Some animal activists in Tamilnadu found out that cattle are being transported to Keralam under ‘inhuman’ conditions. They are so packed in trucks , that they are even unable to move . No one cares to give them water.
Now the Tamilnadu Government has cracked the whip and the arrival of cattle to Keralam has stopped.
Here even Hindus are beef eaters and prices have gone up.
Similar objections have caused vegetables movement too , in this case , pesticides are the villain. Onam (an eating festival)is very near and people will have to give more.
Andhra rice is often stopped by traders in that state.
People of Keralam are not so rich as they were , because of visa restrictions by Gulf countries.
Has God forgotten his own country?



I was working as writer in a rubber plantation in Munnar. Our only daughter was in the College . My wife belongs to a rich family at Kollam , but she loved me dearly and life seemed smooth and happy. So the notice of lock out by the Management, was bolt from the blue
My wife Devu was thrifty and she used to invest in chit funds etc. I told her:” Do not tell your family. I have friends at Jamshedpur. I will go there and try to get some work. Give me some money for rail fare. I shall stay with my friend”
At the time of departure she cried. It was the first time I left her alone:”Be brave; I shall call you there as soon as I get some work, eve that of a peon”
It was my first travel to the North. I did not know Hindi, but there were Malayalees in the train and did not have any difficulty.
My friend was waiting at the station. We talked about family matters and reached his flat. His wife is fair to look at and charming I her movements:”You are lucky”, I told him.
For the time being, I got the job of a watchman in a housing Society. A one room shack was given for my stay. I informed Devu and she came with a friend known to us , leaving our daughter in her home. She was happy that we are united again. It was in her home that I first saw the sea. Whenever I felt , I went and watched the sea. Devu used to say:”If you like it here , you must try for a job here.” But I did not have much education. My father knew the Englishman who owned the rubber estate. So he managed to give me the work of the ‘writer’, which is management of the labour, keeping record of their salary, leave etc.
Devu was very happy, as she loved the hills. She was very popular among the Union workers and knew in advance, about the impending lock out.”Why didn’t you tell me?” ”I did not like to cause pain to you; I thought I will bring you to my home and give you some work.”
We used to go about the country side . I found that there were no grocery shops on this side of the rail. Even women would go three miles , crossing the rail to brig atta , vegetables , salt etc. “Why not open a shop here?”, I asked Devu. She wholeheartedly approved the idea.
With the permission of the society, I put up a temporary room with asbestos roof . I engaged a local boy and stocked all items needed by people , including bangles and bindi. Devu used to come after cooking is over; now we lived in a similar room, behind the shop.
I need not say the business prospered.
Hearing our success story , my daughter came to see it personally. She is a commerce graduate and knows computer . She made soft ware for accounting on her lap top. At her instance, I bought desk top machine and now billing is done on computer. I gave strict instructions that if any item is returned as below quality, the money should be returned. Such things (very rare) are used at home.
Message came from home that her marriage is fixed. As all of us cannot leave this place , I sent mother and daughter home.


The whole of the subcontinent is feudal, including a handful of Metropolitan Cities. There are a number of vegetable markets in Delhi itself. The petty shop keeper brings vegetables dailyin a trolley, and the house wife finds it convenient to buy from him, even if it is a bit costly.
Villages have shops, mostly in the front veranda of his home, where grocery items, vegetables, soaps etc, are sold.
Entry of MNCs will have no effect, until all petty traders are impoverished, which will happen only by an industrial revolution!


Milk and its derivatives are the most nutritious food.
One can live on these, supplemented by fruits, fish, eggs, meat and green vegetables.
A recent research reported that, people who regularly took milk, actually shed extra body mass!
This is contrary to what doctors used to advise, about the necessity of avoiding full cream milk.

THE PLOT OF LAND WHERE WE LIVE=’text/javascript’ src=

India is in the villages, not in the towns.
All have their own land, where they produce food grains and vegetables, cow and chicken etc. In other words, their sustenance is ensured by the land. It is their Mother.
When they are evicted from the land, whether for the Express High Way or for making car, or for mining ores, they become refugees in their own land. The money they get, will be spent for their daily bread; and then, when they have no money left with them, they beg, borrow or become Naxalites.
Cannot the educated people understand this?

INDIA AND DEPRESSION IN THE WEST text/javascript’ src=

If you think the economic depression is over, you are mistaken. Many European Nations like Greece are still in the woods. Struggle of the workers against wage cuts are spreading across Europe. The US is not resorting to this harsh measure, because they have money to manage their affairs. This will not last forever. It is like a person who goes on borrowing for his monthly expenses. One day he will become a beggar.

Idia survives on black money. But the Government’s attitude to price rise of food grains, pulses, vegetables etc. may land it in trouble. If it alienates the common man, the Congress Party will suffer ignominious failure in general elections to Parliament. Its strong base in Andhra Pradesh is already eroded by the Telangana agitation.

If the party fails in the elections due next year, we will have political depression, worse than economic recession.


Farm workers produce food and raw materials for industry. They are the lowest paid and under employed category of workers. Even building workers are better paid, though they too have no security of employment.Those petty peasants who do manual work are also farm workers.

Manufacturers fix the price of their products. You do not bargain while buying a cake of soap. But when there is a glut in production of tomatoes, onions etc. the merchants take advantage of the law of supply and demand. The prices come down and farmers are forced to sell at throw away price. On the other hand, when there is shortage, farmers cannot withhold their products, because they have no storage facility.

Organising cooperatives is the only way out. In Gujarat, farmers of bananas have their own ships to carry it to Europe where there is demand.

Sugar cane producers are at the mercy of manufacturers; so they should own the sugar factories.

In the villages, vegetable outlets should be owned by farmers, so that it can be bought and sold at fixed prices.

This is the only way out for farmers. Suicide by farmers can be avoided, if loans are given only to cooperative of farmers.