We used to meet almost daily , during our morning walk in Lodhi gardens . Slowly we began to smile , just to indicate we recognize each other . One day she stopped and said:”We are seeing each other daily. I like to know more about you; come , sit on a bench.”

We sat close t each other “You look very young ; are you employed?”

“I am only twenty two, unemployed ; I stay with my sister.”

“What is your qualification?”

“I am BA English; I am a linguist. I know French , Russian and Chinese”

“Russian! That is good. We have contact with Russians . OF course , they come with interpreters. But if we can speak to them direct , it s an advantage “. She took out her purse and gave me her card. “If you come to my office tomorrow , I shall arrange for your interview . Now tell me , where is your village? Who are there at home?” “My village is in Trichur district , Kerala. Ours is a joint family. We are farmers. No one s employed “ We talked for some more time and went our way .

The very next day , I dressed up with coat and tie. Seeing my preparations , my sister asked:”Where are you going?” “To attend an interview.” I showed her the card. “We wish you all success”

I went by DTC bus. It took about one hour and at last I reached the office. It was a glittering , grand building . When I showed the card to the watchman, he talked on intercom .”Go to room no 321 on the third floor”, he said. I went and knocked the door. “Yes , come in” He was a middle aged ,bespectacled man . I showed him the papers. He asked a few questions and then went out , telling me to wait . After a few minutes , he came and told me to meet Madam in room no 310 . The peon was waiting , with the doors open. I went in and said:”Good morning , Madam.”

She told me to sit down. “Are you happy? Every day you have to travel a lot ; we have our guest house , if you like , you may stay there for the time being , till we give you a flat. Go and bring your bag now itself . I will give my car.“ So I went and came back . That day I did not have any work . I was asked to study the files relating to contracts . I wrote a detailed letter to my mother . We were farmers without any one getting salary income .

The guest house is near to Madam’s bungalow She told me to come and have super with her. She called me at 8.30

After finishing meals , I was about to leave , when she said:”What is the hurry? Come to my room. Without any hesitation , she removed her cloths and became naked . Her breasts were like ripe oranges She placed my hand on them and pressed hard . My penis stood up . When I went to switch off the lights she said “No , I like to see it in the mirror.” There is a large wall mirror . She removed my cloths and enjoyed seeing us in the mirror . She kissed all over my body and when I could not hold any longer …

We lay happy , she placing her head on my hairy chest . She soon slept ; I lay awake ,wondering whether she loves me or merely using me to quench her thirst.

My salary was thirty thousand , after observing y performance , it was raised to fifty thousand . Every month I sent home ten thousand .

I had reason to believe that she slept with important clients . Such things cannot be kept secret . The driver know much , but I cannot ask him . Well , why bother ? Keep your eyes closed and earn money when you can, my heart told me

Some five years passed and pressure mounted from home , to marry a girl whom they had chosen. I told Madam. She was upset . She said:”Why hurry? Can you not wait for some more years?”

So I told my mother t o wait:”My job is purely temporary ; let me be confirmed “ I told them.

Some years passed . Madam said:”At first it was pure sex and your body that attracted me . I do not claim to be pure. In modern times , chastity is a obsolete concept. Now I love you and cannot think of another man as husband. Think of it .”

After some debate with myself , I agreed .




I was working in a Project in far away Rajasthan, quite happy to work among people who are friendly and amiable. As I was passing contractors’ bills , I used to get money from them , without demanding it. One day I received a letter from my father that y marriage has been fixed and I must come home immediately. I was not at all happy because I was shy of women and had no interest in sex. But I could not disobey my father and went home. In those days there was no rush of passengers and I went by train from Kota.

All arrangements had been made and y marriage took place within a week. The brothers of my wife , Sunitha were well educated and we became friends . “Have you got quarters there?”, they asked . I nodded . I understand that the dowry was ten thousand and that was the main consideration , because the same month my sister was given away in marriage .

We went to visit mutual relatives and after one month, we returned.

In the office , I gave a party and they gave us presents. Sunitha was slow and I helped her in the kitchen. She did not take the initiative and we had no sex . Of course , we shared the same bed and lay arm in arm. It was a joy to fondle her soft body.

