Its vacation time for my daughters which usually implies that we are at home, stupidly gazing at our individual screens- that seems to have replaced the kaleidoscope what we all used to enjoy as kids. Unlike my daughters, my husband and I love the outdoors and feel suffocated in the four walls of our home. Well, I decide to take a chance and asked my daughters for a possible outing to explore the beauty of Adelaide and enjoy what city has to offer. Knowing that the answer is not going to be an affirmative one, however being the eternal optimist I am, I popped the question anyway. Yes, said the younger one. I could feel the surge of excitement well inside me but I had to contain my joy coz there are too many hoops yet to jump. So once we had an umbrella agreement in place, the next was to zero in on a venue. Exploring the past is something I love to indulge in and what great way to begin with a visit to a Museum. Adelaide has this fabulous collection of artefacts that takes you to the realm of era beyond your imagination. So after clearing the other hurdles of what to wear and when to leave etc etc, we finally left home.

Sun was in its mesmerising splendid and we were out enjoying the blue sky and a glorious sunny day. We took a bus and got down in the heart of the city. My daughter was armed with her ipad and me with goodies. I had to ensure that I had enough goodies to keep her spirits high. Happily trotting we arrived at the South Australia Museum, a grand facade. It’s quite an engaging experience and you can almost relive and soak yourself in the rich past of Australia’s cultural and natural heritage. We both were thrilled beyond belief but for different reasons.

My daughter was super excited clicking pictures and going around the hall, exploring and discovering things. Once in a way pulled me to share her discovery and focused her camera towards me…I nearly fainted with surprise. I did gave my best smile to capture the moment. This was the first time ever I was been photographed by my daughter…and that’s too at her own will. It was beyond my comprehension as everything seems surreal. This sudden twist in my fate was too good to believe, but I played along. Before we barely finish scanning one floor, I was enthusiastically lead to the next floor by my daughter. “we need to go cover other floors as well….hurry up mama” and she almost pulled me to the elevator. The next floor was all about the animal kingdom, a subject that we both enjoy. We were introduced to a broad spectrum of birds, reptiles, fishes and strangest of creatures you can ever imagine. We spent a good time going around and exchanging notes and jokes.

After a couple of hours, we were exhausted and decided to take a break and plunged on the sofas to recharge ourselves. It was then that  I asked my daughter to show the pictures she clicked of me. She started laughing and then sheepishly tells me that it was not for the pictures that I had my camera focused on you, I was collecting Pokémons. All the Pokémon were getting accumulated on you mama…this is so much fun! We laughed our head out. When I connected the dots, the obvious truth emerged and for sure it was nothing but a pokemon go!

The fact that I had a good time with my daughter is all that matters. My mantra is to tap till it lasts!


Palette of life!

You can do it baby….nothing is impossible, it’s just a small elevation. Mama, I have vertigo!! And that’s the end of the conversation…:)  Well, this is not a scene depicting an effort to scale the majestic Mount Everest, this is my fallible attempt of blandishment to get my teen daughter to buy a pair of footwear with a wee bit of heels.

Another day, many moons back; on my return from office in the peak of Delhi summers, I opened the refrigerator to reach out to have cold milk to quench my thirst. To my surprise, I saw that the school uniform belonging to my younger daughter tucked in neatly in the refrigerator. When reminded that she swapped the place and these are supposed to go in the laundry bag and not in the refrigerator, prompt came the response ‘I want to wear cold cloths to school to beat the scorching heat.

Why did I had to pass on my junk jeans to my children, limiting them to a very narrow colour palette of life. I  was bewildered and was not sure if to celebrate their out of box thinking or to take cognisant to the fact that they are swimming against the stream.The fact that my daughters are so much off with the mainstream life of teens made me a bit anxious. But then over a period of time I realised and accepted their detestability for myriad so called ‘normal’ things be it cosmetics, taking selfies or as simple as getting used to the whistle from a pressure cooker! As long as benevolence and creativity thinking becomes their core characteristic, I now take comfort in our default settings.

She walks out of the shoe store with a strut and I follow her footsteps!

Desire with Prudence- my love for parathas!


It intrigued me to no end and often marvelled at the ability of my Punjabi friends to make absolutely delicious, mouth-watering, amazingly soft parathas. I used to wait for my delectable lunch time and would not trade for anything to get a taste of parathas! (leave along the royal crown 🙂. Coming from a typical south Indian family, our cooking was almost oil free and devoid of masalas. The idea of making paratha was to sprinkle a bit of ghee like the holy water.

I remember once in Rawatbhatha (a beautiful place where I spend most of my childhood), we got invited to a picnic that our north Indian family friends were organising. It was a potluck and we were to bring poori and alloo sabzi. I was in my early teens and loved to help my mother in rolling chappities as I had mastered the art of making thin and soft chapaties. So here was an opportunity to showcase my skills to the outside world and I jumped in and offered my mom to take the responsibilites of making poories. With all my skills and intricacy at display, I rolled out thin and round poories. Drowned in my own pride, I was anxious to see the reaction of our family friends on my inordinately awesome abilities. To my dismay and despair, the poories turned out to be extremely brittle and flat. What I thought would be my moment of triumph turned out to be an extremely embarrassing and excruciating experience for an otherwise beaming teen.:))

That seismic event remained dormant in my deep consciences only to resurface now. After a lot of trial and error, it is only now that I finally experienced my ‘eureka’ moment as I learned to match my skills to that of a Punjabi and can churn out all sorts of delicious and soft parathas that really melts in your mouth. It is a great way to serenely console my wandering soul and provides comfort to my nervous wricked self. Don’t ask me how many pounds I gained in this process. Now that I perfected the art of making parathas, I have to deal with the trauma of carving out a leaner self to keep up with the trend, in what seems to be a ‘slim look’ fibril, the world is in the grip off. Heed to the advice of elders, desire with prudence, is what I always hear but never learn to follow.