The western media depicted Hitler as a monster.Naturally, this resulted in a lack of interest in Germany and glorification of England.
During freedom movement, Gandhi and Nehru eulogized the English culture and never visited Germany.
Real anti-imperialist fighters like Subash Bose chose Germany, when they were in exile.
Englishmen are cunning and crooked; Germans are honest, hard working and technically superb.
My son-in-law, employed in a German firm, used to visit Germany often, in connection with his work. Last week he went there and was privileged to fly in his boss’s private aircraft, sitting in the cock pit, by the side of the pilot!
An Englishman will never do it.
There they are so punctual that even if the Boss does not turn up, Board meeting will start, without waiting for him.
All workers, irrespective of status, travel in the same vehicle, eat the same food and work hard. Punctuality is a mania.
The English are class conscious. They introduced the same culture in India, dividing civil servants into four classes. Transport, canteen etc. are all different. In factories also, the same class differences are observed.
The Japanese are also imitating the German model.
Will Anna team take this up?



The life of a widow in India is pathetic. She works ile a servant without earnings. She has to stay away during festivities like marriage etc.
At Vrindavan, Mathura, there are shelters for widows. It is reported that sweeprs carry their dead bodies, cut them into pieces and just burn them!
Authorities turn a blind eye.


You can make a calendar at home.
Fix a vertical thin rod on a flat piece of plank and keep it on your terrace, so that the shadow of the rod can be traced on the board.
Every day, the shadow must be traced with a pen.
When the shadow reaches the extreme south, it is 21 June, the next day is 22 June and so on.
On 21 December it goes to the extreme south. From that point, it will trace back its journey.
Got it?
Only snag is, that you cannot know the year!