Pluto is the most distant planet from the earh and we know very little abut it , Now scientists have succeeded in taking pictures of this planet.
“Washington: Scientists, using data from Nasa’s New Horizons spacecraft, have discovered what may be giant ice-spewing volcanoes on the surface of Pluto, providing an important new clue to the icy-dwarf planet’s geologic and atmospheric evolution.

New Horizons geologists have combined images of Pluto’s surface to make 3-D maps that indicate that two of Pluto’s most distinctive mountains could be cryovolcanoes — ice volcanoes that may have been active in the recent geological past.”




If you find a bowl with some water and mud in it, you will throw away the mud and water and wash it clean , before weighing it .

The earth is a large bowl of rock. It contains water of the oceans, large quantities of silicate (Rock),common salt, carbon compounds(Bio-waste),fish, animals , trees etc, minerals like coal and gold , diamonds etc. Should we deduct the weight of all these things , to calculate the true mass of the earth?



People watched the moon , which scientists claimed , was the biggest in thirty years!

It means the moon expands and contracts ? No . The image we see, depends on the distance from the viewer. A man looks small, if he is fr away. We see the sun and the moon , almost of the same size , but the actual size of the sun is thousands of ties bigger. So we have to assume that , during the course of its journey round the earth, the distance is changing.

Normally all objects in the sky , have rotation as well as revolution. But the moon does not turn on its axis. So some people presume that it broke away from the earth. If we immerse it in Pacific ocean, we cannot see it! So we my infer that the earth (without water) was round and a piece of it broke away ; but how? Due to an explosion?


We all do it without being conscious about it.
On my way to school, I see a ditch. By looking at it, I decide to jump over it; if I err in my judgement, I fall into it.
There was a cow in our railway colony. It will eye the gate for some seconds and then jump over it. Inside, it eats comfortably vegetables and plantain leaves.
The vendor decides the quantity of mangoes in a tree by eye assessment and quotes a price. The cook never weighs the salt to be added; it is just some idea he forms, after seeing the quantity of the dish.
In all these cases, our mind is busy calculating, much more effectively than a computer. In a game of chess, with the computer, we do not analyse all the moves and counter moves, yet we win; because of intuitive moves. Napolean won battles, recklessly over ruling his subordinates. In most cases, he won.
I have propounded many theories in hard science. Invariably I reach a conclusion. These will be proved later, after months and years of thinking, observing and reasoning. The knowledge came first.
Once an academician asked me: does your imagination help? At that time I could not answer; but now I can say yes, both in science and in writing stories.
I traveled to the interior of the earth, from the surface to the centre, to measure the pull of gravity. I found that the pull towards the centre decreased, as I went deeper, as part of the earth in my back drew me backwards. Instead of maximum velocity at the centre, I came to a stand still, as I was being pulled in all directions! This knowledge could not have come, without imagination.
In common terms, we call it instinct. Both the cow and I share this instinct gifted by Him. The only difference between us is that the animal eats grass; I eat rice!


I am coming back from a walk across the paddy fields, flooded with golden rays of the setting sun.
A breeze comes from the east. I stayed there, watching the fields where labourers are working to dress the earth, before sowing paddy seeds. The smell of the earth pervades the air.
This is an area where paddy is grown at least once in the year. Afterwards, cows can graze there.
During the rains, it becomes a lake known as Chappa Kayal (lake). Inside the Chathakudam temple campus is the deity of Chappa Devi. It reminds me about Nainital, the famous summer destination in the Himalayas. It derives its name from Naina Devi
Tal means lake. So the name of this lake too is derived from that of the deity, I suppose.

PHONEY THEORIES IN SCIENCE =’text/javascript’ src=

The number of books being published by amateur writers and “scientists” in Malayalam is enormous.
One scientist has collected data regarding the quantity of coal being burnt every day, and suggested that the mass of the earth is decreasing at an alarming rate!
That the carbon dioxide formed by burning coal, is absorbed by vegetation growing on the earth, which adds to the mass of the earth, did not strike his mind. It is like water evaporating from the oceans and coming back as rain!
Another writer says the green light from the sun is the basis of all life on earth. He forgets that the green leaves of plants absorb all other colours and rejects the green; that is why we see this light. Bacteria and planktons can develop, in the absence of any light from the Sun!
I casually saw two books. The number of such theories is enormous!


When man learned to use tools, he started digging the earth to obtain clay.

Pottery was the first thing he learned. It enabled him to make vessels for cooking, toys etc.

We started tampering with the environment. Agriculture, making canals, cutting trees to make boats etc. followed.

What should be our approach to this early development?


The discovery of coal made the beautiful Wales a hill of slag. The novel “HOW GREEN MY VALLEY WAS” brilliantly illustrates this.

Making dams for producing electricity and for irrigation, ultimately turned the earth into desert, by clearing forests and even the rivers dried up, as happened to Indus river, whose distributaries reached the Rann of Kutch, once upon a time. The dam constructed across the river in Sindh made the lower Indus practically dry up.

It is like a family who got a huge treasure. Either they can use it and enjoy life. One day it will be exhausted. Or, they can work hard and live miserably, leaving the treasure intact.

Even the green people cannot live without electricity.