Women, a formidable adversary

This is for you acchan! Miss you loads. Hope you are enjoying wherever you are!

Women, a formidable adversary

It was such a proud moment when Dipa Karmakar became the first Indian woman gymnast to quality for Olympic games. It took 52 years!!! Women, a formidable adversary, is finally taking charge. As a women, I absolutely feel thrilled at the opportunity that awaits Dipa and wish her the best for Rio Olympics 2016. She is an icon to so many young girls in her home state and pan India. The instant recognition that she is enjoying through her achievements has certainly not come easy to Dipa.

While there is so much to celebrate of the indomitable and courageous girl Dipa and other innumerable women like her from all walks of life, we are still a long way from providing a safe and secured environment to every Indian girl child. Their achievements should not be overshadowed by news of rape and assault which has become so frequent and brutal in the recent past. As India is reporting a stellar economic growth and is progressing at a very enviable pace to its global peers, there is an equally dire need to portray India as a safe place for women; a place where they can thrive and shine. That is going to give India the much needed image boost in the international stage and add to the charm of India’s economic growth.

The journey of a women from kitchen to the centre stage is an arduous one but not impossible. We have a Dipa in the heart of every women, we just need to recognise that strength and march ahead in life to gain our own identity. I can’t help but belabour the point of giving women their basic right to education, health and liberty to decide their future.

We need the political inclination and commitment from our leaders to take charge and lead the society to see this change. It needs a paradigm shift in the way men currently perceive women and the willingness to empower them. We waited long enough! Men and women, let’s take a pledge together to lead the women folks to emancipation! Men, are you listening and are you ready to take the challenge!


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  1. True Leene, relevant topic you selected to start with. keep it up

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