After about six months , she complained about some pain in the chest and was admitted in the hospital. She was subjected to thorough check up . The Doctor advised immediate operation:”She has multiple problems about her heart , liver , lungs and kidney . The heart requires attention now. “

I informed on phone . Her brother and younger sister came immediately . Her brother went back , leaving the sister here , for my assistance. It was then that I came to know of her:”What is your educational background?” “I am B.Sc.(computer)”

“In that case , you can get a job here itself’ I will talk to the Manager.”

Within a week , she was appointed in Stores section. She and I did all work of the kitchen and went to office . The condition of my wife had improved sufficiently and our neighbor agreed to look after any urgent needs. Now she slept alone . Because of the heat , Kalpana and I slept on bamboo cots in the front court yard. She said she enjoyed the open sky.


Several months passed before her (my wife)health deteriorated . She passed away because of pneumonia . The cremation was done at the Project sight. For the eleventh day , her parents came . They took her ashes to be immersed in the Ganga at Hardwar. From there they went to Kashi and Rameshwaram. I felt a sort of relief.

As she cannot get away from her illness , death is better. OF course , she was very loving and I loved her.

Our Project was situated in a forest , near a river ; There were hills on the opposite side .Kalpana and I used to roam about in the hills . There was a sizable presence of Keralites and we used t observe Onam festival . She was always active on such occasions and became popular. She was not a beauty , but quite charming and vivacious. Many people sounded me about her marriage ; I told them that I have no say in such matters.

One day she asked me :”Brother , why don’t you marry? You are strong and handsome , you must not waste your life.” “I have no sex urge.” “Marriage is not for sex alone , companionship is more important”

I looked into her eyes . Does this girl love me? Somehow , I could not ask her:”Do you love me?” She understood my dilemma ad gently pressed my hand. That night she lay in my bed and caressed me . I enjoyed it. I think she consulted her brother . Within a week , he proposed our marriage and we went home ….



Savithry , my sister is at the last stage of terminal cancer of the uterus.

She is diabetic for the last thirty years at least ; so surgery is risky. Now they are to begin Ayurvedic treatment , as a last resort.

She served as teacher at the school near  the railway crossing gate at Thirunnavaya. Her marriage was solemnized , when I had just joined Railway Audit service and so could not attend it. (See my blog -Svithry’s marriage)



Normally people adopt a son . This system is as old as Mahabharath.

You may wonder why I adopted a sister.

The fact is we are two brothers and I yearned for a sister. A sister’s love is unselfish. She expects nothing from the brother.

I asked my mother:”Ma, why did you not give me a sister?”

She heaved a sigh!

“Doctors had to remove my uterus…”

I embraced her and consoled her .

That was when I was a boy.

After my studies in bio environment , I was posted at Karwar, a port town on the bank of te Arabian sea. I was staying in a lodge and used to go for a morning walk .I was surprised to see a number of men jogging in the high way.

One day , a car sped by me and stuck the parapet in the bridge over river Kali. The impact was so great that half of the car broke the wall and stood precariously. I went and told the inmates:”Do not move; I shall call the fire engine.”

The man in the front seat withdrew  his head. From the rear seat, a woman and her children,began wailing. Meanwhile the fire engine came and lifted the car, which had to be repaired . The man called for a mechanic . It seems he is familiar here . I offered them lift .:”For the time being, come and stay in my lodge. Where is your native place?”


“I have heard about it .

‘”Offer prayers at the Ganesh temple and you get whatever you want.”

In the lodge we exchanged details about our back ground . They are business people . Export and import is done , of raw granite blocks to Japan and import of polished granite for building works. As they left, they thanked me once more and promised to meet again .The lady’s face was imprinted in my heart. I shall tie the coloured thread on her hand on Rakshabandhan day , I told myself

One Sunday, we made a trip to see Jog falls

As my lady’s husband could not come , his driver was at the wheels. The two children occupied the window seats and we both sat arm in arm . It was a strange sensation, as if a radiation was passing from my heart to hers. Is it love ?

On the way, we had breakfast at Kamath Hotel. There are a chain of such eating joints . Food is superb . Children asked for ice cream. I preferred milk pudding. Water bottles were stocked and the driver sped at high speed as the road was good. We passed a number of rivers . At some point I stopped the car and we came out to see the scenery.

At Jog falls, the slope is so steep that we had to lie down and move like snails. We held the children tightly. But the joy of watching the torrential falls, is something worth the trouble.

