A series of bomb blasts in Bihar and hospitalisation of Kerala Chief Minister Ooman Chandy marked lawlessness and violence in politics here in India, as several States are going to the polls in November and December.
What is known as the coalgate has rocked Parliament, as the Prime Minister was in charge of coal at that time. A senior Officer told a TV channel that mafia is ruling the Ministry.



My date of birth is first of November, coinciding with Keralapiravi, the day the State was formed.
But traditionally, we observe the star(Nakshatra)
This year, it was on 19th of October. We invited about 400 guests. To entertain them, we arranged KAYYOTTIKALI, a folk dance my women in white mundu and blouse of the same colour and design
I hate birth day celebrations but was forced to accede to the wishes of my children, as it happened to be my eightieth birtha day!


I saw her in the market at Cherpu, near Trichur. She used to sell vegetables in the market.Her smile,sweeter than milk pudding, lean body and black hair attracted me.
I was studying in St. Thomas College. After buying a cucumber, I asked her point blank;
‘Where do you stay/’
Why do you want to know/ Only bad people come there.’Are you not a Namboothiri/Tell your father and marry a girl.’
‘I am only eighteen; but I want to know everything”
She gazed at me intently. Her eyes were magnetic.She lovingly stroked my cheek.’Have you got the money? My fees is ten rupees’
In the evening, I reached her hut, following her directions.
It was in an isolated place. There was a fence and all sorts of vegetables were found there.
Hearing the sound of my foot steps, she came out and took me inside. there was only one room. At one corner was a hearth and fire wood. At the other end a bamboo mattress.
Without wasting time, she removed my cloths and kissed me all over the body till my penis stood up. She too became naked and directed me to her hole….
Thereafter, it became a routine.
I inquired about her past.
“I was an orphan brought up by a street woman.
When I was just twelve, a man came when mother was not at home.He chanced to see me and took me inside and started caressing me . Then he inserted his penis in my hole and I enjoyed it…H gave me fifty rupees.I knew that I could live by selling my body.”
I started crying.
“Why do you cry? Now I have stopped it.”
One day, I saw a middle aged woman lying there.She vomits whatever she takes. W took her to a doctor.
She is a beggar. I felt pity for her. Let her stay here. What do you say?”
I agreed with her.I got money from my mother for buying a cow for my beloved girl The beggar woman looked after the cow.
We began taking beggar children in our asilem.
“When should we marry?”-I asked her.
“Are we not married? All these children are our own!!
She narrated her past:
MY Mother was a street prostitute. One day a custmer came when she was not there. He eyed me and then pulled me inside.
He caught hold of me and started caressing me. At first, I did not like it, but when he inserted his penis, I began to enjoy it. When he left, he gave me ten rupees. I realised that my body has value and I can live alone. I ran away from my mother,WHEN I WAS JUST TWELVE YEARS OLD.


We are carpenters. Father has three children, three boys and four girls. I am the youngest among boys.
When I was ten, a retired teacher , a Brahmin. bought the plot next to ours and began construction of a house.
The teacher had a six month old girl. very cute, We used to carry her to our house, and became became the darling of all! They lived in the old house bought from a goldsmith. I used to wath and learn wood work, which was entrusted to my father. One has to use different tools for various purposes. I was immersed in my work and failed in fourth standard. Then Iwent to Bangalore and learned modern methods at my uncle’s workshop.
Often,I would come home and run to see darling Sreedevi (that was the name of the girll). She became very much attached to me. When she was four, she asked me to marry her!
“Do you know what is marriage?”
“like my father and mother.”
It was a big orchard and we used to enjoy sex when she was ten years old, in a remote place in the bush.
Soon she became a young girl, though still in her teenage.
She suggested eloping to Bangalore As she refused to budge, I agreed, as I too started loving her.
There is a train which stops at Pudukad, comes there at nine in the evening.
I promised to wait there.
I bought two tickets and waited anxiously….
I saw a girl running towards the top of the hill…In the moonlight, I could see clearly. Yes, it is Sreedevi. I ran after her , but she began moving towards the sky…There was a hallow around her. I soon lost consciousness.
It was morning when I was awakened, by strangers. I ran toward Kotakara. I saw people around the dead body of a person, run over by a train. It was she.
“It happened at about nine,last evening”-
I heard people saying. I could not face her people; so I ran away.


I had gone to Palakad, to attend a marriage. After greeting the young couple I was in a hurry to have my dinner and return home.
Luckily, a friend gave me a lift and dropped me at the transport stand. There was a superfast bus for Trichur and I settled myself comfortably.
Afterwards a gentleman occupied the the seat beside me.
We travelled for half an hour, when the gentleman went and occupied another seat and a very young girl came and sat beside me. She lay her head on my shoulder and went to sleep immediately.
I did take care not to awaken her, though it was a bit uncomfortable. I must confess that I enjoyed the proximity of the young girl till we reached Trichur. All passengers got down . I gently shook her and woke her up.
Oh I wanted to get down at Mannoothy. M home is some miles away in the village. She stared crying. When she took out her hankie I saw several bundles of thousand rupee notes in her bag. I was surprised.
Madam, it is already eight , It risky to travel to Mannoothy. I suggested hiring a room in the hotel to spend the night.
At midnight Police raided the hotel and arrested us . along with a number of men and women.
My plea that I am Tehasildar of Kodungalloor, had no effect.