People watched the moon , which scientists claimed , was the biggest in thirty years!

It means the moon expands and contracts ? No . The image we see, depends on the distance from the viewer. A man looks small, if he is fr away. We see the sun and the moon , almost of the same size , but the actual size of the sun is thousands of ties bigger. So we have to assume that , during the course of its journey round the earth, the distance is changing.

Normally all objects in the sky , have rotation as well as revolution. But the moon does not turn on its axis. So some people presume that it broke away from the earth. If we immerse it in Pacific ocean, we cannot see it! So we my infer that the earth (without water) was round and a piece of it broke away ; but how? Due to an explosion?




Onam is on 28th of this month; but the Kerlites of Mayur

Vihar Ph 2 celebrated it at Ganesh Mandir in Ph 2’

In the morning I went to that temple and prayed there. Apart from Ganeshji , there were Subramanian , Shiva and the navagrahangal like sun, guru , shani shukr etc.

At noon I went again to partake in the dinner. It was very sumptuous and included two sweet puddings.

One fellow came to me and said:”I do read your blog”.



If the engine of a speedy train is switched off , the train will not come to a halt. It will continue to run; this is called momentum. Newton’s first law of inertia.

When photons (light particles) are pushed off the Sun, with tremendous force, they will continue to run indefinitely .

Philosophically, this is untenable because nothing is permanent. Change is the law. Remember that there are myriads of suns. Photons emitted by them are bound t meet in space and coalesce, forming bigger and bigger mini-suns (all suns are stars) which get attracted together , to form black holes. In due course, the pressure inside, will cause bursting of the black bodies, throwing photons into space. The cycle will continue.

This is my theory.


On 21/22 of December, the sun reaches the end of its journey to the south, and, begins going back.
In the southern hemisphere, it is extreme summer!
Students can mark the position of the sun, on a paper stuck on a plane surface, by drawing a line, along the shadow cast on a vertical rod. Each day, the line will change. Note the date against each line. You have a calendar!
Verify whether there is any difference in the direction of the shadow, during southern journey from 21 of June next.

PHONEY THEORIES IN SCIENCE =’text/javascript’ src=

The number of books being published by amateur writers and “scientists” in Malayalam is enormous.
One scientist has collected data regarding the quantity of coal being burnt every day, and suggested that the mass of the earth is decreasing at an alarming rate!
That the carbon dioxide formed by burning coal, is absorbed by vegetation growing on the earth, which adds to the mass of the earth, did not strike his mind. It is like water evaporating from the oceans and coming back as rain!
Another writer says the green light from the sun is the basis of all life on earth. He forgets that the green leaves of plants absorb all other colours and rejects the green; that is why we see this light. Bacteria and planktons can develop, in the absence of any light from the Sun!
I casually saw two books. The number of such theories is enormous!


As I am building a house, against my principle that as life is temporary, a dwelling too must not be permanent, I am forced to make some innovations. Walking along the beaten track is too boring for some strange creatures like me.

Yesterday I visited a relative. He has installed a solar water heater. His only purpose is for warm water for a bath, something we never imagined in my younger days, because it is never that cold in Keralam. I prefer a cold bath as I like to use more water.

My idea is to use warm water, some fifty degree Celsius (why did they change from Centigrade to Celsius?)  in the kitchen for cooking and washing the utensils.As boiling point can be easily attained from that stage, we can save cooking gas which is being costlier by the day. The cost of providing solar water heater is said to be around Rs. 20,000. It is nothing compared to the saving in cooking gas.

The water taken from the well may be stored in a glass covered case, placed in the sun, which will get sufficiently warm except during the rainy season; this warm water must be pumped or led by gravity, into the solar heater.

Suggestions may be sent to me.


Lotus temple in Delhi is supposed to be an architectural wonder. It is an imitation of a similar structure in Sydney and is a total failure. It is a church. If a slight noise is made, the echo reverberates in the hall for some time. We can understand nothing of what is spoken from the pulpit.

In India, we do not enter our house with shoes  So we leave them at the door where there is no place to keep them.

In Hindu temples, there are ceremonies for pleasing fire god and Ganeshji; but no outlet is made for smoke to escape.

Here, our habit is to dry cloths in the sun or in the rear veranda, for which no provision is made in the flats.

In contrast, we had the best traditions in this field. The Taj Mahal was built by artisans, without steel and cement. This wonder is still in tact. In the neighbouring Fort Palace, the sound of produced when a sword  drawn from the scabbard, can be heard at a distance of two hundred yards in Diwani- am. My friend could not believe it. I sent him to the end of the open ground in front of this place, where the Emperor meets his subjects. I just snapped my fingers, standing where His Majesty sits. My friend was greatly surprised.

Thus there was no  necessity for microphones.

I have not heard of echo problem in any Hindu temple.

Once,when we were students, we went to see a cinema at Ollur. Suraiya and Saigal were acting and singing. We could not hear anything because of echo.

Our engineers are simply copying the drawings, without ever thinking !

Peruntachan is mentioned in the legends of Keralam. The father-son duo were the greatest men in wood work.