For a long time , I have been trying to consult a doctor , about the proper diet I must follow. My friend in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences , where medical treatment is free , made an appointment with the dietitian ad we saw her.
A young girl , with several papers , came and discussed with us for three hours. She explained that one day’s food must be divided into six portions and taken after every two hours. This is important . When I suggested reducing starch, she did not agree. She recommended taking milk twice a day and yogurt(curd) after the meal , twice. Whey was also advised.
What disappointed me , was her refusal to allow tea with milk and ‘sugarfree’. So now I take bitter tea . I had heard about the medicinal properties of bitter tea.
Within a week , my sugar level came down. So you all must consult a dietitian




The sugarcane fields have dried up. Even rich farmers cannot absorb the loss.

Schools have closed. When can they go to school? Who will feed them? Government is spending money on purchase of arms and ammunition. Ten percent cut in defence expenditure , will g a long way in meeting the cost of food and schools. Will Modi heed?



Animals like apes, pigs, sheep, horses, cats, and dogs have diabetes . This is something unexpected. It shows that mammals have a tendency to become diabetic ; but why?

Eating habits are unique among us because we eat for pleasure . Like going to see a picture , many families visit a restaurant , merely to enjoy food. At home , we make sweet puddings , merely to satisfy our palate . Many of us do not have any physical exercise . But horses and dogs are always active. A cow eats grass only . So food and exercise are not responsible for this illness.

Something inherent in our system , some genes , must be the cause . Only mammals have this tendency .

Think of it.


It is reported that the number of TB patients in India,
exceeds fifty crore.
This is alarming. My guess is, that most of them are industrial workers. Comparatively few farm workers fall ill, because of the healthy environment in which they work.
Lack of nutritious food like milk and eggs add to the problem.
My suggestion is that a wealthy man should adopt a TB patient, ie., he must send to the Hospital , money to feed the patient. Working hours must be reduced to six , with two days off in a week.
Humanitarian agencies must wake up, to save the Nation from this vicious disease.



While I was going to attend a marriage, a very amiable gentleman came close to me . “Who are you? What do you want? “ I asked irritably. He was tall and has a likeable face with curly hair . But a lady cannot be comfortable, if followed by a man.

He replied:”I am a wanderer. I thought I may get food in the feast, if I pretend to be your companion. I have no invitation.”

I could not help laughing , but did not want to offend him. In a marriage party, anyone can come and eat. Is it necessary to have a friend?

“You must be having some job, a family in the town or some background. Tell me , I may be able to help.?”

“I worked in the army for some months; but was disqualified after Police verification. They found some leaflets circulated by my Communist friends. Actually I have no connection with Naxalites. At home I have my parents and a sister, studying in the college. I belong to Wynad.”

I felt sorry for him. The marriage was to take place later in the night and we sat at the same table and began enjoying snacks and sweets. My companion (Sunil) ate voraciously . Poor guy might not have taken food in the day. The microphone blared songs for some time and then it was announced:”If anybody can sing , he or she is welcome?”

Immediately Sunil went up and began singing a beautiful Hindi song of some fifty years old. Pin drop silence prevailed and there were cries:”More and more” After half an hour , when he stopped, there was thunderous applause.”Who are you?”, the man at the microphone asked.

I stood up and cried :”He is my friend, Sunil by name.” The bride had come by my side, by this time and she asked me:”You never told me about this wonderful chap?” I explained the circumstances . When Sunil came, the bride shook hands with him. I felt proud .

We three talked for some time. Then her father also came. All guests crowded round the new hero. After the wedding I invited him to my house. Father had come by his car and we all went home. I showed him the guest room and wished him good night. “You must be very tired . At what time do you have bed tea?”

“As early as the maid can prepare it.” “I will make the tea or coffe?”

Tea at five in the morning and then I go for a walk.”

His stay continued. Father contacted some film guys and soon his recordings began. He got more offers.

Our happy days came to an end when the Police located their Naxal prey.

As I had his home address, I went to his home. I told them of our efforts to get his release. Unfortunately, Some Naxal activity was reported in Wynad. Still his sister and myself went to Wynad and contacted Police station. They confirmed his presence but refused permission to meet him. They were sympathetic as Sunil’s song CDs were very popular . Many pictures were released . Everywhere it ran ‘house full’

Meanwhile, there were demonstrations in all districts.”Rajan case must not be repeated “ the crowd demanded. Matter was raised in the assembly. But nothing came out. As the arrest was under the National Security Act, the culprit cannot be released, until his innocence is proved.

I missed my monthly period. I did not panic, because I had decided that I will not marry any other man. I told Sunil’s sister the good news . As I knew that my father will not allow marriage with a Terrorist, I went to the US to my close friend’s house and remained there till delivery. It was a cute girl ,resembling its father. I felt I am the happiest woman in the world. I used to contact his family and gave them the good news. After some time , I returned to India and gave the child to its grandmother. I stayed in my house, as if nothing had happened.

The fight for Sunil’s release continued . As a special case, the court gave him parole to work for the film industry. After his release, we registered our marriage.


All three bus stands at Shoranur stand in the north, Municipal stand in the centre and Shakthan stand in the south, are over crowded all the time.
I have yet to see a public urinal at these points.
I do urinate where I see some bush.
Why are the Authorities so callous about the prime necessities of living? We can do without food and drinks for hours. But can we avoid urination?
In the North, Sulabh Shauchalay is doing excellent work.
Will some one listen?

LET US CHEER THE MINERS OF CHILE!!!=’text/javascript’ src=

On the fifth of August, 33 miners were trapped in a rock collapse, half a mile inside the mine, in Chile.
On 23 Aug. they were located and food was sent to them regularly afterwards. All helped in the efforts to drill a tunnel into the spot.
Today they have been rescued and embraced by the family, waiting all these days!
I have been writing about insane humanity.
Oh God ! Forgive for losing my sense of proportion and forgetting the great men who are the true sons of God.