As the only daughter of wealthy business man , I was much pampered by my father.

After graduation , I did not know what to do. I hated business. My friends and I used to spend time , in restaurants and cinema halls , avoiding boys , who are interested only in sex and wine.

At that time , a Madrasi was appointed as accountant in our company. He is small and very gentle , always smiling . My efforts to befriend him failed , as he is always busy in his work.

One Sunday, I invited him to have dinner in a restaurant. Then I learned that he is from Kerala. He said it is actually Keralam and Trichur is his town. I said I am eager to see that area and extracted a promise to take me there, when he went home the next time. My friends asked me whether I am in love. I laughed:”He is like an innocent  boy , may be younger than me.”

It is difficult to get leave for Sanku (Sankaran is the full name) except in exceptional circumstances. To attend his sister’s marriage, he was allowed one weeks’ absence and I told father that I too will accompany him. To save time, we went by plane. It was nice to see Keralam . We got down at Nedumbassery and went by road to Trichur. All the villages are continuous ,  and looks like a forest. His home stands on the edge of a rice field . Both his mother and sister talks broken English but do not know Hindi at all.

The marriage was at Guruvayoor , the famous temple town  and took only a few minutes . The couple garlanded each other , that is all. The dinner was in a hotel. I took video of the proceedings and the scenery, almost everywhere we went, as the whole country is a picturesque scene. “Sanku, it is a pity you have to work in Bombay. Can’t you get a job here?” He smiled. I have never heard him talk. “Yes, Sir or Yes, Madam”-that is all he ever said.

“Do not call me Madam , I am Meenakshy. Call me Meenu.”

He smiled . I began helping father in his business. From eight in the morning till ten in the night , we three were working hard. Fther increased Sanku’s salary to fifty thousand . In addition to keeping the Accounts and preparing balance sheet for auditors to check , he found ways to save Income Tax . So his salary was less than what he deserved.

For my work , he gave me ten thousand. I learned the ins and outs of the company and father was pleased. We did not realize the passage of time. I became thirty and felt that I should marry. Sanku never opened his heart. On Sundays we used to go out. Once my friend Susheela saw us and called out. Sanku remained there but I went to her.

“Have you not been married ?” She asked . I told my difficulty. “You are a fool. Try him in the bed room. Remove your cloths. Any Vishwamithr will fall to your charms.”

I tried that also. But he remained calm. I removed his underwear ; the thing remained small and sluggish. I went to a Doctor alone. He wanted to see Sanku also. Then he gave some advice and medicines and things to eat to increase semen. After about one year , I became pregnant . I told father I wanted to marry Sanku.MINUTES,COUPLE


MUSCLEMEN TO COLLECT DEBT DUES =’text/javascript’ src=

Suicides are too common in Keralam to deserve any mention. However today’s item in the newspaper should be studied by sociologists, to examine remedial measures.
A young man and his wife took poison and ended their lives, but failed to kill the baby which survived. They were without work and used to borrow from different sources. Musclemen employed to collect dues, were threatening them. In the end this happened.
The poorer strata of society are always in need of money. Banks will not oblige them. People from Tamilnadu are on the look out, to spot such needy guys. They come to your door and give you ready cash. It is tempting to borrow from them; you get money on the spot!
My suggestion is that women’s group of volunteers must come forward to handle such matters. Recovery must start from the next day, daily in the case of wage earners, without waiting for the amount to accumulate.
Each village must have one such group.


Passing the hat around is the Western way of begging. It is unknown in India.

Some people approach, saying they have no money to go back home. Some old men ask for money for refreshments or tea.

One day a middle aged woman, accompanied by a young girl, not bad looking, knocked at the door. They wanted assistance for the girl’s marriage!

Normally we give one rupee for beggars. Some demand five. But financial assistance for marriage may be in thousands or at least one hundred. I looked at them in disbelief!

The girl was plain, but had an innocent look.

We need maid servants; Are you ready to work?- I asked.

They refused and went away.

After some days, another woman and her daughter appeared. This time, money was required for surgery of the young girl.

Is it beggary or are they trying to sell their body?


Late Nayanar, who was a popular Chief minister of Kerala State, once remarked in a jovial mood, that ladies are responsible for rape! Why do they dress provocatively?

Now, one should make a distinction between ladies and women. The latter are simple females who have to work, either in the factories or fields or offices. They dress simply, taking minimum time for make up, because they are very busy, both in their work place and at home. How many of them have registered cases against rape?

