We hear of several cases in which, incurable diseases or handicaps were cured by prayers, irrespective of religion.

There is a scientific explanation for this phynominon. It  too well known that  a visit to the temple or church relieves tension..When we pray, hormons are released in the cells called eicosanoids. Unlike other hormons, these are generated  inside the cells. Each one  has twenty molecules and hence tis name. These  generate when we see a movie, a good scenery, an item of food, a touch of the opposite sex, dreams, when our brain experiences the same feelings as when we are awake. In fact, it is a continuous process. It  is what we term psychological factor.

Shocking things we may experience in dreams, which can induce heart attack. We say he died suddenly. When he went to sleep, he was all right; in the morning  we found him dead. In positive cases, the person may be alright, when he wakes up!



W e all think in terms of the place where we stand.
We talk of Xmas cold, wile the people in Australia will be cursing the sweltering heat, because the Sun is over their head.
Once, my niece in America asked me whether we both will see the same stars. I told her, yes, but we see first, and, she, after about twelve hours!
Burt people in the Southern hemisphere cannot see the Pole star. There, it is the Southern cross that guide the travellors. One has to know how to use it, by drawing an imaginary diagram of the stars in the cross. Ask your friend in Australia about it.


Botanical  reference  FamilY —-Fabaceaceae  GENUS—GLYCIMHIZA  ENGISH NAME—-SWEETWOOD

It is a small perennial plant useful in many ways, as it has medicinal qualities.including spasmodic cough.

It controls hypothalamic-ptuitar-adrinal axis, gives auto-immunity, useful insclerodema.

Chinese medicines use this plant.

I became familiar with it, because my father mixes it in the chewing pan and he would give a piece to us children.

Today I was curious about it and referred in the net. I thought it would be useful to pubicise it


My  wife was too shy in our first night.. She will nor undress , when I was looking on. My great wish was to see her breasts at close quarters, eve if she does not allow me to touch them.

Ultimately I gave in, She put off the dim oil lamp and I could fondle her and kiss those soft balls of butter. There was no resistance when I went ahead and did the thing, which all men want to do, even in early manhood. Slowly she was tamed.She is a good faithful wife. I fulfilled all her expectations, except to have children, even after ten years. I was working in a project from which we would come home every summer to escape from the Northern heat. At home I have a car and we would drive it aimlessly, to see the villages and mountains and the sea coast.

One day we passed Thalore, near Ollur in Trichur district. when I saw the arch, withe the inscription MAHADEVA  KSHETHRAM, MY MIND WENT FLASH BACK, TO MY EARLIEST DAYS SPENT THERE.

I would accompany our maid servant, bare foot and with a strip of cloth to cover nakedness. She went to the grocery shop run by a Tamil Brahmin(pattarude peedilka}, who will call me and give a large piece of jaggery, which I will put in my mouth and enjoy the sweet taste, till it slowly dissolved in my mouth. In those days, biscuits and chocolets were not available.

Another scene was the Shiva temple, dilapidated and with a pond in front. Father will hold his hand in such a way, so as to touch the horns of the bull Nandi with the the fingers of the right hand and see the idol of God through the arch of fingers! I have not sen this being done by any one else. Another memory is the Church with a modern, imposing  building and a man wearing a white, loose shirt, reaching up to his ankles.. My father talked to him. He gave me small pieces of something sweet.

I parked my car in the area near the place where the  grocery shop would have stood, had it not been shifted to another spot in Thalore itself. I found it and asked the man about the old Brahmin. “It is my father; He handed over the business to me and is now settled at Urakam, near Ammathiruvadi Temple.. I was near Thalore, the distance being about six miles only; So we went there and after some enquiries, found him and approached him.

“I am the Namboodiri boy, who used to come to your shop bare footed; You used to give me a piece of jaggery”

“Oh! You are Anujan of –Mana. Come inside; There is enough room, stay here today.”

His wife came and we talked about old times. “Your father left for Malabar area. He is no more, I heard”

“Yes. There also he did not stick. As you were tired of business, I, too, am  bored with my work. If I can get a house here, I shall apply for long leave, followed by VRS.”

“I have four bed rooms here; for the time being, stay here. Go to the temple and pray every day. Ammathiruvadi will grant all your wishes. Have you no issues?”

For some six months, months, we regularly did bhajan in the temple. My wife could not believe it, when Doctor confirmed her pregnancy at the ripe age of thirty nine!

We put the small board on our wall,in the veranda of our own home “AMMATHIRUVADI EE VEEDINTE AISHWARYAM”                                                                                                                                                                      .


My family had gone to Guruvayur Sreekrishna temple and I was watching porn films in my computer.. The door was open and when the calling bell rang, I shouted,”Come in “.

The girl at the next door came in and she too began to watch the film. She was Lucy, a thirteen year old, who used to come to borrow sugar, tea, salt or any such thing from my wife, who liked her,”What do you need now?”, I asked. Instead of replying to my question, she continued to  see the film,”Come, sit here; we can see more,in which a naked Englishman was approaching a white woman, lying on the bed.  “Sit here on the bed. We can see more,”I said,and pulled her to my side.

