If you see the seismography line maintained by meteorological department, to measure the vibrations of the earth, you will be surprised by the similarity with the cardiography of a heart patient.

The earth is vibrating like the heart of a man You will notice this, when a train runs before you.  When a horse runs, the sound is caused y the sound waves, caused by the vibration of the earth. Snakes are sensitive to this. They lie still, to ascertain the source of the epicetre.

Is it not surprising that our kick can make the earth tremble?



I used to sit in the restaurant of my father, to assist him in the cash counter.. There will be no time, even to look at the faces of the customers ,as  there will be a que even for payment of cash. I have been advising my father to move over to a new place, where we can have spacious hall. But he would say:”Son, it is this spot, near the bus stop, that attracts people.”

I had graduated and, having nothing else to do, I helped father. I did not like the job. One day I was alone. I was about to wind up, as it was eleven in the night, when a young lady came”:I am sorry; there is nothing left. If you are hungry, we may give some rice and sambar.”

“Thank you. Bu my intention was to see you. Give me whatever is left. I went to see the film; that is why I am late.”

I ordered the waiter to give her something and accompanied her and sat opposite her. She may be about thirty, not very attractive, but there was some elusive charm which glued me to her eyes.

She began eating, I waited for her to finish:”Tell me, what can I do?”

“I had seen your profile in the net and I am a regular visitor to your blog. I like your views on most matters. I like your stories. While walking to catch my bus, I saw your face and immediately recognized you.”

“Where are you going? If it is nearby, I can drop you there.” ”That will be very kind of you; I stay at Thanikudam”

After we settled in the front seat and the engine was started, I asked:”What are you doing?”

“I a m a freelance journalist and reporter of the Pioneer,  a weekly issued from Delhi.  I send the papers trough email; the res of the work is done by subeditors. Occasionally I go there”

When we reached there and I got down, she said:”There is extra room for guests. If you like, you may be my be my guest tonight.  In the morning, you can got o work” I had half a mind to stay, but hesitated. Seeing my hesitation, she pulled me into the house.

The house is clean and modern, well furnished. Our house is old. Father is not interested I show.”Is it not more cool than AC ? The tiled roof allows wind to pass through, bringing fresh air. Even fan is not necessary.” All this I explained to her, when she was sowing me her house.”You did not tell me your name.”

“I know your name and all details from the net. Once I sent a mail toyou; you did not respond. My name is Alaka”

“Good name. This is your room. I shall make the bed.” She changed the sheet and asked me:”Would you like to have coffee now?”

I too followed her into the kitchen.”Where are the other members of the household?” “My mother has gone home. Brother is in Delhi. A maid comes for odd jobs and cleaning.”

After coffee, she came with me. “Do not misunderstand me; you are a young boy, perhaps unacquainted with sex. I am an old hand at that. This is nothing in my view. Just a play of man and woman. Why did God make us?,” she pulled me to the bed and  removed my cloths and then …. Her breasts are full and I could not resist it…

In the morning she brought coffee and we talked as if nothing had happened.

“You  were saying you have no work. Perhaps I can employ you.” “How?”

“I told you I am working for a weekly. My writing is not as good as I would like. Yu have excellent command over English, as I found in your blog. I shall give you my notes; you dictate to me the passage. I shall type as soon as you dictate.  Salary will be decided, after they, In Delhi,  see your performance. Is it OK?” He jumped with joy and embraced me:”Thank you Madam.” “No madam. Now you are my friend. Call me Alka” What shall I tell my father?

I called my father:”I got a job. I have to be in the office,  even after office hours. So I shall stay in a lodge. This is why I could not come home yesterday.  Today evening I shall come, to bring my cloths and bedding. Is it alright?” He agreed.  She suggested seeing the temple at Thanikudam. So we took bath and went to the Devi temple. When we returned, the maid had prepare the break fast.

Alka talked to Delhi and conveyed the developments. It seems she has great influence. They said only five thousand initially  and authorized her to pay me the same amount  as advance.

Thus began our double bond: as employer –employee, and …



Today, when you hang    the new calendar, you will notice the difference in colour of the white new calendar and the slightly brownish tinge of the old one. Have you ever wondered why?

This is due o slow oxidation. Several molecules in he paper have become carbon dioxide and escaped ito the atmosphere, leaving carbon particles in the calendar.

If you had kept the old calendar in a tight box, it to would be as bright as the new one. If the new calendar is in a box of oxygen, it will become black in no time.



Rajagopalachary  established the Swathanthra Party, opposed to the Congress raj, which faithfully carried on with all the rules of the British raj.

Its main demand was   to do away with the License raj. Now, for everything, Government’s permission is required in the form of  license. Censorship rules too come in this category.

When, in the internet, you can see actual sex, why censorship for films?

I agree with Rajajy. All license rules should be scrapped.


I have another blog.  Always they ask me to prove that I am the genuine author of the blog. This is like holding up the owner of the house at the gate, by the watchman, asking WHO ARE YOU?



Few people know that Radha is not Krishna’s wife.

Chakrawarthy Rajagopalachary, popularly known as Rajaji, has written a simple, easily readable book , about Mahabharatham. It was from this book that I learned this truth.

She was the wife of a handicapped husband.  It was the poet Jayadev, who glorified the love affair between Krishn and Radha

In the gramam, where we lived, every  year, the marriage between the two, is celebrated  as a festival, lasting four days, with feast etc.

This is unethical, to say the least.


I was shocked when I learned that my friend Ramesh has divorced his wife. We were very close, when we were working in the Project, far away from civilization. Most of the workers are tribals and only the officers mingled among themselves.

I was the first to retire. I had taken some land, on lease, as purchase was not allowed from  the tribal people. As most o the civil contractors  were known to me, I got a small house built, with my retirement benefits. I was alone without any family.

Ramesh and his wife retired later and settled in their ancestral home, near Kasargod. Once in a while, I went to Kerala and stayed in their house. Now I asked him:”I thought you were in love with each other. Why this divorce?”

“It is a long story. First let us have tea.” He liked to cook food. So he had no problem that way. In the Project, I used o talk with his wife Ramani. Ramesh would read or cook food. Ramani was very talkative and the favourite among officers,  She could dance and sing; she was my soul mate too.

When I persisted, he began:”You know we were poles apart, in our tastes, attitude to life and approach to the opposite sex. While in service, there was no friction, because we never were together, except in the night. But in the life here, she was always grumbling. She would say how wise you are in settling near the Project. I would tell her to supervise the men working in the fields, as they are likely to laze in the absence of the owner. In short, we became estranged, even while living together.”

“Where is she now?” “I do not know. After separation, she ceased to have any contact with me. I think she may be in her father’s house.”

“So people may be exaggerating; there is no formal divorce?”

“Her father came with the papers for mutual divorce, so I blindly signed without reading.” I stayed there for two more days and then left. “When will you return?” “I have  not decided. I like to see my uncle, who is not well.” Through some mutual friends, I got her address and went there.

Ramani was excited at seeing me. She came and held me in her arms:”Do stay here with me”, she pleaded. Her father was also happy. Finally when I decided to return, she told me she too will come.

So we returned together. There she behaved like a dutiful wife. She said:”I am a free woman. You can do, what you like to do with me.”