We travelled along dry rock and reached the opposite bank . From the top, there are steps to the bottom. Here we can stand between the rocky back ground and the falling sheet of water. We all took bath in the pool of water formed at the bottom.

Lady:”Have you not seen it before?”

“No. I had heard about it. It is a wonderful day . Being close to your body fills me with erotic sensation. Do you share this heavenly feeling?”

She took my hand and pressed it against her full breasts. Inside my underwear, there was a fullness.

“Dear, should we not celebrate it?” She kissed me hard.

While climbing the steps , she held on to my shoulders . At the top, we drank tender coconut trees.

That night we hired rooms in a hotel. I slept with the driver.

At midnight , when the children were fast asleep , she knocked at my door. She intoned me to follow her silently.

She locked the room from inside and removed my cloths and saw me from top to bottom. Soon she became nude and pulled me into her bed…

At five in the morning , she released me!

From there, we went to Idigunji Ganesh temple . She told the poojari to offer special prayers for us .She gave ample ‘dakshina’

We had food in the temple, where it is offered free.

When we reached home her husband offered me :” I have been thinking of appointing a Manager to assist me . Would you be ready?” The lady seconded it and I became General Manager of the business.

Almost daily she would make a visit to the office, where we spent some time in privacy.

News of my mother’s illness came . Immediately I got ready. “You take me also . I have not been to Ujjain”

We went by train. There we saw my mother in a critical condition:”I may not live long. I want to see you married.”

We first went to Mahakaleswar. Seeing the grand old temple , she was very much impressed . Then we saw Kali temple where the great poet became Kalidas. The Shani temple on the bank of the river was not omitted.

We discussed mother’s wish. The possibility of arranging a mock wedding was also discussed, to satisfy Ma.

“I think it is a good idea ,”she said. “By conducting the ceremony in a temple , we satisfy the Gods too.”

“We will be free from the charge of adultery. More than one husband is allowed in the ‘puranas’ “

So that solemn ceremony was conducted and Ma became happy.


Anigra Rowling, a Berliner gave birth to four children, three boys and one girl. She underwent artificial insemination.
She is a school teacher. When her ten year old girl child persistently pestered her for another sister, she did it, according to reports.
Let us pray for long life to all the children!



As the only daughter of wealthy business man , I was much pampered by my father.

After graduation , I did not know what to do. I hated business. My friends and I used to spend time , in restaurants and cinema halls , avoiding boys , who are interested only in sex and wine.

At that time , a Madrasi was appointed as accountant in our company. He is small and very gentle , always smiling . My efforts to befriend him failed , as he is always busy in his work.

One Sunday, I invited him to have dinner in a restaurant. Then I learned that he is from Kerala. He said it is actually Keralam and Trichur is his town. I said I am eager to see that area and extracted a promise to take me there, when he went home the next time. My friends asked me whether I am in love. I laughed:”He is like an innocent  boy , may be younger than me.”

It is difficult to get leave for Sanku (Sankaran is the full name) except in exceptional circumstances. To attend his sister’s marriage, he was allowed one weeks’ absence and I told father that I too will accompany him. To save time, we went by plane. It was nice to see Keralam . We got down at Nedumbassery and went by road to Trichur. All the villages are continuous ,  and looks like a forest. His home stands on the edge of a rice field . Both his mother and sister talks broken English but do not know Hindi at all.

The marriage was at Guruvayoor , the famous temple town  and took only a few minutes . The couple garlanded each other , that is all. The dinner was in a hotel. I took video of the proceedings and the scenery, almost everywhere we went, as the whole country is a picturesque scene. “Sanku, it is a pity you have to work in Bombay. Can’t you get a job here?” He smiled. I have never heard him talk. “Yes, Sir or Yes, Madam”-that is all he ever said.

“Do not call me Madam , I am Meenakshy. Call me Meenu.”

He smiled . I began helping father in his business. From eight in the morning till ten in the night , we three were working hard. Fther increased Sanku’s salary to fifty thousand . In addition to keeping the Accounts and preparing balance sheet for auditors to check , he found ways to save Income Tax . So his salary was less than what he deserved.

For my work , he gave me ten thousand. I learned the ins and outs of the company and father was pleased. We did not realize the passage of time. I became thirty and felt that I should marry. Sanku never opened his heart. On Sundays we used to go out. Once my friend Susheela saw us and called out. Sanku remained there but I went to her.

