5        Introduction to science section


After I became a waterfriend, I travelled along with my new friends, 2H+O, into the interior of the earth. After some time, my friends changed into vapour and required more space to play. As the tunnels were too narrow, they started to move up, pushing with great force against the rock system causing the earth to tremble. If there is a volcano near by, they escaped through it. In other places, their movement shook the earth above and sometimes broke through it.


This revealed the pressure cooker model .I showed the manuscript to the Head of the School of Planning and Architecture .He read it then and there and commented: you have ideas; this should be given wide publicity. Before that I wanted to verify my prediction that such things happened near full moon /new moon. I got data about earth quakes with the help of cyber café boy. What shall I do about moon data?


At the Hanuman temple, I had seen people consulting the panditji who had a large volume of panchang (JAY HANUMAN) in his hands. He agreed to help me .I came back with data about e-quakes. I simply asked for date of the full moon /new moon of a month and noted down the same .I was thrilled as I found confirmation of my theory in several cases .Even ten % would have given me strength; but actually, some 50 % happened within 3 days!


Then I sent my paper to several universities in India and some in U.K &USA and waited impatiently for some response. Alas, none replied .In the meantime, my article on Saraswati appeared in Itihas Darpan published from Delhi which gave me some courage .My cousin started calling me a quack scientist.


Ultimately I decided to print some thousand copies .I dared not bring it all to our house lest my wife may become angry for wasting money. Some 500 copies are still with me.


One Day I attended a meeting of Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishath at Trichur in connection with Global Warming Day.One speaker called George Bush GLOBAL WARMING BUSH. I told my cousin Sasi, who had taken me there, that Bush cannot be equated to God Indra who controlled the weather. I will write about it….


To cut a long story short, BOLD UNFETTERED THINKING VOL-2, GLOBAL WARMING IS A MYTH is the result!


You decide whether my thesis is right.


I thank Him for the courage He gave me, to speak the truth.  





Contents of my book


6        Memoirs

7        How I became a waterfriend

8        Global warming is a myth

Science Section

9        Molecular Hydrology

10    Explanation for earth quakes , tsunami et al-The pressure cooker model

11    Data showing relation between earth quakes etc and phases of the moon

12    Saraswati-The study of subterranean water channels

13    Photosynthesis

14    Gravity

15    Influence of gravity on bio-activities


16    Philosophy should lead science

17    A.D.1008-then and now


18    Geography without tears-the need  for a geographic park

19    Understanding geography-continents and oceans


20    Democratic dis-function

21    Revolution in judiciary

22    and woman : they shall unite but separate

23    Man is the most foolish animal

Travel notes

24    Rajasthan is no desert

25    Pali yatra-mt. Abu and Parashuram  temple

26    Naukuchiatal

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Bodhgaya- The Mecca of Buddhists

” Om Mani Padme Hum” The mantra chanted by Tibetan Lamas reverberated in my mind as I sat cross legged in front of the golden hued large image of the Buddha at Bodhgaya temple. Automatically my mind wandered back to the days when the young prince named Gautama left his palace in search of enlightenment. Naturally he was attracted to Nalanda which was already a centre of learning and a stronghold of Jains. Animal sacrifice which was rampant among Hindus in those days pained the youth who discussed religious matters with the students and teachers of the famous Nalanda University which he frequented in later years too. Not satisfied, he sojourned southwards to Rajgir, which was later the capital of the famous Ajatashatru, and crossed the Phalgu River. Several months he spent taking bath in the river and meditating in the loneliness of the forests. The famous Bodhi Vriksha is still there (the original tree must have died) well protected by gold colored railings and a concrete enclosure just behind the huge, magnificent temple constructed in the typical Hindu architecture of North Indian temples.

On the first of November I was there with my wife. This is how I celebrated my seventieth birthday in solemn meditation. The spacious sanctum was totally silent. A few monks were moving about. Candles and incense were burnt at a separate place outside the sanctum. Recently a number of beautiful temples have come up built by foreign countries like Taiwan, Tibet, Thailand and Japan in the architectural style of their respective countries. Bodhgaya is now the Mecca of Buddhists all over Asia. There is a steady stream of pilgrims and tourists especially from Sri Lanka. A Buddhist nun (she may be Japanese) asked me whether I am a Buddhist and why I am offering prayers in front of the lord. I explained that with Bhgavat Puran, Buddha is mentioned as one of the Avtars of Vishnu. Hindus consider all great men as manifestations of Lord Almighty. Buddhism made us vegetarian and abhors violence. We still worship the peepal tree!