Ladies are just the opposite. Twenty four hours they are free. They do not know how to while away their long hours of leisure, and so spend most of their time in shopping, because they have fat purses (now ATM cards in several banks), and social gatherings and parties. They may get up very late, take hours for their make up and “dress to kill”. I think Nayanar is right to some extent. if he meant “ladies”

There is a story that such ladies met Pratap Singh Kairon (who was the Chief Minister of Punjab), simply dressed and sitting in front of his house on a charpoy, a bedstead made of bamboo frames and ropes, very popular in the north, to complain about price rice. Kairon simply looked closely at the ladies (Punjabi ladies are the most fashionable in the whole of India) and asked: how much do you spend on your make up? The ladies were thus silenced.

Another important point is freedom for sex. In Calcutta and Bombay, there are brothels. In these cities, rape is rare.

Men are always hungry for sex. It is just biology. God made us like this.

Rape may be a temptation too. Initially a woman may appear agreeable. If caught, she will raise a hue and cry.

If the word means forcing sex on unwilling female, all husbands would be guilty. Have you not seen the hen running away from the cock, which has only one thing in the mind?

I am not advocating free rape. I feel that too much time is spent in the media on this topic. The law should understand human nature.

Rape cases must not be reported in the media, but settled mutually by negotiation in confidence, in the presence of the magistrate or judge.

Allegations of molestation split the Kerala Congress, causing a major storm in Congress circles and Kerala politics !


For the past one year, we are all harassed, because the road from Poochunnipadam to Chathakudam temple is being widened.

At first, it was demolition. Several walls and steps of poor people were bulldozed, sparing rich people who have constructed concrete walls of their plot, one metre into the road. The movement of vehicles is naturally affected, not to speak of the dust raised.

Then, they decided to make two culverts, though there is no nulla or any movement of water, except when it rains, causing overflow of water. It would have been enough to concrete small stretches of road. Instead, big slabs have been cast. To induce water to flow through these, long side drains with concrete lining have been made.

In rainy season, the culverts will get choked and the roads submerged in water.

For the last one month, buses are diverted , causing harassment to us. Autos too charge more, because of the diversion.

Who cares? The end of the work is not in sight.


In Keralam, Sundays are like hartal. Even autorickshaws are off the road.

As people employed in offices and factories have only Sundays to spare, for attending Banks, Hospitals etc. it is desirable to keep open such institutions open on Sundays. They can close on Mondays.

There is nothing special about Sunday. It is just a hang over from the Imperialist past.Autos and taxie cars can function by rotation, half of them enjoying holiday on Sunday and the other half on Monday. Traders too can follow the same rule.

This way, all can benefit.


As we had no English as a subject in primary school, we had to study one year in a Preparatory class, when I joined the CNN High School, Cherpu.
With the Transfer Certificate, I  approached my uncle Vasudevaphan who was working there.
What I am I to do? He quipped.
MS (Mamunnil Subrahmanian Namboodiripad) master, who was standing by his side, answered, on my behalf: you do the arrangement for his admission.
So I found myself learning the English alphabet. I felt elated.
The next year, both KKN and myself studied in the same 6th standard, under Chulliparambil Sankunni Nair.
That vacation, my ammath shifted to Amballoor and so I shifted to Secondary School at Vendore at a walkable distance from ammath.
Mary teacher was our teacher. One Bahuleyan, Vasudevan and a face I knew but cannot recollect the name, were bench mates.
In the front row were girls, one with a small “bag” behind her ear was painful to look at. I have an inborn antipathy towards all types of abnormalities.
Devaky my class mate, started living at ammath. She was a namboodiri and helped in kitchen work . I did not like it, because Parameswaran the “manager” said she is a good match for me.
It was during this period that P—– took me to see the festival at Thrikur temple.
Once I failed to give fees and was thrown out of the class. I could have asked my people at ammath for money; some false sense of pride (can beggars be proud?) prevented me from approaching them. I went home to Pazhayil. I think Bhavadasettan gave me the money.
One day, football match was going on. Devassy the HM who was the referee calle me and gave me the whistle. I could not tell a football from a volley ball. All were crowdig round the ball and shouting. Some one told me to blow the whistle which I did, with all my power. Mercyfully everything became calm. The HM returned.
 For anniversary, I was asked to do some speaking. “ELOCUTION”  it was called. My cousin, Neil gave me a passage from Nehru’s speech. When I stood before the audience, words were stuck up in my mouth. Any way, it was all noisy; even if I spoke, they could not have heard anything. I got a pen as present. It did not work.
After the examinations, I obtained a transfer certificate and went to St. Antony’s High School, Pudukad. I failed to get admission. Had they known that I stood first in the scholarship exam. they would not have refused me; who would tell the HM?
Had I got admission there, it woud have saved me from all the sufferings, during the subsequent year.