Cairo is boiling. Ever increasing crowds are demanding democracy.There was a sustained campaign for the release of Su Kii in Burma.Why there is no demand for democratic rights in Saudi Arabia?

Such movements are carefully planned and executed by the American Central Intelligence Agency, which is actually ruling the world. It is reported that the Egyptian President is himself on the pay roll of CIA. In that case, they have fallen out of “friendship”

The Indian Prime Minister too is a CIA nominee. Otherwise, we will be witnessing such demonstrations, here in Delhi. The Government is thoroughly discredited. The Spectrum 2G scandal has exposed the close alliance among the politicians, the bureaucracy and the business class. Then comes the Swiss bank exposures.

Way back in 1976, Jayprakash Narain, a very old and almost irrelevant political leader, gave a call for “total revolution” He called upon the military and the police to disobey the orders of the superior officers.

CIA angry with Indira Gandhi for her success in breaking United Pakistan, took the opportunity to mobilize the public against the Government and, ultimately, Emergency had to be imposed, to save the Republic.

Again, they gave all information to Chitra Subramanian to write a series of articles, to expose corruption in Bofors gun deal. It proved to be very effective in the hands of the opposition, led by Bhartiya Janta Party

Of course, the revolt against Husni Mubarak may or may not succeed; every dictator has to face his day of reckoning.



Every second, our body is releasing hormones into the blood.
A naked woman, a beautiful scenery, scenes in the animal kingdom etc. are examples of mental reaction to imagery. When confronted with a cobra, it is actual command for action, induced by reality. This too is caused by hormones.
Pavlov operated a dog and fitted a tube, through which gastric juice produced in the stomach, was collected and measured.
Every day the animal was given food, after ringing a bell. Afterwards he found that the sound of the bell caused production of juice, even when no food was given. This is known as conditioned reflex.
There is a joke about an old man who enjoyed sex much beyond his capacity. Even when he was unable to perform, he enjoyed seeing it done by his servants. A time came when the mere sound of the couple coming to his room, produced ecstacy in the old man!
Saints and their disciples pray and spend time, reading and hearing lectures about spiritual topics. This induces hormonal changes, causing indifference to sex. We call it sublimation.
Thus the body influences the mind and vice versa

SHORT STORY – CHILDREN OF GOD =’text/javascript’ src=’

