Almost all other departments of the government are becoming dysfunctional, but the postal system is very efficient and corruption free.

When we receive money order , the postman was in the habit of giving the money in notes ; he would give just one rupee in short coins; out of this, something would be given to him as ‘bakshis’ or tip , not bribe! He knows each and every household in the village. In the desert, he used to bring not only letters , but even grocery items on his camel. I saw it in the film DO BOOND PANI


Two hundred years ago, when communication was almost impossible , drop post card , costing five paise (now it is fifty paise) in the Post Box ; it will travel all the way to Guvahathy and delivered to the addressee! The mail will be carried by trains and authorized buses . In all express trains, there is a van for carrying postal dak , known as RMS (Railway Mail service ), where postal clerks will be continuously sorting letters which are handed over to the RMS staff in each major station. We can also drop letters in RMS van.

Post office does banking operations too . In earlier days , there were no banks in the villages. You can open savings account in the PO or buy fixed deposit receipts. Kisan Vikas Pathr can be bought for a minimum specified amount . Now 1000 rupees will double in 100 months. Remember that in Banks , interest rates are falling. There is Public Provident fund also in the Pos. The money deposited is tax free.




Unemployed people from Asia travel in unauthorized boats , to disembark in Europe . They go in boats , without any protection. One boat sank in the Mediterranean sea. Over three hundred people died. The body of a five year old girl was washed ashore . Her photo has become a symbol of the boat people. People displaced from Syria and Turkey also travel in boats. Many come from Lydia. They all live as refugees because they have no passport. There are men who provide forged passport and charge 70 dollars! The Europeans are building walls to keep them away

As the boatmen extract money from the people , it is a trade , as in earlier centuries in the US. There is the flesh trade all over the Indian subcontinent. Women are sold in Arabia too. They are slaves, voluntarily recruited ; but slaves they are , as they cannot escape from the clutches of the Mafia.

Is there any end in sight?


Modi went to Mangolia and announced a large amount of aid to that small country, disproportionate to it size and population.
It would have been a joke, but for the fact it is the taxpayers money. Has he any authority to pay our money?


I wracked my brain hard ,to find at least one item of success. Alas! There is none.
Could not appoint Lokayuktha
2)No recovery of black money from Swiss bank
3)Could do nothing to ameliorate farmers’ woes
4)Economy is stagnant.
5)Money not invested by foreign countries, though he went with a begging bowl to all countries
6)Cost of articles going sky high, mainly because of transport cost.
7)Kashmir is the biggest failure. There is no boundary between India and Pakistan. Pakistan may take over Kashmir any time.
8)Disgusted religions of minorities, by attacking Churches and ‘ghar vapsy’
All else may be ignored; but common man is groaning under steep rice in prices.


It was in the news.
I was not surprised. In feudal India, it was a tradition to train “Dancing Girls” in the art of pleasing customers.
They are taught to be sizzling hot, even while maintaining their purity, because they fetch a large sum of money from aristocrats, for the privilege of “deflowering”!
Old Hindi films are many, glorifying the “nauch girls”.

SALESMAN’S DIARY- 2 =’text/javascript’ src=

Some one told me about this college and so I decided to go there.
I got down at Kodakara and boarded another bus towards the west. When the conductor announced the name of the college, about which I had told him, I got down and took an autorickshaw which took some time, meandering through upcountry roads, before it stopped, in front of the imposing gate, guarded by uniformed guards. When I told them about my mission to sell my books, they gave a form in which my name etc. was written by them, to the driver of the auto and I reached the building, housing the college.
What struck me, were the neat and tidy lawns inside the campus, protected by walls on all sides. Not a single dry leaf or bit of paper anywhere on the lawns, which looked like green carpets spread on the ground.
The pavements have hedges with occasional palms which have red stalks of leaves

A number of women, all uniformed, were seen with brooms and moppers, which indicated an obsession with cleanliness. In fact, I could hardly believe I am in India, where we are used to dust and dirt, plastic bags and broken glass etc. The technically superb web site reminded me of universities in the West
I had to wait, as the Principal was in the class room. When she came (a beautiful young lady) and received me, I showed my book which she studied carefully and directed me to the librarian, a young chap who did all the formalities to buy the book. He bought shares for my newspaper, to help me, as he expressed the fact that I probably spent more money for the autorickshaw than I got for my book, which was a fact.

Return journey was a problem, as buses were rare in that interior road. Luckily, an auto came and was stopped by the tea shop owner, where I was having very hot tea which I liked very much.
I was taken direct to Kodakara, where I sold several shares in a Government school and compensated my losses.

RULES TO HARASS THE CITIZEN=’text/javascript’ src=

If I build a house in a remote village, without electric connection or road, I have to obtain approval of the Panchayath who will study the plans and estimate. Why?
A toll is collected for building a bridge, which is a public utility. They go on taking money even after the cost is recovered. I hate all tolls for high ways and bridges and monuments and zoos. We can easily find money, if we cut defence expenses, a senseless waste of money, in any civilised society. Can we not avoid war?
My friend was publishing a magazine, which was discontinued for some years. Now he wants to resume publication. He is tired of answering to the queries raised by senseless bureaucrats. The formalities are so cumbersome that all are forced to give bribe to get things done.
I cannot cut a sandal wood tree in my own house because there is some rule forbidding it. Mafia cut these trees from the forest and make oil used in soaps
The list is endless.