I had gone to the Municipal Office to sell books . The staff there did not know English- ‘give us Hindi books’ , they said. Still I was able to sell some ten books.

To return home , I went to the nearest Metro Station which is named WELCOME. There, the passengers told me to go to Kashmiri Gate and then come down to the ‘yellow line’ The station there is a four storeyed bulding . The ground floor is underground where I must board the train. Seeing my confusion a young man held my hand and took me along the escalators . He sat beside me , up to ‘Rajive Chauk’ I thanked him and gave him a book. “You can contact me ; my phone number is given on the back side.”

Thus we departed as friends.




I am now almost resigned to the life in Delhi. My daughters insist that I must stay here and return to Kerala , only with my wife . At home , they are managing things . As the Onam vacation has begun , Vaikha is not a problem. The printer has not yet completed his work.

Leena brought some English story book lying in her house and so I made a trial at Delhi u

University. Some ten were sold in one hour . So the idea entered my head that , if I get it printed here , I can gainfully use my time.

It would be ideal , if I can publish Hindi version of the book. But, where to find a translator? . I am writing both in English and Malayalam , so the flavor of the story is not lost in translation. These are my thoughts now .

One great advantage here is connectivity. At home , the computer always says :you are not connected to the net. Here , in no time, I can open my blog.

But , home is sweet. I miss the deeparadhana (arti) at 6’40 in the evening at Sastha temple , only a few minutes away from home .


Common people are penniless, these last few days.
In my youth , I used to borrow money , though I was working as a UD clerk. This was because both my wife and myself , did not know how to run a house hold. I had to send money to my unemployed brother in Keralam. I used to take all sorts of advances, Like Festival advance . As soon as one advance is recovered , there will be another festival. Mercifully , I never had account in the grocery shop; all purchases were paid, down cash.
Things improved when I got promotion .
So, what I was going to say is , that I avoid going to sell books in houses , during these days.
Today I went to Trichur Railway Station . Travelers are never short of money. I was lucky to sell some seven books!


I am happy to inform my viewers that I have published two books in English;

1) INDRADHANUSH- a collection of short stories


The books are available in the famous AMAZON interhet shopping site. 

My address
Kadalayil Mana
PO Vallachira
Trichur Dt.
680562 Ph. 0487-2341283
Each book costs Rs 100 Postage will be born by me


A man is like a book. Only when you read it, you know its quality.
I remember to have seen a book . Being in a library, it had lost the cover and the name of the author etc. I opened it and the very first paragraph captivated my heart.
An excellent novel by Malayalam writer Pavanan, I believe.
So also some people. Seeing them , you may not be impressed; Talk to them and you will fall in love with them. It is the mind that is beautiful. A book too reveals the mind. That is why we admire the authors. While writing, the author may deliberately hide things. That way, a diary is more authentic.
I like Taslima Nazrine because she has not tried to hide anything!
Charles Dickens is very famous. His novels give the impression of a kind hearted man, but in real life he was extremely cruel to his wife who bore him a dozen children. He kept her in a separate house and gave her a pension. She was not invited even for the daughter’s marriage!
Mark Twain would seem very rude and rough. He was very devoted to his handicapped wife.
The western media have drawn a black picture of Hitler. His autobiography reveals a different man. After the first world war, Germany was butchered by Britain. His struggle was for redemption . It was the United States that gave him arms for the war. This has been described in THE EAGLES GATHER, an American novel
I did not like Nehru’s autobiography. He has tried to be a hero. Subash Bose’s auto is very illuminating. He had only contempt for the British and misbehaved with the English lecturer, who pushed him in the college in Calcutta and had to be transferred to Cuttack, where he, along with other students, volunteered to nurse cholera patients, risking his own life. Had he been the President of the Indian National Congress, history would have been different.


There was a school of Philisophy known as epicurianism.
Eat, drink and be merry- was their motto.
Life is short. No one knows about another life; why waste this life?
Those who can spare money, will find ways to enjoy life, in Delhi; indeed, all towns in India.
Why waste money on books?
They prefer bhojan to bhajan. The name Bhojanlal aptly desribes them.


I have already written about small booklets, each costing rupees ten, being sold by hawkers in the trains in Keralam.
Yesterday, I bought one for the same price – RAILWAY TIME TABLE , of trains running in Keralam!
This is extremely useful to us. I wish there were similar tables for other areas too, costing the same price.
Tables for bus routes too are useful.