“Have you not been married ?” She asked . I told my difficulty. “You are a fool. Try him in the bed room. Remove your cloths. Any Vishwamithr will fall to your charms.”

I tried that also. But he remained calm. I removed his underwear ; the thing remained small and sluggish. I went to a Doctor alone. He wanted to see Sanku also. Then he gave some advice and medicines and things to eat to increase semen. After about one year , I became pregnant . I told father I wanted to marry Sanku.MINUTES,COUPLE


Once upon a time, Muthukurssi mana was a very wealthy family, owning the whole land between the Bharathapuzha river and the railway yard. The home was at the site of the presnt loco shed.

 There was an elephant, a symbal of affluence then. And now also the new rich are crazy about the elephants

 When the South Indian Railwy, a private company owned by British people, bought it, the building was dismantled and reconstructed at the present site. The hill, earlier known as Muthukurssi hill, became railway property and they built quarters there. Now it is Ganeshgiri.
The bungalow at the top was prominent in the film Julie, which was shot there.
My wife’s grandfather’s younger brother was adopted by Mundanat  Mana family and he managed to transfer the wealth to his new home;  something like that happened.

 My father-inn-law had seen the worst days, doing pooja in different temples, including the famous Ambalapuzha Krishna temple.
His one sister, who was married very late, shared the brunt of poverty. She is still alive and very cheerful, now living with her son Kollumuttathu Narayanan, at Manisseri.
My wife was put in a convent school at Shoranur. She will return home, crossing the rail line, take bath in the pond and then only have something to eat. On Mondays, she will go to Mahadevamangalam, on the bank of the river, for prayer to get a good husband and return home, almost running, before taking food.
She had seen family bickerings, almost all the time between uncles and her father; so fed up was she, that it was her wish to be a nun !

Her step sister, by father’s second wife, only fifteen years her senior, was married off to Puliyannur mana, tantry at Shreekrishna temple at Tripunithura (Poornathrayeesan). Then her father began trying for a namboodiri for her also.

Santa, my cousin, was already there, having married Sankaranarayanan. She suggested my name.

She was hardly eighteen, too innocent to think of marriege, when a cruel fate and a society that allows no freedom to a girl child, threw her into my hands.

Her father was a workaholic. He spends his time plucking flowers for pooja, collecting areca nuts and coconuts in the big orchard or  cutting grass that grow too fast. One day he fell into a well and had to shout for help, as no one was around.

As soon as the rainy season arrives, he will go out with a spade in hand,digging here and there, and sowing or planting vegetables like colocasia, brinjal, ladies’ finger and, of course, tapyoka. Santa says, in those days they never bought anything from the market, a mile away at Shoranur. My wife inherited this quality from him. Even today, her dream is to have some land and grow vegetables.

Her father got infection from the slush. Worms began  coming out of the foot. He was admitted in Valluvanad Hospital, where they, thoughtlessly, injected large dozes of antibiotics. He was nearing ninety and I think medicines killed him. His system was quite sound and healthy. No one will die of foot sore.

When they were rich, father-in law married from Tekkedath Patteri mana, a wealthy family, whose ancestors belonged to Vadakkancherry area in Cochin State.
It is said that they helped the Raja of Travancore, in conqering the Kingdom of Alapuzha; in return, they were given property in Kodamalur.
Mother-in-law named Parvathy had gold ornaments. Among us namboodiries, women folk did not wear gold ornaments. They wore bronze necklaces and bangles.
This created tensions between our branch and the rest of the Muthurssi clan.
 Mother-in- law remained for long periods in her home and shorter periods at Guruvayoor, where Radha, my wife accopanied her, before her marriage.

 My first visit to that famous shrine was immediately after marriage.
It was very quiet then and we made several rounds (pradakshinam), every time standing before the deity and praying. I don’t remember what were my prayers. My world was my wife. She being so near, what else do I need?

Our annual pilgrimage to Guruvayoor continued till I retired. Radha’s sister Parvathy and step sister Nalini who were  in their teenns at the time of my marriage, always accompanied us.During our last visit in 2007 or so, I was so disgusted and tired, standing in the que and then pushed off as soon as I came in front of the sanctum, that I decided to  stop this meaningless suffering.