I do not remember my mother. At four, I began to earn money, by helping uncle in his work. He has a small, portable tea shop and I used to carry tea in glass tumblers to workers engaged in building a fly over, under which we all lived, in that part, which was partially completed.
There were people speaking different languages among the workers, both men and women. Karthu is like my mother. Her daughters, Mary and Ann are my friends.
On Sundays, we play foot ball in the open ground, on the other side of the fly over. I like it and do well in the field; soon I became the captain.
Once, when my performance was noticed by a lady, she introduced me to her friend, who had high connections. She was very fair and about forty years old. She gave me her address and asked me to meet her.
I was only fifteen, tall and lanky, agile like a cat. I was very nervous.
The bungalow was very big, in a posh locality, with spacious lawns, ferocious dogs and imposing watchmen. I told the watchman, who phoned to the lady. A maid came and ushered me to the lady’s bed room.
Without any introduction, she told me to go to the bath room and wash myself.
She had removed my cloths and I was hesitating to come out.
She laughed: do you think I have not seen a naked man?
She came and caught hold of my penis. She gently kissed it. At the touch of feminine skin, it stood erect, ready to fight. I had never done it and she guided me, telling me how to arouse a woman.
I was appointed her personal valet.
She gave me fresh cloths and a bike. But I could leave the place, only with her personal permission.
On Sunday, I went to see Karthu. Now she had a prosperous business, selling packets of tamarind rice, ready to eat, to the workmen. Even white collared workers preferred it, as it was very tasty and costs only five rupees. I ate one and took a packet for my lady.
Ann and I were of the same age. I think I loved her. Even during my sex exercise, I saw her in my mind, as I closed my eyes, because, my lady was keen on doing it in broad day light.
I took Ann to the near by bush. There I dutifully performed all the tricks, instructed by my lady. I was pleased to see how successful I was.
Sundays seemed to come after long wait. I do not know what i my salary. I may ask for any amount. Now, I took two thousand every Sunday. On my bike Ann and I would roam about, frequenting cinema halls, bars and gardens; I insisted that I should spend all the money I took.
My lady took me to different sports clubs, introducing me as a great promise for the world of sports. She engaged a tutor for me because I could nor read or write
One night, Karthu called me to come there immediately.
When I told my lady, she offered to come in her car.
The body of my beloved Ann was found at the spot in the bush, where we used to meet. Her body had several marks of injury. It was cold.
My lady informed the police and we departed, after consoling Karthu, giving her ten thousand in cash.
Next Sunday, I visited Karthu.
It seemed that Mary was waiting for me. She was wearing bright cloths and cheap trinkets. Heady smell came out of her body. She was only ten, but she succeeded in arousing me by lying over my body and showering me with kisses. When I told her that she is still a girl, she pulled up her skirt. She had no underwear. She opened her vulva; .she was not a virgin. I found her vaginal canal was quite deep.
Sundays became boring. When I got a job at a laundry, I was relieved from bondage.
I was becoming money conscious. I found that those without money are treated as worms.
A friend informed me to contact X. He could give you plenty of money for doing simple errands.
Mr. X turned up at Karhtu’s kitchen. Now it was a busy kiosk, with a number of boys employed to carry out business. She was pleased to meet me. Where is Marry, I enquired.
She ran away to Goa, with a European tourist
I knew about such child prostitutes. I felt sorry.
I quietly followed X
We sat in a restaurant and ordered ice cream.
He talked:
Plenty of opium is produced in Rajasthan and Madhya P radish. Take the black gold to Bombay. Dress as a village boy. Do not speak English. Chang your dress often. That is all. Do not get caught. If you lose your luggage, it will be pardoned; but never come into the hands of the police.
It all went well and Karthu began getting richer and richer.
To those (police agents) who questioned her, she said frankly: I buy girl children and sell them. They are well looked after and well paid. Their parents get money regularly.
But my lady knew, as she too was doing smuggling. I tipped her. Before she could escape, they caught her and hacked her to death.
Police are now searching me as there were records about the boy, her personal valet.
But the boy is no more; an experienced smuggler is yet to be caught

TODAY IS UN-REPUBLIC DAY =’text/javascript’ src=

All formalities will be observed. The might of the State will be displayed (to frighten China?).
It is only the skin of the Lion. Inside, it is stuffed with cotton. The flesh has been sold away by greedy men, who have deposited the money safely in Swiss banks.

THE ORIGIN OF GUN CULTURE =’text/javascript’ src=’

Europeans made their Empires, fighting “enemies”, who were actually the native people, mostly tribals.
Shoot them before they attack us, was the guiding principle. Only they (Whites) had the guns, which they used to kill animals and men.
When the English landed in America, it was a vast forest, unknown and dangerous, because of attacks, both from animals and native red Indians. Slowly they settled in colonies, in virgin soil and expanded westwards. Guns were the basic weapons against the bow and arrow of the Indians.
Now the mafia have taken over the whole world, except China. They have the most modern equipment, including laboratories, web site etc. and IT STAFF WHO CAN HACK ANYTHING WITH EASE.
So long as you are harmless, it is OK. So never come into their notice.
Land mafia, building mafia, those controlling trafficking in women and children, smuggling of arms – the list is unending.
Obama or Manmohan Singh is nothing before them. The whole world is controlled by the mafia.


When the Governor has sanctioned prosecution of the CM, should he not resign?
Yeddyurappa is already in the list of people who have deposited money in the Swiss banks.
Long ago, when Lal Bahadur Shastry was the railway Minister, there was a serious accident, when several coaches of the train fell down into the river over the bridge at Ariyalur.
Shastry promptly resigned!
In a democratic set up, we have to follow certain norms.


