My grand daughter in Australia was very excited when she was given a live goat for dissection. She watched the heart beating .

This gives me the idea that here in India too , we can give this chance to our students. Take them to a butcher. He will allow them to cut it. A fowl or goat may be dissected at Christian homes. The presence of a teacher is essential to explain the different organs . Any number of lessons in the text will not serve this  purpose.

Snakes are killed unnecessarily , because they are our friends ; they eat rats. After killing them no one dissects them. I too like to see the inside. I know that their lungs occupy almost the whole of the body. That is why they can run so fast . I like to see their sex organs.  One cannot recognize which is male or female .

Their digestive juice is the most powerful among animals . They dissolve even skeletons. We never see their droppings!


Once I asked a foolish question to a fisherman:”Do fish have blood ?”, because I have not seen blood oozing from a fish, when it is cut. He looked at me in surprise:” Yes , they have a heart “

The reason why blood is not coming out , is still a mystery


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