The Panchayath is supplying irrigation water during the summer. My plot has enough fertile land to grow vegetables, banana trees etc. So I decided to invest some money to connect a pipe line.
For laying the pipe line,a long trench, two metres deep, has tobe dug; a workman is working for the last ten days. As I watch him work, I engage him in conversation about my project.
he happens to be a good agriculturist as well; so I decided to engage him round the year!
He has worked in different places, has a daughter with children and my help will ensure steady income for the family.

It will ensure income as we can sell the products, after our use. It is a joy to see plants growing. We have a dozen coconut trees. Some thierty more trees can be planted immediately.
The New Year seems to be promising!



Sometime in History, a single person can herald a revolution, as happened in iran, when Ayatholla Khomeni landed in the capital, after a long exile. The whole country, including the army, obeyed his command; the American embassy was encircled. The powerful US was helpless!

Something similar may happen in India. Kejriwal may usher in a new era in the history of democracy here.. What happened in Delhi may repeat. the Leader deciding to contest. in Parliamentary elections.



A gas cylinder is now costing more then a thousand rupees. Middle class housewife, already groaning under rising costs, is given this new year gift! The Government is too callous to care for the people….
During discuusion in TV channels it came to light that the cost of production to the oil companies is only Rs. ten. They are charging more than 90 to the gas distributors. The Minister is adamant and refuses to revise prices, though Rahul Gandhi has demanded roll back
The election results will show public anger.


Mnmohan Sing has decided to abdicate. Heir of the Nehru dynasty , Rahul has no chance of occupying the Thrown, because the Capital has been captured by an unknown usurper called Kejrival!

India was ruled by the Indian National Congress, sincs Independence, except for brief interludes. The Party is weighed down by corruption; Manmohan himself is involved in what is known as the “coalgate”, because coal fields were given to private parties, without tenders. Controller and Auditor General has commented about it and CBI is inestigating it.

General elections are due in May 2014.

Congress is likely to be routed and even the fledgling AAM ADMI PARTY is thinking of entering the field. A broad conglomeration of regional partis is likely to come to power, most unstable and idecisive, becaus each has a different agenda.

God save the Nation!