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I have a problem of recognizing my own shoes. One day I left my chappals in front of the temple and came back home, wearing foot wear belonging to some one else. The next day again, I went to the same temple, quite near our house. The poojary recognized his chappals immediately and I had to cut a sorry figure! Luckily he knew me and laughed it off.

Once in Delhi, I was not so lucky. To enable me to recognize my shoes, I make it a point never to polish them. For a lazy person like me that is the best option. I can take the dirtiest pair and if it fits, well that is all right.

But this time I had some difficulty with my right shoe; it was a little loose and came off easily. Apparently, there was another devotee who preferred dirty foot wear. When I came home, my daughter cleaned the shoes, when she saw that both shoes were of different brand! She purchased a new pair for me.

Another namboodiri, who was Deputy Collector of Trichur district, was traveling in a bus. He was sitting between two other passengers. All the three were comfortably relaxing with their slip- in chappals off.

When his destination came, the namboodiri put his left foot in one chappal, not his, on the left side and he inserted his right foot in his neighbour’s foot wear. The bus went off. The person waiting for him was embarrassed. The man, Deputy Collector, had chappals of different colours. Then only the namboodiri realized that neither chappal belonged to him!

My cousin Vanthu, though the richest among us and extremely miserly, used to choose chappals from a heap of used foot wear, sold dirt cheap on the foot path. It could easily be recogised that left and right ones are not matching. He says: what does it matter?

I know at least two namboodiris who go bare foot, even now, as we all did in my childhoood.

When I got a job, I had money to buy shoes. My colleagus at Ajmer, where I was working, advised me to approach a cobbler, to save money, as Bata shoes are costly. He marked the outline of my foot on paper and told me to come after a week.

When I put on the shoes, it was hurting too much and walking was impossible.



It started as a protest against the attitude of the Government, in tackling the economic collapse.
Now a large number of countries are facing this phenomenal wave of protests.
When Marx analyzed economics in a scientific way, capitalism was in its adolescent stage. Now it has become an old man. Who could have anticipated the conditions which the old man has to face?
The technological revolution, especially in communications, has changed all the rules of the game.
In 1933, when the pound collapsed, people were not aware of what was happening. They accepted it as earthquakes, flood etc.
Now people have reread Marx. Even Pope asked for a copy of Das Capital!
Washington can no more plead innocence; hence the blockade of the Wall Street. Capitalists are playing with the lives of men and women.
This may be the beginning of the real revolution, not the premature one of 1917 in Russia.

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Both are very familiar and have some oddities
The elephant is the only animal with the scrotum inside its body. If the genital organ is not excited, you cannot say whether the African elephant is male or female! The Asian male can be distinguished by its tusks; the African female too has tusks.
The trunk is extremely unique. It can store a huge quantity of data about the smell of other animals etc. When you approach it, it stretches its trunk to smell you. It never forgets the smell. For the animal, t is your finger print. The trunk is used dexterously, as we do our hands, and can carry gallons of water, for pouring over its body, into its mouth. My father has told us about an elephant, that can write alphabet in Malayalam
These are only some oddities.
As children, we used to wonder how elephants mate, as the penis elongates downwards, reaching almost to the ground. When the cow elephant is standing, how can it be inserted?
When sexually excited, the penis bends upwards like a U- tube and forces itself into the female organ. Normally vulva is near the tail; in the case of the elephant, it is between the legs
Now, of course, all can see it in TV channels.
The jack fruit is also very, very strange!
First of all, it is a collection of a large quantity of individual fruits. Each fruit has a big seed covered with yellow petals which we fry or cook as a delicious dish, simply by boiling in water! In the season, in Namboodiri homes you get it every day (not now). When ripe, it is very sweet. The seed too is cooked. I like it very much, if boiled for a long time, until it becomes a pulp and then liberally sprinkled with coconut oil and allowed to remain over the stove for a long time. Bing deficient in starch, this dish is ggod for diabetic patients!
All the individual fruits, in what we call the jack fruit, is well covered with a thick, prickly skin, given to cows as food. A jack fruit can weigh up to twenty kilograms.
Another notable thing is that, unlike in other trees, jack fruit forms in the trunk! There is a saying in Malayalam, ‘if it wants, the fruit may come even from its root’.
In tender, flowery stage, the whole thing can be cooked, and eaten as ‘thoran’.(a dry dish)
A question comes to my mind: when the flowers are well covered by the skin, how are they pollinated?


