25000 trans sex (neither man nor women )people in Keralam have been recognized as citizens by  the Government. I appreciate it



Kerala Government has now decided that dogs can be killed , because human life is more precious. This is wise. TWO DOGS ARE SPENDING THEIR NIGHT IN MY TERRACE. We do not know how to get rid of them. But hour Government is so foolish that it is decided to sterilize the dogs of the land!

BHAKTY OR DEVOTION =’text/javascript’ src=

We all want to love.
As human beings are fickle, we look to Him, to convey our problems, anxieties, fears and hopes.
It is immaterial whether we go to a temple, church or a mosque. Wherever we hare used to going from childhood, suits us.
In modern times, in spite of technological advances, we all feel insecure. Some how, the symbol of God instills in us a sense of security.
I have observed women crying in front of the deity and prostrate on the floor, as though He is hearing and seeing them.
When churches were reestablished after the end of Communist rule in Russia, there was a rush for prayers there!
Every year, the number of pilgrims is increasing.
My only grouse is that they are exploited to enrich the institutions.


Life begins as a single cell called the oozote.
Then it splits into two, the resultant cells being different in many ways. If the first generation cells get detached, we get twins, who can easily be recognized by the mother, which shows that they are not identical!
This difference persists and the result is two individuals united in a single body. Like Siamese twins, our two halves are dissimilar.
Lines on the left hand vary from that of the right hand. Left handed people are not uncommon.
This difference between the two halves of the same person was recognized by ayurvedic physicians. They may prescribe different treatment accordingly, for the left and right limbs.
Sometimes, our eye lids vibrate. If it is the left eye, it is good for men and bad for women, according to Hindu belief. It is mentioned in Ramayana, that both Ram and Sita experienced vibration of the left eye, when the latter was located by Hanuman, indicating happy ending of their separation!
In fact each individual cell in our body is unique and highly individualistic. It is like a colony of people, half men and the rest women.
Exactly how this difference occurs, during cell division, is a mystery. In fat, we know very little about the cell structure and its functioning. How are eicosanoids produced? How many are these unique molecules discovered so far?


A child grew up, playing with dead bdies
At Varanashi, dead bodies are brought every minute for cremation.
A girl grew up among theses bodies, helping her father in arranging the last rites. She is so busy that the environment does not have any effect on the tender mind.
At Digambodh, in Delhi, DEATH is an industry. People are so busy that they have no thought about death! Funeral pyre is burning at several places, for whih wood etc. are made available daily.
There is no economic depression here!
MAN is great


A man is like a book. Only when you read it, you know its quality.
I remember to have seen a book . Being in a library, it had lost the cover and the name of the author etc. I opened it and the very first paragraph captivated my heart.
An excellent novel by Malayalam writer Pavanan, I believe.
So also some people. Seeing them , you may not be impressed; Talk to them and you will fall in love with them. It is the mind that is beautiful. A book too reveals the mind. That is why we admire the authors. While writing, the author may deliberately hide things. That way, a diary is more authentic.
I like Taslima Nazrine because she has not tried to hide anything!
Charles Dickens is very famous. His novels give the impression of a kind hearted man, but in real life he was extremely cruel to his wife who bore him a dozen children. He kept her in a separate house and gave her a pension. She was not invited even for the daughter’s marriage!
Mark Twain would seem very rude and rough. He was very devoted to his handicapped wife.
The western media have drawn a black picture of Hitler. His autobiography reveals a different man. After the first world war, Germany was butchered by Britain. His struggle was for redemption . It was the United States that gave him arms for the war. This has been described in THE EAGLES GATHER, an American novel
I did not like Nehru’s autobiography. He has tried to be a hero. Subash Bose’s auto is very illuminating. He had only contempt for the British and misbehaved with the English lecturer, who pushed him in the college in Calcutta and had to be transferred to Cuttack, where he, along with other students, volunteered to nurse cholera patients, risking his own life. Had he been the President of the Indian National Congress, history would have been different.

I SAW A MAN GETTING OFF A FAST MOVING TRAIN =’text/javascript’ src=’

It happened long ago, when we were young.

I was working in Railway Audit Office at Kota, RAJASTHAN. THERE WERE NO THROUGH TRAINS THEN. We had to go to Madras and then travel by a superfast train bound for Delhi. To catch the train, a shuttle running between Kota and Bina, we had to get down at Bina at the odd our at 2.30 in the morning.
We used to keep awake at least for two hours, right from Bhopal, before reaching Bina, where the train stops only for two minutes. We will always carry sac-ful of coconuts etc.
I saw a man getting down the steps of the coach and lie on the last step, long before the station arrived. He then rolled over and fell on to the side of the track and quietly walked off….