We left New Delhi by Maha Bodhi Express and reached Gaya early morning at 6:20. We booked a room at Ajatashatru Hotel just outside the railway station. By 9 am. We were ready. Just for Rs. 10 rickshaw took us to the river bank at the foot of the Vishnu Paad temple. After bath we climbed up several flights of steps before we reached the temple. The open Sanctum sanctorum contains no idol. Instead, there is a big convex rock in the center on which the huge foot print is seen with Shamkh (Conch) and Padma on either side (copper emblems of varying size are available in the shops outside the temple).

It takes about half an hour from Gaya to Bodhgaya. Jeeps and large autorikshas with four seats and luggage portion behind are most common. The road by the side of the river and green fields with occasional palm trees reminded us of our own Bharathapuzha between Ottapallam and Shoranur (in Kerala).

In our strife torn world to day the message of Lord Buddha is all the more relevant: Right thoughts, right words and right action!




“In Basel, as late as the 15th century,a cock was solemnly tried for witchcraft after laying an egg.The defence admitted the offence,but pointed out that the laying of the egg was unpremeditated and involuntary and,in fact, violated no law. But the pro-
secution asserted that the cock had been entered by the devil.They secured a conviction : and the cock and its egg were solemnly burnt at the stake Post-mortem examination showed that it contained no fewer than three more unlaid cock’s eggs.The partial change from male to female probably occurs no more frequently in birds than in other groups.
A hen that crows,
A priest that dances,
A woman that speaks Latin,
Never come to a beautiful end ”

 Page645,Textbook of zoology- vol 2 by T.Jeffery Parker


AL Beruni is one of those persons whom I admire unreservedly.Mahmood of Ghasnavi ,whom we all hate heartily, was a great patron of knowedge and arts; and that is how my hero, who had already mastered Arabic and Greek and was himself a great astronomer, happened to be in his court.For the conquest of India, it was necessary to know about the people, the conqueror knew. The young scholar was given this assignement .
Al Beruni came to India and began his investigations. All knowledge of the Hindus (an euphemium for Indians ) were codified in Samskrutam texts, he was told.So he studied that language.He was surprised to find the remarkable progress we had made in astronomy and the similarity in the two systems developed in our country and in Egypt.
For studying the movement of the sun and the moon, both countries have divided the stars ,which are permanent and do not change their position inter se,unlike the sun,the moon and the planets, into 27 groups and a name was given to each group. There is a half
Group in the Egyptian system. In our system some adjustment is made in calculating the length of the adjoining days.The moon occupies the space of one group of stars each day.
We have given names like Ashwini (Aswathi in Malayalam),Bharni,Karthik etc.for each  day. Al Beruni has given the Indian names of all 27 groups alongwith their Egyptian names.In the past,when English calendar was unknown, the month and the name of the
Nakshatra denotes the birthday.We, belonging to the old old generation still stick to this habit.Our grandchildren will ask: is it your happy birthday (meaning English date of birth) or janamdin?
In the North, the month begins and ends on the new  moon day (Amavas).So twelve months fall short of the year by five days.So in some year there has to be thirteen months.
In Keralam, a more scientific method is followed. Two and a quarter star groups form a constellation called Chingam,Kanni,Thulam etc.The time the sun remains in one group is the month and is calculated every time so that the number of days of a month varies each year and there is no leap year (at least one is unaware of it). A few namboodiri families have been trained in the elaborate and intricate calculations necessary for making this panchang (calendar) which came into existence only 1183 years ago.
To return to our hero.Mahmood never conquered territory in India.However,the works of
Al Beruni is a source of knowledge about our great scientists and astronomers , who’se works are unknown to the Engish educated generation of our time


I read a very interesting book written by two Canadian doctors running an obesity clinic .They observed that in obese people , the level of insulin in the blood serum is more than the permissible limit which according to them is ten units .The is the first symptom ,indicating the likelihood of attack of what is called life style diseases .

When the body is unable to utilize the insulin produced by pancreas ,the laboratory in our own body informs the system and an order is issued for increasing its production .The extra insulin helps to control the situation .This is what the medicine prescribed by the doctor does .This condition of extra insulin –hyperinsulinamia-causes the body to conserve fat and extra starch consumed by the body is also converted into fat because insulin is like a miser locking up money in the safe locker , even when it is badly required .The person may be exhausted but energy is not released .


These are hormones produced within the cell , unlike other hormones which are brought into the cell by the blood .Each hormone is made up of 20 molecules .Hence the term eicosanoid .The study of these chemicals ,innumerable in number , is yet to pick up momentum .We are too much occupied by stem cells .