I worked in the newspaper industry for fifty years.
In the beginning, at the age of fifteen, I worked as a boy distributing paper. I had failed in the seventh standard and left school. A friend in the industry told me to go on reading whatever came in my hand. He gave me some books. I got books from the village library.
As my friend had contacts with a printer, he gave me a job as type setter. A number of letters of the alphabet is arranged systematically in compartments of a board. The required letters are arranged in reverse order and fixed to the printing board. TIGER is arranged as REGIT. Then printing ink is smeared and pressed on the paper, which will be printed with the word TIGER.
It is a tedious and messy work, but better wages with less manual work is the attraction.
My friend got involved in revolutionary activities and they wanted to print books explaining their ideology. Here my experience became handy. I was asked to do things in secrecy.
Then I started writing. I came in contact with leaders of the movement and became a functionary in the party. When the ban on our party was lifted, we all came out and moved openly among the people, arranging meetings, selling books in festivals, staging drama for propagating our thinking. Soon I came into contact with ladies too, but marriage was discouraged by the Party. I remained a bachelor.
When I was sixty, my friend died suddenly and I became an orphan, intellectually speaking. The failure of our movement also was a disappointment. I decided to seek sanyas (become a saint) and wandered in the Himalayas.
I had not seen the South and wished to tour the land on foot.
One day I reached an unknown village by the side of the river Shipra. It was a charming place with few dwellings, all very poor and hardly any government building, even the post office being far away. I took bath and ate something from my bag, which contained few cloths and no money. I slept under a neem tree.
When I woke up in the morning, a mall girl of some nine years or so, was standing by my side.
She smiled and said Namaste.
May God bless you, my child.
Ma told me to come home and have your break fast.
As I was hungry, I followed her. Presently we reached her home.
They gave me tooth powder made of some herbs and water in a bucket to take bath. After that I was given pooris and potato curry to eat.
Maji did not come out until I had finished eating. She now came and bowed at my feet: Swamiji, bless me for a boy. I am expecting delivery in a month.
She was fair and had thick flock of hair, brown in colour. I placed my hands on her bowed head and chanted a Samskrutham verse from the veda . When that was over, she placed hundred rupees at my feet and got up. She said:
I know that sanyasis do not stay at one place; but it is my humble request that you stay, at least till my delivery.
I did not have the heart to refuse.
The next Sunday, her husband, who worked in a government office, came. He was very jolly and talkative. He too repeated his wife’s plea and insisted that I stay, as their honoured guest.
Next day, I went around, accompanied by the bright lively girl, who told me all she knew about the place and the people who lived there. She was curious to know about the outside world of which she knew nothing. One day I took her to a temple, some three miles away. There I chanted sahasranama (thousand names of Lord Vishnu), sitting in front of the deity. People placed coins and some notes in my lap and sought my blessings. During the Himalayan tour, which lasted a dozen years, I read a lot of books in the ancient language of our land. And learned many passages by heart.
When we reached home, I handed over the money to Maji.
They made saffron cloths for me, to make me a Swamiji. A number of people, especially women, began coming to visit me. I patiently heard them and they, in turn, gave me money or fruits. My reputation reached far and wide, after a boy was born to Maji. They even started work for constructing an ashram for me. I insisted that it should be a humble hermitage, built with bamboo and thatched with grass roof. The mud floor was to be plastered with cow dung. Food was still brought from Maji’s home, until a very young girl joined the ashram as my disciple. She served me and cooked food for the inmates of the ashram.
I surveyed the area and found a depression in the river bed, where dirty, stagnant water collected even in summer. I suggested making an earthen dam at this point. The river bed here was widened and deepened to store a large quantity of water in the rainy season
At that time a man gifted one crore rupees to the ashram. He believed that his business increased hundred times after I blessed him. With this money the construction of roads also was done along with the dam.
Achary Vinoba Bhave, who stayed in my Ashram for one month, gave me all the land which he got from bhoodan movement during his stay.
I decided to have a goshala (cow shed) and a farm. All workers got food in addition to wages. The gas from the cow dung was used for making biogas. Electrification of the village was done by solar power.
The number of inmates also increased as the ashram expanded.
Maji’s daughter was married off to a wealthy businessman. Her son became an engineer. He took keen interest in the affairs of the ashram.
I missed the company of Maji. The quiet old days of my stay at her house was something of a dream now. But I realized that a lot of good things can be done in my new role.
Already, there are demands from the South, for a branch of the ashram to be set up near Chidambaram. One day, I set out to the South, for surveying a suitable place, accompanied by Maji, her son and daughter, who was very eager to accompany us.