Universal education is a lofty ideal ; the reality is that a sizable section of our population eke out an existence blow poverty level . Their children have to work more than twelve hours , to contribute to the family expenses. Ensure steady job for their parents and then give money for the children’s education. CAN WE DO IT?
Yes; cut defence expenditure and start building roads , bridges, railways and stadium for games etc.




It is difficult to look after Prakshanth, so my wife suggested that he may be sent to his mother house.

Now his sister Vaikha is clamouring to see the boy. “You too go with him ,”I suggested. “I want to be with nani(grandmother),”was the reply.

A lonely child needs company. If the siblings are of opposite sex , the bond is   all the more stronger. A sister’s love is  unselfish. They know each other from childhood. Quarrel is normal but soon forgotten.

When parents are no more, siblings are a great comfort.


Parashar Maharshy was crossing the river in a country canoe. A tribal woman was rowing the vessel. There were no one else in the canoe.
In the middle of the river, the sage felt sex urge and so he did it with the woman. Vyas was thus born. He had some ugly skin dicease. Vyas is credited with authorship of Vedas, Mahabharath and also Bhagavath puran- all voluminous books.
When the Royal family at Indraprasth was threatened with extinction, Vyas was invited to father children Maharanis. The first one closed her eyes to avoid seeing the ugly man; the child born was blind. He is Dhritarashtr, Suyodhana’s father. The next one felt revulsion and the child was Pandu, father of Pandavas.
Vyas enjoyed sex with the maid servant also. She welcomed it and a wise and honest man, Vidur was her son.
As Dhritarashtr was blind, the war was described to him by Sanjay who was gifted with the power of seeing the events, with the mind’s eyes.
Krishn and Balram
Both were brought up by Yashoda. Balram was straightforward and honest. He favoured Suyodhan and taught him the use of Gada, a club with one end enlarged and weighty. During the war, he was away on pilgrimage. He was sad to know about the war and its consequences.
He vowed to remain Brhmachary (bachelor), because his father wanted to marry Ganga who wanted to ensure the throne for her sons. In fact, he was very powerful and used strong arm methods to bring women from their marriage pandal and forced them to marry his brothers. He was sympathetic to the Pandavas, but sided with Suyodhan in the war. He could have prevented war by exerting his authority as grand uncle, and, threatening to stay neutral.


I was reminded of it by my faithful wife.

Today is Ashwathy Nakshatra and full moon. I was born on 1-11-1933 at about ten in the morning; mother once told me that the whole placenta was intact, which is a good sign, according to her.

Before the British rule, birth day was celebrated on the day of Nakshatra and month, as shown in the Malayala panchang.

The only ritual is lunch. I will sit in front of a big banana leaf and a friend on my right side. First he will be served and then myself. As a child I used to enjoy it.


It is believed that Lord Krishn was born on the eigth night(Ashtamy) of the black moonless fortnight, when Rohini Star group was in the sky, at midnight, when the half moon rises in the East.

He was born at Mathura in North India, in jail as his parents were imprisoned by his uncle Kams, who believed that this child will kill him.
The whole night there will be festivities there. Women will fast and do prayers.
No one will sleep.


Hindi words are sweet sounding. Jugnu is the word for fire fly (minnaminigu in Malayalam). For a long time I did not know the meaning of the Hindi word, still I liked it.

I get excited like a child when I see fire flies. The fluorescent light is soothing to the eye. The word fire is a misnomer.

They are seen during rainy season. It is said that people used to collect them so that some light is shed during dark nights.

Once we were going in a train along the forests in Konkan area. I woke up at the dead of night and looked out. Nothing could be seen. Suddenly I was startled by a number of small electric bulbs brightening the surroundings! I was reminded of some birth day party, where such lighting arrangements are made. It was a colony of fire flies around some shrubs.

I woke up my companion to see this celestial, ethereal beauty! Alas, the train was moving fast.


Last minute change in the arrival platform is very vexing. The passengers have to go quickly to the new platform, carrying all their luggage, crossing over through the over bridge, which may be far away. The passengers without reservation are worried about getting  seats because the trains are overcrowded.

Yesterday, it is said that the change was not even announced. In the stampede, a woman and child died.

Still the Minister says the passengers were at fault

There is no checking of those coming into the station.ANY BODY CAN JUST WALK IN.

Being the busiest station in the National Capital, one expects better facilities, cleanliness and tidiness.