A.Varghese was a hero, among the tribal people of the hill district of Wynad in north Keralam, who led the Naxalite movement there.
Some forty years ago, he was shot dead, while in police custody, by constable Ramachandran Nair, at the orders of DSP Lakshmana. A decade ago, Nair who was tormented by his consience, confessed his crime in public, and, court investigation started. Nair died in 1998.
Now Lakshmana has been sentenced for life imprisonment. He is 75 years old.
The number of people killed in fake encounters is quite high.
This is the only instance of any one being punished.
Very old parents and brother of Varghese are happy that Lakshmana has been punished; but their grief is deep and cannot be lightened by this late justice.


PHONEY THEORIES IN SCIENCE =’text/javascript’ src=

The number of books being published by amateur writers and “scientists” in Malayalam is enormous.
One scientist has collected data regarding the quantity of coal being burnt every day, and suggested that the mass of the earth is decreasing at an alarming rate!
That the carbon dioxide formed by burning coal, is absorbed by vegetation growing on the earth, which adds to the mass of the earth, did not strike his mind. It is like water evaporating from the oceans and coming back as rain!
Another writer says the green light from the sun is the basis of all life on earth. He forgets that the green leaves of plants absorb all other colours and rejects the green; that is why we see this light. Bacteria and planktons can develop, in the absence of any light from the Sun!
I casually saw two books. The number of such theories is enormous!

TEARS ARE FOR CLEANING THE EYES =’text/javascript’ src=

Tears ar caused by smoke,cutting onion  etc, Malayalam serials being a major item causing tears for women!

The biological function is to clean the lens of the eye.

Actually the eyes are quite sturdy and not easily damaged, but proper care is a must
Wearing cooling glass is recommended, for preventing dust, insects etc. from depositing in the eyes. Do not read in too bright light or in dim light.
When you come home, wash the eyes with warm, salty water.
Do not rub your eyes, instead, wash it.


Elections in the highly conscious Keralam, is a time to give a blow to whoever is ruling.
I cannot find any difference, whether it is the Left or the Right that wins.
I never voted, till the other day, when our neighbour took us in his car to the polling booth, which was deserted and the staff there received us politely. Indifferently, I marked the ballot paper and dropped it in the box.
Today, people are celebrating victory!

HOW LONG IS ONE MINUTE? =’text/javascript’ src=

As children, we used to remain under water, to know how long we can remain, holding our breath; something like a competition!
I would be the first to pop up, as I cannot suffer it, even for some seconds.
The Moplas (Muslims) of Malapuram district in Malabar, can dive under the water, for as long as half an hour!
On the thirtieth of January each year, we stand up and remain silent in the offices at 11AM, the time Mahatma Gandhi was shot dead, to mark our respects for the person, who died a martyr. I would lose patience, after a few seconds, and look at the watch again and again, two minutes seeming like half an hour!
With your beloved in your arms, half an hour flies like two seconds.
At the traffic lights showing red, we feel like flying in the air, like those heroes in films.


I had occasion to visit some schools in Keralam, which has a reputation for total literacy.

The quality and dedication of teaching staff is below standard. The number of students is much less than the capacity of the school. This is because parents prefer English medium schools; and also because of two child norms strictly enforced by women in Keralam, who simply refuse to part their thighs. In other states girls are not educated and they breed like pigs.

Many schools have only temporary sheds. Old buildings have not been repaired for a long time and are leaking in heavy rains. School buildings collapsing in heavy rains is not rare.

The only visible activity is making food for free lunch. The teachers give some work to the pupils and then take rest.

At this stage, teachers must entertain the pupils with stories and visual images for which maps and pictures should be provided. The rich people must liberally provide these to the schools.

Expenditure on Defence should be cut drastically and the money saved used for primary education in Government schools.

MIGRANT LABOUR =’text/javascript’ src=

Population explosion has created a large number of people without work or a plot of land. What will they do?

Without an address, they cannot apply for a passport or visa. The national boundaries are not marked on the land; so they just walk on till they find some town or village, whose appearance gives them some hope of livelihood, rag picking not excluded. Women do menial work.

(Animals and birds too migrate, in search of food or as is their biological nature, as in the case of some sea fish, which travel up a stream to lay eggs!)

They travel in unauthorized boats and ships, and land in unknown territory. If caught, at least they are assured of some food.

They are there throughout the world, causing headache to all nations except the very poor countries, from where they migrate..

In India, Bangladesh is the sore point. Tamil people from Srilanka are another problem.

The number of people in such condition can only be guessed.

The remedy is birth control, which is the least priority of Governments or the United Nations.