When she sat there, her frock lifted and I found she was not wearing anything inside. small hair was growing in her groins and the temttation was too strong for me to resist. I pulled off the frock and parted her legs which were shapely and plump. Her breasts were just  small buds, rosy and white, with the centre a small red round………..I inserted mine very gently, lest it may hurt her. She enjoyed it very much and asked for more. I kissed all over her body and spent time in watching more films. When she was about to go, I asked,”What do you came for?”

“I forgot to ask for some milk”.

.”I gave my milk; now i shall give cow’s milk.” while she was going, I gave her a thousand rupee note, just to console my guilty feeling, in using a child for this purpose. “Thanks for giving me a nice time. Call me again, when you are alone.”


When she told me she is coming to India, I was not happy. Our  friendship was casual. In the world of net, any one can write

endearing messages, sitting in the next room. Photos may be fake and addresses imaginary. I had told her I am a pooor student, studying French, on a scholarship offered by a french University.

Still if she comes, what can I do?

I went to the airport in Delhi and waited for passengers in the flight mentioned in the message. A tall negro woman, held a paper bearing my name. I presented myself, “I am Raju”, I said. We shook hands. She was having only a suit case and we took a prepaid auto to Mayur Vihar and I explained:”I am staying in a single room I hope we can manage there . Or would you like to have a Hotel?” “Why waste money? I shall be perfectly all right.” Her accent was American, but I could follow. I was about to pay the auto-walla, but she objected. “How much?” I told the amount mentioned by the man and she paid it. We went to our room and I opened the door. I showed the bath room and told her to refresh herself. She was slightly taller than I and very slim. Her breasts were full and her teeth flashed when she smiled. I t was only seven in the evening.”Are you hungry? Can we have dinner?” “OK” She said. We went to a small restaurant. “What will you have, non-veg items are also available.”I will take what you like. Let us try. I ordered masala dosa. She like it. “More?” She took one more and then we had coffee.
We roamed about for some time and came back to my room. She removed her dress, except for her underwear and bra and lay on the bed. Her legs are shapely and breasts the envy of any film star, long, full and supple. I too removed my shirt and pants and sat near her. “Lie down beside me,” she suggested. I obeyed. She turned to my side and placed her hand on my chest and began caressing the hair. “I like hairy chest, it is rare among Americans.
I shall tell my plans. I have booked our tickets for Kochi day after tomorrow, by Indigo. I have come here for research in anthropology. I have appointed you as my translator and assistant in research. Your salary is ten thousand rupees. One month’s salary will be given in advance. As we have to move about together, staying in hotels, we may be questioned by Police; so we have to register our marriage and get a certificate, tomorrow itself. Why not this be our first night?” So saying, she removed my underwear and and started massaging my…., which soon stood up, ready for the fight. I removed her underwear and inserted my …We did it again, before we slept in each other’s arms.
The next day was spent in purchases. She wanted Indian cloths and sandals. We duly registered our marriage. Then we saw places of interest in Delhi tourist bus. Finally, we were in the plane for Nedumbassery.
We went to my home. My parents were surprised, as they had no inkling about my coming there.I said:”This is my boss; she has appoited me as her assistant, with a salary of RS 10,000/-She is doing research work among tribals of Andaman and Nicobar islands. We are leaving tomorrow itself.” Ladies came near her, as they had not seen a Negro at close quarters
We were taken in and fed light food. “Would you like to see a temple?”‘ I asked her. “By all means”, was her reply.
Ldies of my home also came to the Bhadrakali Temple at Kodungallur. She was impressed and surprised when I told her the deity is female, a Godess!
On the way back, she bought saris for all of them and a gold necklace for my Mother. I gave ten thousand rupees to my Father; all were happy. the next day we flew to Andaman. On the way, I told her that previously, during British regime, hardened criminals were exiled to Andaman.
She was busy collecting samples, photos and human remains and everything was recorded and digitalized. In all, it took about six months. When the time came for her departure, she told me to make up my mind. “You need no copulsion; if you do not like this marriage, we shall say good by. IF you like me, come with me. ON my part I love you. our partnership in life will be welcome.” She ebraced me. I fell into her hands.


Today it is officailly declared as the new Indian National Congress of Tamilnadu, upholding the values of the great party, but opposed to the hegemony of Sonia Gandhi.

Such groups are springing up in other parts of India also, but in Keralam,  Ooman Chandi is still clinging to the petty coats of Soniaji  Even Sudheeran, has no guts to stand up against Soniaji. What is the reason? Here it has a strong cadre and is capable of fighting alone, even without other groups of the UDF. We are facing great problems like falling prices of rubber and high prices of consumables. The burden of debt is alarming. Instead of clinging to power, it must concentrate on long time strategy.