An uneducated man will not believe that a person can be identified by his finger print. He will argue that all finger prints are identical . I do not know when this science of reading finger prints developed.

    Each person has a DNA ; so also a unique finger print . It is belied that at least one person will be there, anywhere in the world , looking exactly like me . I would like to see him. But his FP will be different. Even identical twins will have different FP.

When we think of the number of persons born in the world each day, you can imagine the variety of FP  during one crore years. How God designed such variety in FP  , is a mystery. He must have in his mind, the design for future generations too!

Mind blogging , is it not?

No two stars will be identical; so also man’s FP




For want of fuel, life has become difficult in Nepal , since 74 days. Schools, Hospitals and homes are affected. This is a tragedy. India cannot allow this condition to continue. Nepal is the country through which narcotics and arms for Maoists etc. are smuggled into our country.

In the interests of Nepal itself , we should send our army to quell the disturbance and restore normalcy


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India, Pakistan NSAs hold breakthrough talks in Bangkok

Hindustan Times  – ‎1 hour ago‎
The National Security Advisors for India and Pakistan held talks over a range of bilateral issues in Bangkok on Sunday. (Photo credit: MEA spokesperson Vikas Swarup’s Twitter handle).



My grand daughter in Australia was very excited when she was given a live goat for dissection. She watched the heart beating .

This gives me the idea that here in India too , we can give this chance to our students. Take them to a butcher. He will allow them to cut it. A fowl or goat may be dissected at Christian homes. The presence of a teacher is essential to explain the different organs . Any number of lessons in the text will not serve this  purpose.

Snakes are killed unnecessarily , because they are our friends ; they eat rats. After killing them no one dissects them. I too like to see the inside. I know that their lungs occupy almost the whole of the body. That is why they can run so fast . I like to see their sex organs.  One cannot recognize which is male or female .

Their digestive juice is the most powerful among animals . They dissolve even skeletons. We never see their droppings!


Once I asked a foolish question to a fisherman:”Do fish have blood ?”, because I have not seen blood oozing from a fish, when it is cut. He looked at me in surprise:” Yes , they have a heart “

The reason why blood is not coming out , is still a mystery



I AM NOT BOASTING . My thesis on photosynthesis is original and explains a process which is taught in schools . I published it in my blog and sent it to various universities the world over . Few responded  positively . Recently my name was nominated for the prestigious  Nobel prize , but got no response.

I read in the ‘google news’ similar experience by another scientist , who felt that the Swedish Academy  has never given a prize to Asiatic scientists. There never appeared any winners of Nobel Prize from China or Russia. These two countries are in the vanguard in research in science. Tolstoy ‘s ‘War and Peace ‘ failed to receive attention.

An unknown author Boris Pasternak won the prize because he exposed the Communist system in Russia.

My suggestion is to form a parallel commission by the Government of India, exclusively for Asian countries, including Russia . Your comments may be sent to my email address


Continuous downpour during the last fortnight has flooded the whole city. It reminds me of the flood in Srinagar , a few yeas back. That time too , people had to escape to the terrace and food dropped by helicopters . This time , the area is more and the number of people affected is more than one lakh.
It must be remembered that the rainfall is over the sea too , the water level of the sea goes up and the flow from the rivers is retarded. This fact is ignored in the endless discussions in the TV channels. Some people blame the administration. I think it is meaningless. Calamities do occur in nature.
One point to be stressed, is the preparedness of the administration. Special permanent, trained teams must be ready , like the fire extinguishers.


According to a new study, drinking three to four cups of coffee per day can reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.