According to our doctors , the condition called hyperinsulinamia causes harmful eicosanoids to be produced , resulting in  diseases like heart attack , high blood pressure , infertility among women etc apart fromobesity.

The doctors will prescribe more medicines for these illnesses , all these drugs resulting In other diseases which are yet to be investigated .WHAT IS THE WAY OUT ?

Simple .Cut down starch .Our doctors suggest 55 gms .of starch which we may get from green vegetables like tomato ,lady’s finger,leafy vegetables etc.Eat anything including eggs ,meat ,ghee (clarified butter),fish  (excellent food for all).They ridicule all talk of cholesterol .Hence the title of their book is PROTEIN POWER.When starch is cut down ,no necessity for insulin .Then ,its opposite number ,     

glucagon , becomes active .It is a spend thrift and merrily burns away all the fat , so carefully preserved by insulin ! Obese people lose their weight .Unfortunately ,this book and this approach are totally ignored by the system .I was following this advise much before I happened to read the book which I casually found in the foot path. I paid only Rs. 45/ (long live pirates !)

At one stage , I was eating only eggs (we are veg) .Whenever I get my blood tested , sugar was around 200 units .

Why do we have no facility for checking insulin level ?According to our doctors ,today private drug manufactorers and doctors are minting money.If people do not buy drugs ,  business ,worth multibillion dollars, will be lost.Daily newspapers and magazines are writing every now and then about diabetes .Why do they keep silence about hyperinsulinamia ? If we check insulin level in the blood serum ,likelihood of diabetes can be located years before it actually manifests.

In some people , the capacity to produce insulin is unlimited .THEY MAY DIE OF HEART ATTACK OR HIGH B.P……never having a chance to know about their hyperinsulinamia !


Our body needs continuos supply of cholesterol , of which eighty percent is produced by the liver.So all this propaganda against it is motivated by industry. Even research is manipulated . It is like any other food like starch or protein .If intake exeeds the calory requirement , you will become fat .

Soybean ,curry leaves and other food containing fibre help in reducing cholesterol, as also walking and other exercise .(All these are useful for diabetes too )You may use eggs , butter, coconut oil etc .However ,it is advisable to take cod liver oil also , to maintain the ratio between omega-6 and omega-3 oils .Ghee has medicinal properties which were recognized in Ayurvedic system .


The greatest cause , responsible for harmful eicosanoids is tension .A detached and philosophic attitude towards life will be helpful .Yoga too may help.



Two developments are causing concern.
One is the decision of U.S. govenment to recruit Indians in their army .Our children should not die for their imperialist designs.
Another news item is the agreement reached between Pakistan government and their N.W.F.govt. thedetails of which are still secret.
Practically it is a victory for Taliban .THEY  CAN NOW BLOCK  THE SUPPLY ROUTE FOR U.S.ARMY.
India may be drawn into this dirty war


From time imemmorial Man has wondered at the grand spectacle called the sea ,sometimes placid as a sheet of water ,sometimes terrifc as hell with giant waves lashing the shores .Always a challenge to those who wanted to conquer it and a boon to pirates who made fortunes by mastering the sea .Here the animals are strange but a source of food for millions .Until Columbus discovered the new world ,no one thought that it ever existed !
There are mountains and rivers and valleys in the oceans just as in the continents , but text books seldom high light it .The result is that a distiction has been made between the two ,concentrating on continents all the while .
To know the true nature of the real earth , we must remove her cloths ,the sands and soil and water coverig her body ! What do we see ?
Let us start from Quito in Ecuador in Africa.A little distance westward , we see a big depression which we call the Atlantic ocean in which the ridge is visible .Farther away, we see a plateau called the America .At the west end of this high land is a mountain , like a back bone .This is the Andes . Then comes a very low land strething westward ,almost half the surface of the earth in width . This vast plain is called the Pacific ocean.A mountain peak is just near Africa,Galapos Island , lat 1s-long 90 w.Further west is a mountain peak ,Gilbert Is.Then comes Borneo etc ,all mountains ,before reaching the African east coast .
The lowest plain Pacific , Atlantic at a higher level ,then America and Eurasia at the highest level,all a continuos ,not necessarily single , rock system .That is really the earth.Caves and tunnels ,volcanoes and river like channels ,gold and diamond deposits ,oil and natural gas etc.etc. are all there irrespective of the level of the terrain .
How can we say the continents are shifting ?