Western historians talk of Greek city States, as the beginning of civilization. They refuse to recognize that the East developed much earlier.
Kashi and Anuradhapuram in Ceylon, to mention just two cities in the Indian subcontinent (Ceylon was part of India till 1936), were far more ancient than Athens.
In those days the population was so low that the whole land was covered with forests, which was unapproachable except for hunters.
As earliest travelers used the sea, Anuradhapuram must have developed earlier than Kashi. In Ramayanam, Lanka is described as a wonderful city, even Ayodhya paling into insignificance
Our mathematicians invented the decimal system and the zero, enabling us to write any number, however long it may be! In the west, the Roman numbers are cumbersome, with limited capacity. Astronomy too became mature.
We are likely to attribute all these achievements to the North.
As our Malayalam Panchangam is very scientific, I can say with authority, that the North was and still is, very backward. They follow the lunar calendar and have thirteen months in leap year!
The Maya civilization in North America and Incas in South America, were also very ancient. Because our early historians were not even aware of that continent, we failed to recognize it.
I have read about a university in the southern shore of Caspian sea, as old as our Nalanda. This too got obscured. In short, early city states were spread all over the world simultaneously, except Africa. It is singularly surprising that the Africans are even now backward in all fields, except sports. The explanation may be genetic.


After a long time I saw the crescent moon.
I miss it when the western sky is blank.
I had gone to the roadside temple at the end of Indirapuram. The road is dirty and dusty, like any village road in Uttar Pradesh; but the very rustic nature has a weird attraction for me.
The Sun had set and I espied the Moon, still very weak and narrow. Now we can see it becoming bigger every day till the next full moon.


When the bus stopped at our village, it was quite dark. The “Lady” asked me to hold her hand. I call her “Lady” because I do not know her name.
“Beti, I forgot to take my electric torch. Wll you hold my hand? I cannot see clearly.”
She is very taciturn and never talked to me, though we always came by the same bus. She never mixed up with our village community.
Today, she asked me to come in, when we reached her home. As she proceeded to make tea I helped her, in spite of her protests.
“Good tea.” She complimented. “Let me know about your family.”
“Only my mother and sister. She is studying in tenth standard”
“Come to me when you feel like. I like you.”
Thus we became family friends.
Occasionally, an elderly gentleman visited her. Once he talked to me and I liked him. He used to give me romantic novels to read. I was only sixteen and was naturally attracted by such stories. Once he invited me for tea in the town restaurant. He spent lavishly. I enjoyed all those sweet delicacies, which were beyond my reach. I was working as a sales girl in the town.
Lady did not know of our friendship.

I learned that the lady and the gentle man, who sometimes visited her, are friends and intended to marry, after he retired, because he didn’t like to stay away after marriage. He had inherited wealth, in addition to his five figure salary.
Slowly, our attachment thickened and once he took me to Ooty, without the knowledge of the lady. We shared the same room. I was very excited as I had never experienced sex.
He removed all cloths, except his underpants and lay almost touching my body. I wanted him to do it but he remained calm. He wanted to see me undress. That was all. I felt disappointed.
He told me I was a minor. He loved me; but we cannot marry till I became eighteen.
I then lay on his broad chest and kissed him. He became warm. He held my breast in his cupped hand and pressed it gently. My whole body vibrated with passion and I pleaded: be quick!
He then entered into the dark tunnel inside me and soon it was soon filled with a soapy, sticky, fluid, of which I had no idea…I liked the smell!
After the Ooty trip, he told me to quit my job. I was appointed as his cook, with good wages.
I was now calm as I was no more curios about the forbidden fruit.
As soon as I became eighteen, I secretly married the old man and became rich.
Perhaps the lady sensed what had happened and became dull and gloomy, brooding all the time. She cannot be jealous, as she loved me as a daughter. But, as I began to rule, without her consent, she must have lost her moorings and ended her life, by hanging from the ceiling fan.
He was away, when this happened. I told everything to the police.


There are few people with healthy digestive system. Problems like indigestion, gas, constipation etc. plague most of us.
Ayurvedic system gives due importance to this aspect. Before studying the symptoms of the disease, they ask you questions about digestion.
It must be remembered that eating should be for health, not to satisfy the tongue. The adage “Sweet things prove sour in digestion” is very true. With diabetes becoming the most common illness, sweetness must be treated as enemy number one.
In fact, all things bitter prove good for this ailment.
Nutrition is important. Vitamins and essential minerals can be had from milk, eggs and fresh vegetables and not from pills and tonics. Always be content with the required quantity. To fill the belly should not be the aim. Consult a dietician who will decide the calorie requirements, depending upon the life activity, age etc.
Take plenty of water and leafy vegetables to have smooth motion.
There is a saying- after supper, walk a mile. You can walk in your own house, or outside.
Allopathic doctors seldom enquire about your digestive system; this is deplorable.