut open before my eyes

SNAPS FROM MY LIFE-cheek cut open before my eyes
I was in Delhi , travelling in DTC bus. I was sitting near the front seat.
A man came hurriedly from behind and slit open the cheek of a tall person.
Within seconds the fellow got down , as the horrified driver stopped the bus.
The affected man also got down , holding his cheek with one hand. The travelers were saying , it is old rivalry



We used to get down at the same time from the bus at Trichur. She would go to a school , I found out after following her. “What do you want?” she asked . There was no annoyance; she looked amused.

“Nothing ; I wanted to know where you go.”

“what are you doing?” “Job typing in front of the Taluk Office. I get Rs. Hundred average.”

“I can offer the same money  if you work as peon in my school. Are you educated?

“Did MA in Malayalm.” “Then come with me to the Office.”

Thus began our friendship. She is Principal in plus two section. Very fair and dignified , may be thirty five.  I gathered that she is unmarried

As I knew English , I could help in office work also.

When ever a teacher did not come,  f conducted the class. Madam attended the class for the first time and was pleased . So she posted me as substitute teacher , when one teacher in primary section took maternity leave. My salary became five thousand . My mother was pleased. Some o the lady teachers were very friendly with me . One day Madam asked:” Why don’t you marry Sulochana ? She is good natured and fair.” I secretly loved Madam, but did not have the courage to say so. Of course she is much elder, but I did not mind it. I tried toknow more about her, but she evaded my enquiries. The post man said she lived in a palatial building . Among the staff , no one had seen it.

The school Management confirmed me as a teacher . Time passed smoothly . One day , the Police came to the Office and told Madam that a man seriously injured lay unconscious and they wanted her to come and identify him. They saw her mobile number in the phone of the injured person and that is why they contacted her.

Madam told me to accompany her. His face was disfigured, but Madam had no difficulty in identifying him . He hd come once or twice to see Madam. She told them that he is an Army Officer. His parents were informed. Before they came, he passed away.

Madam was terribly upst. She embraced me and cried. I could not console her. She revealed tht he was her secret lover . Due to the fact that he is a Muslim , they did not want to marry.

“I am pregnant, only one month. I had not told him. To avoid a bad name , You must marry me. I know that you love me. Can you accept the baby? I do not want to lose the baby.”

I agreed. Our marriage was a big event in the school and I lived in the palace , because she belonged to the Royal family.

SNAPS FROM MY LIFE-good Samaritan

SNAPS FROM MY LIFE-good Samaritan

As usual, I got down from the bus at Kokkala crossing  and was looking for an auto, to go to the Railway station. There used to be an auto stand there. Yesterday there was no auto.

“Where do you want to go?”, A very youhg girl asked. I said Railway station and she said:”Do not worry; I will find one auto.” She tried but could not succeed. I suggested crossing the road and she held my hand we safely went to the opposite side. There she stopped one auto. When I was safely seated, She smiled and said bye. I wondered why she took all this trouble. At least, I should have asked her name.

SALESMAN’S DIARY – MY BOOK <script type='text/javascript' src=

My experience in selling my book CHILDHOOD MEMIIRES is worth recalling.
I had been to Coimbatore. To my disappointment, it was an unexpected holiday, owing to the death of some Minister. All schools were closed.
What shall I do? Where can I go?
I enquired about the residence of Government officers.
I went by bus. Bus fare is two rupees, wherever you go!
A few people did not show any interest. Then the door was opened by a very young girl. Without saying a word, she took the book and disappeared, only to come back with a hundred rupee note. I thanked her.
In the same block, a fat young boy did not even see the book. He told me to meet his mother upstairs. So I went up.
His mother also didn’t examine the book, but told me to wait downstairs.
I had no other alternative. So I waited.
When she came, she apologized for the delay and we started discussing the book.
Inevitably, I have to explain how I became a writer etc.
After hearing my story, she became so much involved that she insisted on giving me something to eat. It was one PM and I was hungry, but excused, saying about my being diabetic. At last, she cut an apple and insisted on my eating.
Of course, she bought the book and I hurried back home.
I wish she reads this blog.
Today, a lawyer agreed to buy the book at half price. I agreed. He then invited me to come in for a cup of tea; I readily agreed as I needed one cup of hot tea, to enliven me.
After narrating my mission, I was departing; it was a pleasant surprise, when he gave me full value of the book!
My experience with English medium schools is anything but happy.
For ordinary mortals, the Principal is unapproachable. The guard at the gate is enough to drive me away!


Last evening I was returning home in the evening.

I had bought some rice, provisions etc. and was waiting for a bus, when a van with bitter gourds came and the voice “fifteen rupees per KG” was heard.

So I bought that also, when a bus came. In my hurry, I somehow managed to squeeze into the bus which was already overcrowded. As my hands were engaged in holding my bags, each hand carrying one bag, I asked the conductor to pick the change from my pocket.

When some passengers got down, I managed to get a seat. Then only I could see the road and was surprised to see a temple! As there was no such thing in my route from Oorakam to Kadalassery, I enquired where the bus was going. It was going to Arattupuzha which was only a walking distance from home. It may take an hour, but now impossible with this luggage.

So I returned in the same bus and got down at Kandheswaram. The conductor did not charge me for this return journey.

I then walked for some half an hour with both hands carrying two KG  each.

This is not the first instance. Several times I missed my bus stop and had to walk, especially in the dark or when it is raining..

Handling money, especially change is also difficult. Now the new five rupee coin, fifty paise coin and the one rupee coin – all look the same!

I am moving around for fun, so I take all such pinpricks gladly; only, I wish some young one accompanies me, so that my hands are free!